Aug 13, 2012

Ayd turns six

(Daddy celebrates)

Time truly flies when one isn't looking. Ayd turned 6 last week, and he would soon join his older brother in primary school come next year.

I remember the time when Ayd was born 6 years ago... the wifey had a C-section and of course, I was right by her side when Ayd was introduced to the world for the first time. Compared to Ash, this little bugger was a screamer. He was wailing his lungs, as if to say he would have preferred to stay in his Mummy's comfy womb.

So as one of the nurses carried him over to the table to be wrapped in a towel, I stumbled over there and in a mix of shock, mild panic, and more love than I ever thought possible, I did the only thing I knew to do so as to help this screaming little monkie.

I said, “Hey buddy, it’s good to finally meet you!”

The crying stopped instantly. His eyes were closed but he turned his head to me. I thought the nurse was going to have a baby of her own right there on the spot. She went silent immediately. In fact the only sounds being made were the people in the background counting bloody gauze and clamps making sure nothing got left behind.

And growing up, this was exactly how Ayd responds to affection. He was always going to be the more emotional and touchy-feely sort of child. He picks up on the subtlest of gestures, and the wifey & I have been trying our best to allay his occasional tantrums with more attention to his emotional needs. After all, that's what people mean by middle child syndrome, isn't it?

So for his most important day in the calendar year, we pulled out all the stops to make his 6th Birthday a truly memorable one - starting with a handmade card from his older brother, and a pop-up card no less!

The little Diva chipped in by giving him the biggest kiss that she could possibly muster. :)

We then threw him a Cupcakes Baking Birthday Party together with all his best pals, at Genius R Us. Stay tuned for the detailed post in the next couple of days, but suffice to say, Ayd thoroughly enjoyed his Birthday Party.

And the festivities ended with a mini-birthday celebration with his K2 classmates at his school.

And I'm sure he adored that as well.

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Ayd! We hope that you had the time of your life during the past few days of celebrations. I had said it before and I will say it again - Continue to be the cheerful and loving boy that you always have been, as well as finding joy in the things you enjoy doing! We love you son! :)

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