Jul 17, 2013

In the News

(Daddy blogs)

So I was out with the boys at the library this evening when the wifey whatsapp-ed me a photo of  a news article in The New Paper today.

What. the. monkie. 

I nearly pissed in my pants but then I remembered I was still confined within the four walls of a public library.

I had no inkling of this beforehand so it came as a complete surprise. And I am even more chuffed to be in such awesome company. I then showed the article to Ash and Ayd and the first thing they asked was why their names weren't mentioned as well. Riiiight.

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~Summer~ said...

I saw this too! Congrats, I think you deserve it! =) Keep blogging!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thanks Summer for your kind words, and for your support too! I love picking up ideas from your blog too! :)

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