Jan 3, 2014

Birthday Boy

(Daddy blogs)

"Uhm, hello there."

That was all I could muster. Nine years ago today, when I first met you.

Then somehow, along the way...

Barney turned into Transformers turned into Skylanders.

Hi-5 turned into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse turned into Adventure Time.

NickJr.com turned into CartoonNetwork.com turned into YouTube.com - supervised, mind you.

LEGO sets turned into more LEGO sets turned into OMG-it's-darn-expensive! LEGO sets.

Diapers turned into "I'm Done! Help me wipe!" turned into "Is there anything I can do? I'm bored in here."

Crying turned into whining turned into diplomatic negotiations that have left me speechless at times.

My baby turned into a toddler turned into the beginnings of a young man who will never cease to amaze me.

But you know what? You will also never cease to be this little guy in this video. 

Because... no amount of growing up will ever mask that fresh baby smell when I kiss the top of your head.
Happy 9th Birthday, son!

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--andy-- said...

Ash is one big brother most parents would be proud of, ever accommodating towards his siblings and friends, never seen him losing his temper.

Kelvin and Mrs should be darn proud to have Ash as a role-model for Ayd and Ale :)

Happy Birthday Ash !


Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your wishes... and your testimonial of Ash. Haha...

But yes, he has so far been a great big brother on the whole. :)

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