Jan 21, 2013

Squishy Squashy Moon Dough Giveaway

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The monkies, especially Ayd, love playing with Play-doh. BUT as parents, we all know what the end result will be when they are done playing with it. The dough will be everywhere - floor, chairs, hair and even mouth if they get too zealous about it - and by everywhere, I really mean everywhere. So suffice to say, this nasty stuff usually give me the chills whenever it makes an appearance.

So imagine my horror - and the children's delight - when we were sent not one, not two but three boxes of Moon Dough by the people at Emway Singapore. 

Moon Dough is marketed as 'the magical moulding dough that never dries out and allows kids to create their own fun with no mess!' Truth be told, I was a little sceptical at first. But the monkies' enthusiasm soon engulfed my nagging doubts.

And those doubts were tossed aside, albeit temporary, when I saw how the faces of the monkies lit up as the boxes were ripped open.

This was our first time coming into contact with Moon Dough, and it wasn't what we had expected at all. I guess the best way to describe the dough is that it looks like butter but feels like candy floss. It is nothing like the traditional play dough; it is extremely light and moulds just as well. In fact, I loved the feel of it so much that I couldn't stop picking bits up and squashing it between my fingers too! Ditto for Ash I guess.

The first set the monkies dabbled with was the Hamburgers one, where they had the tools to create a hamburger meal with fries.

The moulds for the patty, bread and fries were of the stamping kind, which makes it a lot easier for the monkies to churn out that perfect happy meal.

The Grocery Store was next, and the coolest part of the set had got to be the cash register.

One just needs to load some Moon Dough into the top of the cash register, turn the handle and voila - a coin will roll out from the side one after another.

Besides the cash register, the set also includes a shopping basket, complete with various moulds which included a pineapple, apple, milk carton, can, bread stick and a turkey drumstick. All good enough for a great time at the supermarket!

The final set was the Snack Shop, which was the fave of the lot among the monkies. And it wasn't difficult to see why - after all, which kid can resist popcorn AND ice cream all rolled into one handy machine?

The first thing that struck me about the set was actually how easy it was to put everything together as there weren't any fiddly bits to set up. The next thing was how therapeutically fun it was to squish some Moon Dough into the top of the machine, turn the handle and watch them jump about - just like in a real popcorn machine!

Ale, on the other hand, preferred something colder where she got to indulge in some ice cream sundae.

An icy treat, just the way she loves it!

So I guess it is safe to say that all 3 monkies thoroughly loved their time with Moon Dough. But one nagging question remains - Is it MESSY?

Well, it does break off when you are moulding it, so there were a lot of bits on the floor by the time the monkies were done playing with it. I used a bigger ball of dough to pick up the little bits, which was picked up rather easily as the dough is so light. Definitely a lot easier to clean up than the other playing dough for sure!

Overall, I have to say I am pretty impressed with Moon Dough. It is odourless, wheat free and hypo-allergenic which makes it safe for younger kids to play with. Best of all, it never dries out. That's right, you can leave it out of the box or bag and it would not dry up. So I am dead certain that we will get a lot of use out of it.

From a sensory point of view, I think that the texture of the Moon Dough is fantastic and strangely therapeutic. All of us definitely had a blast with the sets of Moon Dough... yes, the wifey and me included. LOL.

And we want to share the experience with you too... by giving away ONE set of Moon Dough (Snack Shop)!

To participate in this giveaway, just leave a comment by stating a feature of the Moon Dough either in THIS BLOG POST, or in the FACEBOOK POST of this article.

One lucky winner will be picked randomly.This giveaway is open to residents in Singapore only and ends on 25th January 2013 (Fri) at 2359 hours. Good Luck! :)

Moon Dough is recommended for children aged 3 and up. It is distributed in Singapore exclusively by Emway and is retailing at Toys 'R’ Us and major departmental stores.

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BuBbles said...

Cool, I'd love to try this out with my little ones. Especially as one of it's features is that it never dries out!

Anonymous said...

a feature of the Moon Dough

Hope to win for my little one, he will enjoy the creation.

Name: Jess Koh

ST said...

Cool! I'm sure my daughter will love the popcorn, ice cream..etc. & the fact that it never dries out!

jingxian said...

Would love to win this for my sons to play!

Anonymous said...

Love that it is hypo-allergenic!

Kathryn Ng

LoveOfMyLife said...

Great to find a playing dough that never dries out! I had to stock up on the current playing dough my elder son is playing with now bcoz it dries out soooo fast. Its great to know that its hypo allergenic too so that didi can have a go at it if we win the set!

Jamie said...

Would love to win a set for my daughters to try out. They love play doh but don't always keep it back properly in the containers.. interesting to see that this doesn't dry out!

Anonymous said...


Features of Moon Dough: It never dries up and it is hypo-allergenic!

Hope to try out soon...thks for the contest...

Heaven Knows

Yvonne said...

My kids also love playing dough but I always worried about dough all over the house.

If I win this for my boys, I think they will be very happy.

Yenny Lyne said...

Moon Dough - The one that never dries out.

My daughter loves to play with dough.
She will be delighted to play with it, especially on these rainy days.
Hope with this new toy, she won't nag me go out outdoor. :)

Prisca said...

odourless, hypo-allergenic and NEVER DRIES UP!? - for real? would love to testify to it with my kid!

CE said...

Would like to win to play these fun and cute moon dough with my kids :)
~ CE

mother hen said...

Moon dough is odourless, wheat free and hypo-allergenic which makes it. safe for younger kids to play with

buninanoven said...

Moon dough never dries out!

Wenli said...

Odourless, hypo-allergenic and most importantly, never dries up!

I'm sure my boy - 18 months will love it! I believe it would be great to train his fine motor skills as well!

Jennifer Kwok said...

Moon dough never dries up! That is so cool! Means I do not have to replendish the stock over and over again!

My three little chipmunks (aged 3, 2 and 5 months) would love to get hold of one of those and mummy would happily be cleaning up their mess after they are done! Ok it might be too early for the last one, sadly he can only watch his two korkors have fun, for now :)

wanandonly said...

Love to win this hypo-allergenic new dough for my kids!


Vanessa said...

Looks so cool... my gal will love it

Me said...

Moondough never dries out !

I like that the moulds are the stamping kind - i think the kids will have much fun playing with it and creating stuff!


MummyMemories said...

Moon dough never dries out.

Hope to win for my little one to try.

prectitude said...

Your review looks fantastic..
So fun that my two kids already bugging me! Really hope to be the lucky one!
Name : Kathy Woon-Tan
(for Shannon & Isaac Woon)

weoseek said...

Ordourless, never dries out!


kp said...

Moondough never dries out!!!!

maywei said...

Moondough is ordourless n hypo allergic n never dries out.

Email: laimaywei@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

moon dough = non toxic = safe for kids = both mummy and kiddos are happy =))


Anonymous said...

odourless, wheat free and hypo-allergenic, never dries up...


tanmcjanette said...

The Moon Dough is non messy and odourless!

Tan Janette

Carol Mei Mei said...

Moon dough is odourless, hypoallergenic and never dries out! Hope to win this for my two boys to add to their collection of masak masak food and cooking toys, except that with this, they actually get to make their own masak masak food!

Anonymous said...

Moon dough never dries out. Make cleaning up easier for me. Lov' it!!
Hope to win this for my 2 sons.

Email : vincnjane@singnet.com.sg

Unknown said...

My daughter loves Moon Dough (she has the ice-cream set). She can play with it for hours cos they are easy to mould and never dries out. Much more superior than the traditional playdoh. I'll love to win this Popcorn set for her so she can start a small mini Moon Dough Cafe! Thanks for organising this giveaway! :)

Athena Gan said...

Moon dough is odourless!

Kym said...

Moon dough never dries out! My girl loves to play with dough but the dough always dry out.. would love to try Moon dough!


Unknown said...

It never dries out..
We'll be over the moon!

Thank u for the give away :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thanks all for your participation!

Contest is now closed! Stay tuned for the results. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you know where I can get this from in sg?

Cheekiemonkies said...


It is sold in major departmental stores and Toys R Us.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm at Toys R Us @ forum but they don't carry Moon dough here. In fact they they heard of it :(
Which specific store sells moon dough here at Singapore ? Pls let me know. Thanks !!
- moon dough fan

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Anon,

The last I knew, it was sold at Toys R Us. Takashimaya also sells them.

Maybe the product has been pulled off the shelves due to a lack of interest? I don't remember seeing them at the toys section for quite some time.

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