Sep 15, 2007

I wanna be a Firefighter!

.Cute or not? Hee hee...

This morning, Mummy organised an outing to the Central Fire Station, together with some of my kakis who were born around the same time as me.

The morning started out pretty dreary though, 'cos of the overcast sky and it even drizzled a while halfway through our visit. But no matter, I can always take refuge in the fire engine together with my really solid helmet!

There were quite a lot of items for us to see and touch... like this grossly oversized boots that Daddy placed me in.

And it's not really a fire station visit without some fun spraying action right?

Relax... I got to hold the hose under some professional supervision of course. Heh. Check out the strength of the jet spray!

The real highlight of the visit finally arrived when I got to ride on the ladder of the fire engine, together with my good friend, Dylan.

And boy, did we go up and up and up!

No worries, me not scared. I could even wave to the people standing below. Hahaha...

It was definitely an enjoyable outing... and I enjoyed myself a lot. So much until I told Daddy & Mummy that I wanted to be a fireman after that. :P

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AdeK said...

Hi how to organize such trips? My boy love the fire engine and I would like to organize one too.

Ryan's Mummy said...

hi daddy, any idea is the fire stations open for visiting on public holidays (sat)?Thanksz

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Ryan's Mummy,

The last I checked (which was 2 yrs ago), it is still opne on PHs. But I advise that you call them to check as well. Thanks!

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