Apr 1, 2013

The Sampling of a Waterpark

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By now, you should have read about the all-new waterpark at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)... well, it isn't exactly that new considering it has been opened since November last year. BUT it was new for my monkies! 

And thanks to RWS' Facebook Fans Day Out event last month which saw us makan breakfast with the Sesame Street gang, test-drove the newest Spaghetti Space Chase ride at Universal Studios Singapore and also dived into the deep oceans at S.E.A Aquarium, the last leg of our awesome day out was at the Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Being part of the Marine Life Park at RWS, Adventure Cove Waterpark is an aquatic adventure park packed with loads of water fun from a wave pool, Adventure river, water Playground and what else - thrilling water slides!

And there are quite a number of them; five to be precise. But sadly, we didn't manage to go a single one... all because we were there on a weekend and the queues were absolutely bonkers! Disappointment was definitely an understatement for the boys.

Do note though that out of the five rides, three - Spiral Washout, Pipeline Plunge and Whirlpool Washout - have a minimum height requirement of 122cm while the other two - Riptide Rocket and Dueling Racer - have a minimum height requirement of 107cm. The boys already have declared their intention to try out the latter two on their next visit!

The other interesting attraction is Splashworks, where it is essentially an obstacle course on water.

So if you are at least 140cm tall, you will be able to challenge the balance beam, cross the tight rope, climb the cargo net, and finally leap off the platform cliff! And the prize? You will be accorded Superhero status... by my two boys.

If that isn't enough to entice you, how about going snorkelling over a Rainbow Reef (Minimum height requirement: 107cm) and get up close with over 20,000 colourful fishes?

As it turned out, the Rainbow Reef did entice quite a fair bit of people.


So we did the next best thing - go all lazy along the Adventure River.

Just grab a tube float - tons of them lying and floating around - and hop onto it, and off we went!

Everyone can partake in this leisure activity, as long as there is a supervising companion for those under 122cm in height. Great news for Ale then!

The river would bring us through 14 habitats along the way... I didn't keep count actually but that's what the website says. Haha. But we did drift through a lush jungle garden...

... a mysterious grotto...

But the coolest of the lot has got to be the underwater tunnel.

It was just such a surreal experience with all the marine life swimming above and around us, especially the hordes of sambal stingrays!

It turned out that all 3 monkies loved the river so much that they demanded a drift-through for a second time. We almost had to go again for the third time but luckily, there was the Bluwater Bay to distract them.

Essentially, a giant wave pool which serves giant waves up to 2 metres in height! So families with younger children might want to stay closer to the banks where the waves would not be as potent.

With all the long queues amassing at the thrill slides, the boys were in desperate need of some sliding action of their own as well. And that came in the form of the Big Bucket Treehouse, a huge water playground with two winding water slides.

Since this attraction is mainly for kids, the queues are more manageable. So it wasn't any surprise what we spent the bulk of our time here, with the monkies going on the slides countless of times.

For even younger toddlers, there is the Seahorse Hideaway where there is a shallow wading pool, complete with harmless spraying fountains. 

One thing that I love about the waterpark is the convenient access to lifejackets, and they even have ample lifejackets for the toddlers too!

Unfortunately, our time at the Adventure Cove Waterpark was cruelly cut short by an unyielding thuderstorm but overall, I have to say all of us thoroughly enjoyed the waterpark. You can be sure that we will be back again to experience all the attractions! Or at least that was what the boys made me promise.

Thanks once again, to Resorts World Sentosa for the awesome invite. Thanks to you, you have got my monkies hooked!

Useful Details

Adventure Cove Waterpark
Opening Hours: 10am - 6pm daily
One-Day Tickets: Adult $29 | Child (4-12) $20 | Senior Citizen (60 & above) $20
*From now til 31 Dec 2013, get 15% off admission prices when you pay with a Bank of China credit card.
Annual Pass: Adult $88 | Child (4-12) $58 | Senior Citizen (60 & above) $58
Website: http://www.rwsentosa.com/language/en-US/Homepage/ThingsToDo/MarineLifePark/AdventureCoveWaterpark

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cre8tone said...

This is so enjoyable! Having fun with water!

SengkangBabies said...

yo Kelvin, our kids love it too, pity the long-queue and thunderstorm(4pm).

Go snorkeling next round. Kids only need to "swim" normally if they have difficulty with snorkel.

Then maybe Mrs can wait outside fishtank and take candid shots :)

cheers, andy (SengkangBabies)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi cre8tone,

Yup it is! Pity about the rain and long queues.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Andy,

Yup, I saw your blog post too! The boys also wanted to try the Rainbow Reef but queue was insane. Have to go back on weekday lah...

Little Prince said...

Hi, how did you take your photos during the swim? With waterproof case?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Little Prince,

I've got a waterproof videocam from Sony: http://www.cheekiemonkie.net/2012/07/sony-handycam-hdr-gw77.html

Shubham water world said...

Beautiful photos and a beautiful place.

Cheekiemonkies said...


Thanks for your kind words! :)

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