Mar 10, 2009

Children's Fest!

Over the weekend, di-di & I turned all drama-mama and caught 2 shows at the Children First! Festival at The Arts House.

On Saturday night, we went to this 'Pyjama Nite' show... which required us children to turn up for the show in our PJs.

And yes, we went as Superman & Batman lor. :P

It was very interesting as the show presented snippets of the 4 shows that are going to be staged throughout the festival. So it was like a sampler of sorts, with us being ushered into different rooms once each mini-show was finished.

We saw a short play, a shadow puppets show, short animation clips and then finished off the night with these 2 ladies who played music with teapots. Think di-di & I loved the shadow puppets the best.

And to top off the night, all the children were treated to milk and cookies after the show! Yummy!

Then on Sunday, we were back at The Arts House for another show - 'Bedtime'.

The show features 2 friends who are getting ready for bed, but by using their imagination... they find that the things that are around in the bedroom can be transformed into interesting things to play with. We got a chance to touch and feel the props after the show too!

Yet another round of milk on the house after the show... hee hee...

It must have been the strawberry milk. 'Cos both of us were still super hyper after the show!

So we just spent some time outside to run ourselves silly... to create for excuses for Daddy to take photos.

We'll be back again next weekend... more shows! more milk! :)

(Mummy's note:

This will probably be the last time you see Ashton in this decepticon t-shirt. He nagged me from the time his swimming lessons ended and he found out that I packed him a decepticon T-shirt, and continued all the way to the car and before we entered Old Parliament House for the play! He was so adament about not being the bad guy.

Looks like Ayd will wear the Decepticon until he wises up to the fact that it's the bad guy.

I, on the other hand, thought the T-shirt looked good. I like the vintagey feel that the purple colour conveyed. Looks like this is the Mars vs Venus divide, coupled with Gen X and Gen Z plus dunno-how-many-years divide.

And the papa also sabo me by getting shirts with such logos, knowing full well that I'm a goon at deciphering them! )

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KoLe said...

you are not alone! my hb has 'educated' me on the difference for several years. Yet they remain the same to me!

love your blog and your charming boys' adventures :)

Cheekiemonkies said...


Thanks for dropping by! Hv dropped by ur princess' blog as well... ur photos are great! :)

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