Apr 6, 2008

Sweep Tomb Day

This morning, di-di & me bravely went trekking into the jungle. Together with an umbrella... 'cos you know, hot day mah.

It was to pay our respects to our ancestors, and at the same time help to spring clean their 'homes'. We had to be dragged out of our sleep very very early... but Kong-kong, Por-por, Jor-jor, Ku-ku & other relatives were already there when we reached. :P

This was actually the last of the 3 stops we had. The previous 2 were perched up higher on the slippery slopes and also with jungle-bashing work involved, Daddy was too sweaty to take photos. Hahaha...

The last stop had the easiest terrain of all, though Mr. Sun was already out in his full glory liao... so it was quite hot. Luckily I had something in my hand to keep me company.

What was it? It was a dragonfly!

Uncle Melvin caught it for me, and I was also very garang lor... I just held on to its tail and sayang his head. Heh.

But I let him go quite soon after lah.. 'cos in my own words, "I want to let him go to find his friends. Later dragonfly very sad."

Di-di was feeling more tired liao, since we woke up so early. And more and more thirsty too. Hee.

Me? I was complaining about the hot weather, and luckily the umbrella came in handy!

Then when we were done, it was off for our 2-in-1 meal, breakfast & lunch rolled into one. With a full stomach, it was time for di-di & me to head home - we have some sleep to catch up. Not to mention a shiok bath before that! :P

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Anonymous said...

Such brave boy!! I would have ran away from it, let alone holding it!

And you got very sweet and kind heart..

Cheekiemonkies said...

heehee...thanks charmaine! :)

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