Dec 20, 2021

The New York Skin Solutions Facial Treatment I Never Knew my Face Needed


I've got a confession to make - I have never paid much attention to my facial skincare all these years. Apart from just using tap water to wash my face, I did not use any facial products AT ALL. The reason? I just didn't bother to, or perhaps I am just plain lazy. 😅 Or perhaps it is the distinct lack of awareness in the importance of skincare for men that has been holding me back all these while.

I just didn't know how to and where to start.

Well, that was until New York Skin Solutions answered my call for help.

Established since 2004, New York Skin Solutions, the ONE-STOP Skin Solutions Centre, is a premium skin care company dedicated to restoring healthy skin for people with skin problems.

Because every individual skin's condition is different, there is no one-size-fits-all skincare treatment and product. Which is why New York Skin Solutions prides itself in providing customised treatment solutions to help numerous individuals resolve their many skin problems effectively.

A facial treatment helps to keep one's skin in tip-top condition as it removes the dirt, grime, and any acne or blemish to make way for clearer, ageless skin. In order to curate the right treatment for individual’s skin, we first had to go to the root of the problem... literally.

Everything starts with an analysis of the skin and let me just say that there are some things that I never knew could look so unsightly when viewed really up close and it is unfortunate that my facial skin is one of them.

Even though my skin looks pretty much okay on the surface, the deep scan analysis of my skin clearly shows the accumulation of dark spots, or pigmentation. 

I think the pigmentation has been made worse over the past 2 years as a result of working from home and being in front of the laptop more. That's because prolonged exposure from the UV light from the laptop screen causes melanin accumulates on the skin’s surface which is formed to protect the skin from UV damage. BUT this also moves towards the skin surface as the skin cell ages, resulting in as uneven skin tone and hence, pigmentation. 😱

Another problem area identified was the crow's feet and wrinkles at the side of my eyes and forehead.  In a way, that is inevitable as one grows older because when skin ages, it loses its moisture content due to a drop in collagen level. 

You can see from the skin analysis photo below that my facial skin has faint cell 'lines' which shows that my skin's elastin fibres within the dermis have begun to loosen and in turn, caused my skin to start sagging. 

Depressing stuff, I know. 😌

Fortunately, my experienced New York Skin Solutions skincare consultant, Albee, knew the perfect combination of customised facial skincare routines to get my facial skin back on the healthy track. She recommended a suitable treatment programme tailored to my facial needs: the Age-Reverz Skin Treatment.

The Age-ReverZ Skin Treatment aims to help one regain youthful radiant skin by boosting collagen production in just 90 minutes! As we age, sometimes our skin needs this extra boost to counter the effects of time. So not only does the treatment help to boost collagen level and production, it will strengthen skin elasticity, firm and lift the skin.

Specifically curated to combat the signs of ageing, this treatment contains 3 Key Ingredients: Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Copper Tripeptide-1 and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) along with natural ingredients ranging from sea butter to chamomile, as well as bark and root extracts.

The BIG draw of this treatment is there isn't any injections required! Yes, I also don't like people poking into my skin and injecting stuff I am not familiar with. 😅 So the Age-ReverZ Skin Treatment is perfectly safe and the best part? I can see visible results after just 1 session! Ooh, can't wait to see the results then!

And with that, my facial treatment began proper.

We first began with a Head Point Massage (so totally relaxing by the way!) and the cleansing of my face.

A softening mask was then applied, followed by the extraction of blackheads and whiteheads - mainly from my nose area. 

A face massage was next, as my skin's pH has to be soothed and balanced before the highlight of the treatment began.

Using an ultrasound machine, the customised serum containing the active anti-ageing ingredients was penetrated through my skin.

And because I wanted to really see for myself if the treatment is indeed effective, Albee performed the treatment on only one side of my face first. And this is the result.

Can you tell which side of my face received the treatment?

If you said the LEFT side (as in your left), then you are absolutely spot on! Not only can you tell that my crow's feet around my eye are noticeably lesser than the other eye and the lines above my mouth when I smile are also less pronounced on my left side, my left cheek is also higher and firmer when I smile! WHAT SOCERY IS THIS???

So when Albee asked if she should continue with the serum penetration on my other side of the face, of course it was a resounding yes.... because if just one side of my face can already see this much of a difference, I can't wait for the entire treatment to be completed... and flaunt my 'younger-looking' face to the wifey at home! 😂😂😂

My treatment was then rounded off with the application of an Age Reverz mask which was left on my face for 10 minutes for maximum benefits. I have to say I felt that my face was already so much firmer and fresher as I laid there.

For the last step, Albee applied daily skincare products and sunscreen on my face.

And with that, my treatment was done.

This was how I looked before and after the treatments.

To be honest, the difference wasn't really that stark to me. But Albee had her own way of proving the effectiveness of the treatments.

And that can be proven through the facial scan analysis.

Remember the pigmentation that was seen under the microscope before? They were totally annihilated!

 As for the aging skin, you can see from the comparison below that the cell 'lines' on my face could be more clearly seen after the treatments which means that my skin is not as saggy as before.

Need more before-and-after photos? Here you go.

Evidently, the pigmentation on my face are visibly reduced after the treatment, and my skin looks more glowing and supple. 😊

And this is after just ONE SESSION!!! Wow.

I guess there isn't any need for me to say more other than, if you are keen to give the treatment that I have done a try too, GREAT NEWS!

New York Skin Solutions is offering my readers the Age Reverz treatment at only $48 (U.P. $360)!

As an added bonus, you will also receive this HydroPerfect kit for FREE after the treatment!

The kit contains of a Wash, Toner, Serum and Moisturizer which comes in a handy package (plus a mirror!) that you can take along during staycations or travels.

And yes, instead of using just tap water previously, I have been diligently taking care of my face using the kit these days. 😁

In case you are wondering, the treatment is suitable for everyone!

So whether you are a Dad or Mum, it's time to pamper your face and sign up for the Age Reverz treatment for just $48! Better yet, why not both parents go for the treatment together? 😁 

To enjoy the same treatment like I did, visit HERE.

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