Oct 17, 2014

Parenting Confessions of a Cheekiemonkie Dad

Being a Dad is the most amazing title that I hold. But sometimes being a Parent just does not turn out the way I intended, especially when projectile vomit and spilled milk on freshly mopped floors are involved.

I strive to be the perfect Parent, but I am only human. More accurately, I am a guy. Yes, that minor detail inadvertently hinders my efforts to earn the accolade of 'Parent of the Year'.

Because there are things that I must do, short-cuts that I must take in order to get through my days as a parent. But that's okay, at least we are all still happy.

And alive.

1. I throw away most of the monkies' school artwork because they are taking up too much space in the house. BUT I have kept every single Father's Day and Birthday cards that they have made for me.

2.  I hate reading bedtime stories because they are fundamentally boring. Like, mind-numbing. I only do it because I know I have to. And sometimes, I just let them fall asleep watching TV.

3. Regarding the weekly allowance their grandparents give them which they pass to me for safekeeping until we get home, I sometimes forget and spend it. But I mostly return it to them - when they remind me.

4. I eat the sweets and chocolate from the birthday goodie bags they receive from their classmate's birthday celebration. And then I say the ants ate them.

5. I know which monkie is responsible for smearing boogers on the wall.

6. I have secretly thrown out some of their toys that I just did not like.

7. I love all of them equally, but I do have a favorite monkie. Just that it changes by the day, depending who is more obedient.

8. I fart in public and politely blamed them when they were babies.

9. I love watching them when they are sleeping.

10. I sneak them kisses while they are asleep and hold my finger up to their noses to make sure they are breathing. I wonder if that will be creepy when they turn 18.

11. Sometimes, instead of playing with them, I pretend to be watching them but instead I am on the computer or smartphone.

12. I have ever lied about their ages so that I can score that 1-for-1 offer at the movies.

13. I use the monkies as a convenient excuse to get out of things - kids-are-too-tired is always a winner.

14. I fret over their future, and wonder what kind of persons they will turn out to be.

15. They are the light of my life. I am terrified that I will not be theirs one day.

Do you have your own parenting confession to make? Share it with me in the comments below!

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Unknown said...

Such a sweet list of parent confessions! And guess what? I kept nodding as I read along because they are so true, esp #1, #6 and #13! The last point made me tear up a little because our children mean the world to us and it would be so sad when one day, we are no longer theirs. Thanks for compiling this...

Michele said...

Great list!My parenting confession is watching every episode of Ninjago and TMNT to 'monitor' what Callum watches...when I love it just as much as he does:)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thanks Angie for your kind words! Glad that it resonated with you too! :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Michele, hahaha... sounds like me too! :D

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