Dec 8, 2012

KiDventure with Friso

(Daddy blogs)

KiDventure, an event jointly organised by Friso and okto, was held in Suntec City over last weekend. The event gave families a chance to experience a 'Farm Day Out', with lots of farm-related activities catered for the kids.

We were invited down for the event last Saturday, as we had previously visited the Friso-owned farms in The Netherlands in partnership with Friso back in July this year.

Friso Ad, TODAY Newspaper, August 2012

And the monkies got the chance to re-live their farm experience all over again at the event. 

There was the Hay Search where kids were tasked to dive into a pile of hay to dig up the most number of bad bacteria balls in the quickest possible time.

Ayd preferred the 'Feed the Cows' station, where he had to throw a grass ball through the cow's mouth.

But the crowd favourite among all the kids would have to be the station where they got to milk some cows!

Never mind that it was just a rubber teat. Never mind that it was just water. The kids just adored it!

Ditto for Ale.

Of course, it wasn't just all play and no work. The other reason for our attendance was because we were invited to share our Netherlands Farm journey as well. So together with Mediacorp Artiste, Cavin Soh & family, we went on stage and fielded questions from the host as we talked about our interesting farm experiences.

Ash and Ayd even had the chance to give away goodie bags by asking the audience some questions. And yes, I was pretty proud that they didn't wilt on stage and could still remember the questions to ask.

You can read more about our farm experiences in The Netherlands HERE and HERE. Or you can watch the 1-minute advertisement too. :)

Once again, a big THANKS to Friso Singapore for the awesome opportunity of a lifetime!

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