Apr 3, 2008


In a nice finale to our hectic weekend, we made our way down to Changi Airport's newest baby, T3 for a look-see-look-see outing last Sunday evening. And since the weekend was so packed, I fell asleep in the car on the way there and continued my slumber in the pram.

Di-di was like the Energizer bunny though. He absolutely revelled in doing short sprints on the vast open spaces in the terminal.

As I was still sleeping peacefully, Daddy & Mummy thronged the many shops there with di-di running along.

Then once we reached the viewing gallery to catch a glimpse of the big planes, I automatically woke up! It was as if I knew that the planes were just in front of me... hee hee...

Di-di was different though; he took a short glance at the planes and then proceeded to do a catwalk on the elevated platform. Think he seemd more interested in exploring the terminal... :P

Soon after, I complained that I was feeling very cold. Mummy, though, suspected that I was in fact feeling very hungry 'cos perhaps I didn't really know what hunger felt like. Hee hee...

But she was right! Once we sat down in the Crystal Jade restaurant, I kept whining about how come the food took so long to come... And when it did finally come, I gobbled the rice, chicken, vege and all in double quick time. Slurp!

After dinner, we were off to take a ride on the Skytrain - di-di's and my favourite!!!

We took one ride down to T2 and another one down to T1. Very shiok if you ask me.

Then, we just window shopped around a little bit more at the B2 level where di-di & me chanced upon this.

A fountain with lights! Yah, it was a tad simple but nevertheless, we stood and watched the spurts of water shooting out for quite a long time. Long enough for Mummy to finish her cup of coffee anyway. Hahaha...

It was time to go back after that and of course I didn't want to go back lah. Heh. But that was before Daddy bought mashed potatoes from Popeye's and asked me if I want to eat it back home. kekeke...

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