Apr 3, 2015

Feasting at Far East Square Continues + Another Giveaway!

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Ever since our previous gastronomical adventure at Far East Square, the monkies were looking forward to head back for Round 2! 

Okay, I admit - it was actually me who wanted to go back. For starters, being home to almost 30 food and dining outlets meant that we had plenty of choices to pick from at Far East Square. But most important of all, it is non-crowded on weekends so there is usually no need for any restaurant reservations... plus parking costs only $3 (before GST) per entry!

And if there is one type of cuisine that never fails to win the monkies over, it has got to be Japanese!

So was it any wonder they clamoured to be seated inside Shin Kushiya immediately?

At Shin Kushiya, you’ll find none of that usual conveyor belt sushi. Instead, they pride themselves for high quality Sashimi, imported directly from Tsukiji and Hakodate markets on an almost daily basis!

Just ask the wifey, who was got rather impatient with me for hogging her bowl of Salmon Chirashi due to photography reasons. Lol.

The menu is pretty extensive, with plenty of noodle and rice options to satisfy everyone's palate.

Of course, the main draw here is kushiyaki, or skewered BBQ meats, vegetables and seafoods.

There is a host of kushiyaki skewers to choose from, all made using the freshest and quality meats, seafood and vegetables grilled over Japan-imported Bincho Charcoal, known as the King of White Charcoal.  Bincho Charcoal burns at a high temperature of 1,000 to 1,200°C enabling a crisp exterior whilst sealing the natural flavours & juices within, imparting a savoury smokiness to their signature kushiyaki skewers.

Or as Ale simply puts, YUMMY!

We were there on a Saturday afternoon and I really loved how the restaurant was not over-crowded with people, making the dining experience a more pleasant - which was further enhanced by a really cool treat at Cold Stone Creamery, always a hit with kids for sure!

I foresee making another return to Far East Square then.

Now, here is yet another chance to win a $50 Far East Square Dining Voucher! There are TWO up for grabs and all you have to do is to complete the following steps:

1. Answer the following question: Which restaurant would you like to bring your family to dine in this weekend at Far East Square? 
2. Leave your answer in the comments of this blog posr OR on our Cheekiemonkies' Facebook corresponding post HERE.

*Giveaway will end on 10 April 2015, 2359 hours.


You have each won a $50 Far East Square Dining Voucher! Please email me at kelvin@cheekiemonkie.net for prize collection details. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Useful Information

Shin Kushiya
33 Pekin Street
#01-01 Far East Square
Singapore 048763
Opening Hours:  Mon - Thu: 11.30am to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm | Fri & Sat: 11.30am to 3pm, 6pm to 11pm | Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Cold Stone Creamery
47 Pekin Street, #01-01
Far East Square, Singapore 048763
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 10am to 10pm | Sat: 10am to 8pm | Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

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pammie said...

I would love to have dimsum at Ju Chun Yuan!

preciouz said...

dean and deluca
jaime chan

Pearlyn Toh said...

Looking at your photos definitely make me feel like trying the delicacies in Shin Kushiya with my family!!! ���� especially the kushiyaki skewers! Looks so goooood!!! ��

Andy Neo said...

Definitely bringing them to Shin Kushiya. Your review makes us all hunger to go there!

Jingxian said...


elynchan1010@gmail.com said...

I'll love to savour Shin Kushiya!

em said...

Shin Kushiya for sure! My 3 year old can't get enough of sushi and also the sensation of salmon roe popping in her mouth!

DK said...

There are so many options! Shin Kushiya will be the family favorite.

Unknown said...

Looking at your review and pictures, and since we have never been there before, it shall be Shin Kushiya!

Qiyan said...

I would love to dine at Shin Kushiya because my parents love their yakitori! :)


Mommy Mommy said...

Shin Kushiya!

BEAN30 said...

Shin Kushiya

Unknown said...

I like to have dim sum at jun chun yuan
My fav one

Rina lim said...

it would be Shin Kushiya, !! my sons and i loves japanese food

jazpy said...

Shin Kushiya! I love skewers!

chiaedna said...

Shin Kushiya. We love Japanese food.

Anonymous said...

TUNGLOK TEAHOUSE sounds great! With Peranakan-styled furniture and period d├ęcor including posters, lighting fixtures and tiles.
Lin Meibing Sarina

Mummy sm said...

Your photos are making me shout SHIN KUSHIYA!!! Japanese food is our family's all time favorite!

Anonymous said...

I would like to try Shin Kushiya. Looks so delicious.....



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