Jan 14, 2007

Another music class trial for me

Yesterday morning, Mummy asked me, "Do you want to go school today?"

And I gave a resounding "YES!!!"

So I found myself attending yet another trial class; this time at Rhythm In Me at UE Square. :)

It was basically a sing and dance session where I got to put all my dancing skills to good use. Not that I was very active in the beginning, 'cos new place, new faces mah... So wherever I danced to, I made sure I held onto Daddy's hand. Hee...

But it got better towards the end when I heard some familiar songs, like the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song. So I guess it made me feel more at home? Hahaha... Overall, me think the session turned out pretty well and I think Mummy was pretty pleased with it too.

Then it was off to Plaza Singapura for some well-deserved lunch.

And predictably, I just had to have my snooze after my makan. :P

Di-di also slept in the pram too, so I guess Daddy & Mummy must have had an amazingly quiet time to do some shopping. Heh.

So when we awoke, we found ourselves sitting in a cafe, with Daddy & Mummy enjoying a nice cup of kopi. Wah say, really know how to enjoy life while we were knocked out huh?

Hmmm, I wonder where I'll be going for my class next week leh? (Mummy note: None at the moment lah)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Ash enjoyed himself very much at the music trial class huh?
didi Ayd looks so cute!

Anonymous said...

It seems fun。 So when is didi's turn to attend class? :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Yep, I certainly enjoyed myself dancing around silly. As for di-di, well...I know he had been listening and observing intently whenever I go for my lessons. So he has been having free lessons all along! Hahaha...

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