Jul 19, 2005

Baby Signing

Ramblings from Mummy Ash:

Noticed that Ash is getting more aware of his surroundings, in fact, he seems to be learning something new everyday!!! It's amazing how fast baby absorbs! Everyday when I return from work, MIL will tell me some new tricks he had shown off :P

His new trick of the week has to be his fake cough. He somehow realised that when he coughs, he will get our attention. (This could be due to his last bout of flu). So now, when he doesn't want to take anymore food, he will cough and pretend to vomit (this could be cos when he was younger, everytime he coughs, we will pull out the bottle and burp him). When we place him in his car seat and he dislikes it, he also will cough! When he is alone on the bed and wants our attention, again, he will cough. From this, realised that he knows the notion of cause and effect. He is actually able to rationalise, like an adult!

Ash is also learning to communicate through his tone and pitch of voice. When he dislikes something, he will raise his voice and volume. I guess it can be quite frustrating for a baby when no one understands what he is talking about. So, Mummy, as usual, goes to the net for a solution... hehe.

Found out that there is this thing called baby signing. Apparently, babies can be taught how to sign their demands and in return, the baby will be a happier baby 'cos his demands are met. Also, contrary to what I thought, it would enhance speech development. I'm really intrigued by this and would try it out on Ash. However, must bear in mind that it will take time.

If any mummies are interested, you can visit these 2 links:

Babycentre & Signing Baby

Apparently, this is such a big thing in the States that people run classes on time. Parenting in the States must be so much more challenging, especially, if a kiasu Singapore mummy was there... hehe

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ash's mummy, I'd recommend you borrow "Meet the Fockers". In the show, they teach the baby how to sign. The baby knows how to sign when he wants to poo and eat. Plus the show is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Update on how it goes. I haven't read up yet but will do so as soon as I have the time. Sounds really interesting. Problem is that I'm really dead tired most days. I don't know if her caregiver (aka my mom) would want to try. Any good books on this topic?

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