Aug 23, 2011

Convivial Cebu (Final Part)

(Daddy recounts)

Day SEVEN, and our final full day in Cebu before we bid a teary farewell to our holiday destination.

And Ale seemed to know it as well, because she was up bright & early before any one of us were up! I think she has an in-built light sensor within her, which prompts her to open her eyes when daylight breaks. 

Unfortunately (for me), daylight breaks at 5.30AM in Cebu! So much for lazing in bed...

So what's a Diva going to do when the rest of the family (except me of course) were still snuggling in bed?

Check out the Cebu landscape from our hotel room lobby, that's what.

I've got to admit - it was pretty serene and peaceful just sitting out on the balcony early in the morning.

And of course, the company helped too. :)

The little girl seemed to enjoy the view, as she was making all sorts of sounds and  gesturing excitedly while looking out into the green landscape. 

As for me - as early as it was, I was just content to spend some time exclusively with Ale.

The 2 brothers soon awoke, and joined us at the balcony. And though Ale was really overjoyed to have her 2 brothers with her, I think she was rather intrigued by the older brother's out-of-bed look. Haha.

As soon as all of us washed up and got changed, we headed down for our breakfast. It was going to be a whole day of Waterpark fun for the monkies and I was pretty confident there would not be any objections to that.

Although Cebu's rainy season is between June to November, we were blessed with good weather throughout our entire stay there. And today was no exception.

Perfect weather, coupled with high tide at the beach gave us the perfect opportunity to go snorkeling right the resort's doorstep. The snorkeling gear were provided free of charge to resort's guests, and so the 2 boys & I needed no invitation to submerge ourselves in the blue sea in a bid to see some fishes.

And if snorkeling isn't your kind of fun, you can just do what the wifey & Ale did - laze on the deckchairs and basically stare right into the sea horizon. In other words, stone.

When the monkies had enough of saltwater, freshwater was next on their minds. And this time, Ale came along with us to the River pool!

We brought along her very own mini floating tube, and she thoroughly enjoyed drifting with the currents. Well, she did have a personal chauffeur at her beck and call.

Time really does fly when one is having fun, 'cos it was soon time for lunch! Expectantly, the boys remarked that they were not hungry yet, and that they still wanted to play in the water for a little longer.

This all changed when I told them that we were going to have our lunch right in the pool. You should have seen how fast they swam to the pool bar!

All thanks to the pool bar & float, the smallest monkie also had a fuss-free feeding session. In fact, she walloped her lunch in record quick time. Perhaps we should feed her in our home bathtub in future then.

And thanks to pool too, the 2 boys had something to keep them occupied while waiting for our food to be served.

At least they didn't ask for the iPhone. :P

Perhaps we should REALLY feed ALL 3 of them in our home bathtub in future then.

When the food did come, they were at it like a pack of hungry wolves.

Nothing like an ice-cold Strawberry Shake to counter the sun's heat huh?

Ash ordered, predictably, his fave pizza.

While Ayd craved for the burger that he had devoured the previous day.

The wifey had her sandwiches, while I had the usual - whatever was unfinished by all three of them. How to lose weight like that?

After lunch, it was back to the Kids' Play pool area as requested by the boys.

Not that I had any complaints with that, 'cos it was the perfect opportunity for me to keep an eye on them while lazing on the deck chair. That, to me, was the perfect exercise after lunch.

I find it amazing that they (and other children) can keep going on the water slides and never get bored with them! But as long as they are having the time of their lives, I am happy too. (As long as I don't budge from my deck chair.)

Incredulously, we had already spent 6 hours at the Waterpark. And with the need to give our skins a break from the sun, we made our way back to our room albeit reluctantly.

After washing up, all 3 monkies hit the bed like sacks of potatoes. The afternoon nap lasted for 2 hours before the boys awoke as they remembered the promise the wifey & I made them before they slept.

This was the promise.

The resort also housed an indoor playgym for kids and since it was the final day of our holiday, we decided to let the kids have one last treat.

Admission wasn't free though - it was about S$8 per hour for kids aged 3 & above. Pretty decent, and the place was very clean so I felt the charges were pretty reasonable. Besides, Ale had loads of fun in the toddler's play area too - for free!

Needless to say, the 2 brothers had their share of fun as well.

They even took some time out to have dip in the ball pit together with their mei-mei. Heh.

Or simply just entertained her by bouncing themselves silly on the huge trampoline.

After one hour of play, we made our way to the resort's seaside restaurant where we had our dinner right by the sea.

Yummy seafood & cool sea breeze - a fitting finale to our holiday if you ask me.

Ayd asked innocently after dinner, if we could stay for another one more day at this Waterpark resort. Ash nodded furiously in approval upon hearing that. I secretly wished so as well, but the answer was always going to be no.

But I guess we would love to go back to Cebu next time - especially with Tiger Airways starting flights to Cebu from September onwards. The last I checked, a return ticket to Cebu on Tiger is about S$80-S$100, inclusive of taxes. What a perfect excuse to go again! Hahaha!

We had a final dip at the Waterpark the next day before we checked out, just to satisfy the monkies. And as we made our flight back home, mei-mei was an angel once more - sleeping more than three-quarters of the journey. And this can only mean one thing. MORE trips! :D

The wifey & I agreed that this had been one of the more enjoyable beach holidays we had. Ample relaxation, minimal travelling between places, beautiful beaches and of course, lots of water (both salty & fresh) for the monkies to splash around.

Stay tuned for my personal after-thoughts on our Cebu trip!

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Anonymous said...

First of all, your kids are soooo adorable!!!

And second thanks for sharing your Cebu experience.. I was doing research on the island banca cruise for my trip and it seems like it's worth it and looks quite comfortable!

I've been to Cebu before but I never left the confines of the Shangri-la Resort, it was too awesome to leave, but when I come back I'll definitely try island hopping!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for your kind comments and for dropping by our blog too!

Yes, we are all missing Cebu too... and are trying to find a way to visit it again soon! Heh.

Anonymous said...

What is the name of that resort? Thanks :-)

Cheekiemonkies said...


It is Imperial Palace in Cebu.

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