Sep 19, 2007

Hong-ing the Kong 2

'Allo everybody... I'm back with more updates!

Day 3 and we were off to Ocean Park for some serious fun. Hee.

Daddy & Mummy tried to make sure that we were both well-rested the previous night. Erm, but not very succesful lah... 'cos we the cheekiemonkies species usually come very much alive in hotel rooms. Hahaha...

But anyway, after a nice bus ride, we reached the funpark!

And immediately, we took the very very very very long escalators up to the main area of the park. But luckily I got my throne to keep my legs well-rested. Di-di got his Ergo carrier to thank too. :P

Soon we reached the top and the view was simply breathtaking. Too bad this was the best photo Daddy could muster. We were both too engrossed in the view lah... Haha.

First animal that I saw was the sealion. And since I couldn't kiss a real wet one, I planted a real wet kiss on a fake one that was baking in the sun.

And why not hop onto it for a ride as well? Heh.

Then it got really interesting for me 'cos it was time to enter the dark aquariums. This one I was looking forward to... 'cos Daddy kept drilling into my mind that I was meeting Nemo & gang really soon.

And first up... Mr. Starfish!

I have to admit that I was very... BRAVE! Hahaha... I just lifted the whole starfish, posed for photos and dumped, err... sorry, gently put it back into the water.

Then it was time for... NEMO!

So many clownfishes! Make me difficult to spot Nemo only ah... Anyway, I spent like the longest time in front of the tank just looking at them. Hee hee...

And oh, along the way, we also saw seahorses, billions of jellyfishes... okay, not billions but many many lah, Mr. Big Shark and a lot of other sea creatures.

After some more jalan-jalan, we hit the cable car ride to the Lowlands.

The view was yet again spectacular and it was such a thrill to dangle and sit so high up in the air. No lah, I wasn't scared at all.

All this while, I was just enjoying the view and the cool breeze.

Think di-di also lah. :P

Soon the ride came to an end... and while we were looking for a place to makan, see who we met.

A tortoise was waving at me, so I was ran up to shake his hand. He looks very smart hor... graduate from university some more. Hahaha...

After our lunch, the REAL highlight arrived...

Yep, KidsWorld! Where they have all the kiddie rides for me to sit until my backside (and di-di's) pichar.

Erm, but not this froggie lah. He's just a rubbish-eating bin. But cute enough to warrant a photo. :P
Okay, let's recap what di-di and me sat...

There was the merry-go-round of pandas.

The ladybug ride that goes up and down... and round and round.

Then there were also the Ferris wheel, choo-choo train ride... and also the huge bouncy castle.

But of course the traditional favourite has to be the playground. Heh.

No words required. Just look at us go!

We soon grew tired and rounded off our outing with a last choo-choo train ride.

And we were back with a nice shiok hot bath! :)

Til next time!

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Anonymous said...

A&A daddy/Mummy, I always tot Hongkong is a child unfriendly place.....but you two proof me wrong....seeing how much fun Ashton & Ayden, I am convinced that my 2 girls wl enjoy themselves too ...wl chk out more of ur photos n updates.....

Anonymous said...

Hi, my gf and I are your new readers, and I must say you are such a lovely family. As the man, I shall create such a beautiful blog in the future too. :)

one of us said...

Hi Ash!
so happy to hear tt your ocean park visit was enjoyable. much more enjoyable than mine a month ago. was so hot & crowded when i was there.
looking forward to hearing more abt ur holiday =)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi s&s mummy, sebastian and one of us,

Thanks for dropping by and all your comments. Stay tuned for more updates! Hee...

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