Jul 30, 2006

My very first Baby Contest

Today I went for my first Baby Contest, organised by Chong Pang Community Centre. Daddy decided to just let me try try and see how I fare. Daddy said next time when my di-di joins us, he and me can take part together liao. Hahaha...

The judging criteria was pretty vague; I just went into the room and some adults asked me to stack some blocks, open a book, use a pen to draw on a piece of paper and eat a biscuit. I guess they wanted to test out our motor skills. And that was about it.

Mummy also managed to peep at some of my scores and saw that for the appearance portion, they gave me an 8 out of 10. WHAT?!?! Only a 8??? Should have at least a 9 lor... Heh. Kidding lah. Daddy thinks it should be a 9.9. :P

And so, after waiting and more waiting... it was results time!

I won for myself a consolation prize! Am I disappointed? Hee hee... Okay lah. As Daddy puts it, one mountain still got one mountain higher. At least never lugi our registration fee can liao. And somemore got 40+ contestants competing in my age group leh... HAHAHA...

One more trophy to my cabinet! :)

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*** CeLiNe *** said...

Hi Ashton,

I was there for my little boy's competition too and I saw you on stage winning your trophy!! Congrats!!

Yong Ye didn't win anything though and you're right about the vague judging criteria though.

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