Apr 19, 2014

WIN a VIP Brunch Experience @ The Cornerstone with Power 98FM & 88.3Jia FM DJs!

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If you are in the same age bracket as me and love a nostalgic Mandarin ballad or two, then chances are you would have tuned in to 88.3Jia FM at least once in your life. Or if you are like my wifey, tuning in to the station every single day while at work. Yes, she simply loves all the Mandarin songs that 88.3Jia FM plays... and even better, it plays English all-time favourite ballads from the 80's till now too! In fact, it is the only bilingual station in Singapore to do so and unsurprisingly, it has built a strong and loyal following after all these years.

So when 88.3Jia FM came calling with an exclusive invite for me to do brunch with their DJs at The Cornerstone restaurant at Bishan Park, to say the wifey was utterly envious was a severe understatement.

Actually, it was not just the DJs from 88.3Jia FM who were present at the brunch session. The DJs from its sister station, Power 98FM, were part of the fabulous host team too. Power 98FM should not be unfamiliar as it is an English cosmopolitan radio station that plays a wide range of music spanning from the 90’s favourites to today's hits. Targeting the fun-loving working adults, the station serves up a variety of everyday content - travel, food, movies, sports and more.

These 2 radio stations come under the umbrella of SAFRA Radio, a lifestyle radio network that seeks to provide a strong voice to promote bonding and cohesion for the nation's servicemen and their families. And here is an interesting fact that I found out during the course of my Sunday brunch - they are the only radio stations using WhatsApp as a communication channel with their listeners, hence facilitating more intimate and timely interactions and conversations!

Among the bloggers invited, I think I must have been the oldest there. The rest were mostly female lifestyle bloggers and waaay young. How many can you recognize in the photo below?

But that's not to say I didn't enjoy the brunch. For one, the food served up at The Cornerstone was tantalising and its dessert table spread was a hit with all the ladies. And most importantly, I had the opportunity to chat with with the very friendly SAFRA Radio DJs - Jamie Yeo, Sonja, Mister Young & Jacqui from Power98FM and Robin & Kai Ying, Lina & Jia Ming (who were in some cool biker outfits by the way) from Jia88.3 FM. 

They took turns to pop by the various tables in the restaurant and were just so warm and approachable. I shared with them what my blog was all about, and they in turn shared some very interesting anecdotes about their respective shows.

And here's a brief introduction to the respective DJs' shows:

 The Power Breakfast Show

Start each weekday with a healthy breakfast and a dose of current affairs and everything else thrown in with Sonja, Jason and Jamie on the Power Breakfast Show. Find out what's going viral on #Trending every Wednesday, reminiscence about the past on Throwback Thursdays and get some goodies for yourself on Freebie Fridays. Plus, daily segments like Mandarin for Dummies, Thought of the Devi and Heroes not Zeroes will keep you entertained and in-the-know as you start your day. Tune in to The Power Breakfast Show, Weekdays, 6am – 10am only on Power 98FM.

The Ex-Factor

The Ex-Factor is the first radio show of its kind in Singapore. Every dirty secret, bad habit, and button to push? They know it, and aren’t afraid to use it. You’ll get to hear Mister Young and Jacqui take it out on each other, in their own quirky way. They'll let you know things you maybe didn't know already in That's a Thing  & simplify your life with Life Hacks! Listen out for their spoof songs in #ExesSpoof plus, the adventures of Bee Geok & Geok Bee - they'll entertain you with the ups & downs of typical Singaporean couple in a relationship! Tune in to The Ex-Factor, weekdays 4pm – 8pm on Power 98FM.

大家早上好 / The Good Morning Show

新加坡唯一的双语早班节目《大家早上好》!每逢周日早上6到10点,恺缨 和ROBIN 将以轻松,活泼的主持形式和你分享时事/趣闻,开启你的每一天!周日: 6am-10am

吃喝玩乐 180 / Play 180

周一到周五,下午4点到晚上8点,丽娜&家铭主持以美食单元为主的《吃喝玩乐180 》,向你介绍美食好去处,让你下班不孤单!周日: 4pm-8pm


CONGRATS to DEBRA, who has won the VIP Brunch Experience! Please contact me at kelvin(at)cheekiemonkie.net to claim your prize ASAP!

And if you are interested to meet them, here is your chance! One lucky reader will win the exact same experience that I had! That's right, you and a partner will receive a VIP brunch experience at The Cornerstone on 3 May 2014 (10am - 12.30pm). Not only will you be dining in a lush, green environment and savouring modern American cuisine, you get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up close and personal with the SAFRA Radio's DJs.

To further put things into perspective, this is exactly what you can win:

- A pair of VIP invites to Power 98 & 88.3Jia Brunch Party (Worth $60 per pax)
- A chance to get up close & personal with Celebrity DJs like Jamie Yeo & Robin Goh
- A goodie bag worth $100
- A chance to win attractive prizes up to $500!

Sounds good right? To score a chance at the giveaway, simply leave a comment in this blog post, or in its corresponding Facebook post HERE, saying which DJ from either Power98FM or 88.3Jia FM is your fave! Closing date is 22 April 2014 (Tues), 2359 hours.

In the meantime, besides the usual radio medium, you can tune in to Power 98FM and/or 88.3Jia FM via their mobile app or stream LIVE via the Power 98FM and 88.3Jia FM websites.

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Penny Sim said...

My fave DJ is Robin! Love his voice!

Chandice Ong said...

I would love to meet Jamie Yeo!!!

DK said...

I like DJ Robin! He's warm and friendly on air.

Jingxian said...


preciouz said...

so cool...i love to meet jamie yeo in person !

coldkohmew said...

DJ Robin

Debra said...

This would thrill my mum so much! She listens to 88.3Jia FM and is a big fan of Robin!

Unknown said...

Jamie Yeo

prectitude said...

★Jamie Yeo★

Shirley said...

My favorite DJ is Jamie Yeo. Love her mouth!

Cheekiemonkies said...

The winner had been picked!

Congratulations DEBRA! You have won a brunch date with the SAFRA Radio DJs!

As the brunch is happening this Saturday, please email me at kelvin(at)cheekiemonkie.net ASAP!!!

Thanks so much!!!

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