Feb 26, 2007

It's Swim Time!

On Saturday, Daddy & Mummy brought us for a swim and some tanning. It has been quite a while since we last went swimming... in December last year to be exact when we went to Phuket. So it's hardly a surprise that I was only too eager to get myself wet.

See me all decked out in my swim gear? I've got a new top, courtesy from Aunt Mala who brought it back for me all the way from Australia. Di-di just got to wear my old top then... poor thing. Hee hee...

But it didn't matter to him in the end, 'cos he didn't really fancy getting himself wet at all. Even when it was just his toes that were touching the water, he burst out crying liao. Sheesh... he dosn't know what he's missing out man... :P

No matter, I just continued to enjoy myself by playing with the water.

I even brought along dear old Barney to give him a nice bath in the pool. Hee hee...

Heng it was the perfect weather for swimming. Loads of sunshine, but also plenty of clouds as well.

And what about di-di? He just fell asleep while I was splashing merrily away...

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