May 22, 2013

Keep on Running

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It's amazing how time flies. Ash was just three years old when the first Cold Storage Kids Run burst onto the scene in 2008. And since then, the two boys have been participating in every single one of them. Last year was Ale's first foray into the world of Kids Run too, although technically she just sat high and mighty in her stroller while the wifey pushed her through the 800m course.

This time around, Kids Run #6 would see the Diva pound the tarmac on her own (or so I thought) and the boys fall into the same running age band - which was obviously great news for me as I would not have to run the route TWICE, unlike last year.

Parking at Marina Square was a breeze, but the weather at the Padang was not. Because it was hot, hot, hot!

But I guess the sunny skyline was way better than a dreary wet morning, coupled with a squishy and muddy grass field. It helped that there were ample tents that we all could seek refuge under while awaiting for our turns to run.

As always, the entire Padang was filled with a carnival-like atmosphere with games and roving mascots (some were quite hilarious to be honest) to keep the kids busy.

The wifey offered to run alongside with Ale, and I took the boys. I think this year's edition must have been a record turnout because just take a look at all the participants waiting to enter the holding tent!

And to think this was just the runners for the boys' category. Well, I wasn't going to stand around to wilt in the heat so we decided to head back to our shaded area and let the crowd in front dissipate first. In the end, we strolled into the starting line as part of the final wave of runners for our category - minus all the crowding and melting in the heat.

And judging by how quick both Ash and Ayd were off the blocks, I would say that the merciless sun didn't sap too much of their energy.

In fact, I had a teeny weeny bit of trouble keeping up with them!

Halfway though the 800m run, fatigue started to set in but to my disappointment, they refused to walk! So what to do, I had to soldier on as well.

When the Finish Line eventually was in sight, the boys' pace picked up considerably as they made a final sprint to the end.

I think Ayd has definitely improved considerably. The last few editions had him either tripping or stopping halfway because of fatigue but he completed this run rather uneventfully. And for that, I am immensely proud of him.

As for Ash, all I can say is I guess he is ready for the competitive run next year!

How about Ale then? It turned out that the wifey had to carry her three-quarters of the 800m journey! She must have felt that it was a tremendous ordeal for her because when I finally convened with the wifey and Ale, she flashed her trademark pitiful facial expression at me.

It must have worked on the older brother too, for he offered to carry her while we were walking back to our car.

Well, I guess there is always next year.

And I have already been volunteered by the wifey to run with Ale the next time. Guess I better start working on those arm muscles then.

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Carol Mei Mei said...

This is a hilarious account. Ale is a princess indeed! But I am sure she will get better in time to come. Experience helps!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Carol,

I too carried Ash for more than half of the run for his first time. So yes, definitely will get better. :)

Thanks for dropping by!

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