Jun 27, 2008

Zipping around

Due to the ever-rising fuel prices, Daddy had volunteered me to go green.

Yup, so now I can even go faster when I am running late for my appointments. All THANKS to my handy dandy pair of skates! Hee hee...

The skates are from Fisherprice and it has a size adjustment lever so that I can still wear them when my feet get bigger. There's even a speed control switch that allows beginners like me to lock the wheel from rolling backwards so that I can get used to them first. Then when I am more pro liao, I can switch to the free wheeling mode.

Cool eh? Now I know where I want to go this weekend to test-drive my skates already. :P

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Anonymous said...

u look like a pro already!

remember to wear socks so you don't get any blisters!

have fun!


Cheekiemonkies said...

hahaha...thanks! I'm supposed to wear shoes and then put on the skates. So I'll definitely do that when I bring my skates out for my first zip!

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