May 27, 2008

doo doo doo doo Dora!

We had date with Dora on Sunday night and thanks to kor-kor's influence, I've grown accustomed to Dora's cartoons as well. So much so that whenever I hear Dora's theme song, my little feet can't stop prancing around. Hee hee...

And so, there we were at Singapore Expo waiting for the Explorer to come out onto the stage. Luckily there were free Dora's flags given away to keep us happy and occupied first. Can you tell I was in a fantastic mood? Hahaha...

Soon the show got underway! YAY!!!

The show was called 'Dora's Pirate Adventure' and it sure was one fun ride! I was so absolutely totally immersed in the show that I even igonored Daddy & Mummy when they tried to talk to me. kekeke...

Kor-kor also loved the show to bits and as it was an interactive show, he was always shouting out the answers whenever Dora or the rest of the gang asked the audience questions. During the end, he even got up from his chair and shook his booty while waving his flag high up in the air. What a sight I tell you... I was also dancing but I chose to sit down instead. Hahaha... lazy lah...

Good show overall and we loved it! Even Mummy loved it 'cos she said it was one of the better children shows that she had seen so far.

Next up - BARNEY!!! Ahhh... that one my most of the most-est favourite! :P

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ann aludra said...

wow! looks like you guys had fun! :)

I found out about this blog from the bayb forum, and thought i'd drop by and say hi! :)

i have a blog too @ =D

anyway...nice blog you have here, and hope to keep in touch! i'm really excited about netwroking with more blogging mommies out there!


Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi ann,

so sorry for the late reply... keep wanting to reply but never got down to it. :P

Thanks for dropping by and all ur compliments! Congrats on ur bundle of joy, Drayden too!

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