Sep 25, 2015

8 Ways to keep Kids Occupied on a SilkAir Flight

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It has been slightly over 2 weeks since we returned from Central Java, where it had been an eye-opening cultural experience not only for the monkies but also for me! The itinerary saw us head to Yogyakarta (a 2-hour & 20-minute flight from Singapore) first before making our way home via Semarang (2-hour flight).

And just like our previous trip to Cairns during the June School Holidays, we had experienced the warm hospitality and kid-friendly entertainment offered by SilkAir during both legs of the flights.

The good thing about flying with a full-service carrier like SilkAir is the convenience and availability of services onboard - little things that matter to families, especially those flying with young kids, like the blankets and pillows. The attentive stewardesses were on hand to pass blankets and pillows to each child on the flight before take-off, simple items no doubt but definitely essential for the young kids come nap time!

In an ideal world, kids will sleep for the entire duration of the flight. But if you are a parent like I am, you will know that small children are not designed to sit still in one spot for several hours. Kids being kids, will squirm and worm their way around especially in confined spaces. And you know it and I know it, a bored child is a pain in the rear.

The good news is, if you are flying with SilkAir, there are more than just one way to keep the little ones occupied during a flight:

1. Have a bag full of options

Never underestimate the power of distraction. Be it snacks, toys, coloring books or even their favorite blankie or stuffed toy, just bring the entire collection. Bring out one item at the time, to keep them busy but also to preserve an element of surprise (and sanity) for the rest of the trip whenever an new item is pulled out from the bag.

I had shared this before as well: when the boys were younger, I used to head down to Daiso and purchase a few small toys to bring along for the flight. Each item costs $2, but the value offered in return while stuck high up in the air will be immense.

2. Spongebob Squarepants Toy Kit & SilkAir Plush Toy

Run out of distractions for the kids? No matter. All you have to do is to request for SilkAir's latest toykit for kids, which comes in the form of Spongebob Squarepants!

The toykit consists of a few mini board games which are simple to play, and a huge lifesaver for parents! Oh, and do not forget to bring home the cute SilkAir aeroplane plush toy as well.

3. In-flight entertainment

There are no individual seat screens for in-flight entertainment but kids can be kept entertained by the overhead screens which broadcast cartoons and game shows. No headphones required as shows like Mr. Bean cartoons and Wipeout game shows transcend above language and age.

4. SilkAir Studio

If you prefer something more intimate and personal, bring along your mobile devices and/or tablets and connect to SilkAir's newest wireless inflight entertainment system, SilkAir Studio.

Passengers will be able to access SilkAir Studio's wireless entertainment options on their iPhones, iPads or Android devices and enjoy movies, short features and music streaming. Connecting is a breeze and there are up to 20 Hollywood and international movies, 26 TV features as well as 100 chart-topping music albums to choose from, all of which will be refreshed on a monthly basis.

Predictably, Ale was the most interested in the Children's selection! The choices may not be extremely extensive, but it was more than adequate for short haul destinations that SilkAir flies to.

5. Scavenger Hunt

No, I do not mean running amok on the plane.

Using Silkwinds, SilkAir's inflight magazine, go on a scavenger hunt with the kiddos. Pick out an item on a page and have your child locate it. For older kids, hand them the magazine and task them to find different pictures or items in the magazine. Or have a contest to see who is able to find the most number of similar items in the magazine!

6. Cloud (or Land) Spotting

Discover the joys of cloud-spotting and get the kids to look at the clouds while up in the air. Have them use their imagination and describe what the clouds looks like... or even getting all excited when land is spotted - because that usually means the destination is near!

7. Food, Glorious Food!

For some reason, the monkies ALWAYS look forward to meal times during flights. Not that I am complaining, since chomping on food keeps them occupied all the same.

Being a full-service carrier, SilkAir offers hot meals on its flights and come meal times, kids are always served first.

8. Photo Opportunities with Air Stewardesses and Pilots

Before take-off, introduce your kids to some of the crew members. SilkAir's air stewardesses did take the effort to make small talk with the monkies and if you are lucky, you may just be able to request for your kids to visit the cockpit and meet the pilots after the plane has landed at the destination and everyone has disembarked.

Now, this will definitely ensure that the kids put on their best behaviour throughout the flight, no?

But perhaps, the most important thing to remember while travelling with kids during a flight is to take along your sense of humour! Happy parents make happy children. Grumpy parents equates to grumpy children. By staying calm and taking it easy, the whole family will have a much easier travel experience... which was what we had when we arrived in Yogyakarta.

I'll share more on the family-friendly sights and activities in Central Java in another post so stay tuned!


As promised in a previous post, I have FIVE SilkAir goodie bags to give away!

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SilkAir flies to Yogyakarta four times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays while flights to Semarang depart thrice weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For more information, visit

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Anonymous said...

FB Name : Meifen Tan

My 4yo loves the meal service when she boards the plane! She will keep asking when the food and drink be served! And she gets to ask the flight stewardess for apple juice! :)

Ashley Tan said...

My gal love the inflight goodie bags because she never know what's in surprise for her til she open it up!

Sweetheart Rachael said...

My girl lovesthe goodie bags and the meal service!
Cynthia Lau

Zen Ong said...

FB Name: Zen Ong
My boy will look forward to reaching the destination soon and of course the in-flight entertainment..

preciouz said...

The new gifts and the in house entertainment !and their own personal headphone !
Jaime Chan

Anonymous said...

my kids never have the chance to travel and fly on plane
Hope that I can win this and travel with them
they will b overjoyed

Jaz Lin

Anonymous said...

The first time my kids took a plane and was surprise to receive Special limited goodie bags which we are not aware of. They were so thrilled and wanted to fly again wishing for more goodie bags

Unknown said...

My kids look forward for the window seat on plane as they can have a good view of the sky.

Susan chiang

Jingxian said...

The boys love to see the airplane ascend and descend. They enjoys the entertainment system and are glued to it.

mich said...

My kids look forward to the goodie bag and inflight entertainment


Anonymous said...

she always look forward to the inflight entertainment
yokie choy

girls and me said...

FB: KaRen Ong
Both my girls look forward to the kid meal and in flight cartoon ✌️

Anonymous said...

My boy looks forward to being able to walk around. He cannot sit still!

casperian05(at)gmail (dot)com

Anonymous said...

Name Ct Chooi

My kids looking forward to see the big big 'toy' plane. Looking in the sky flying like a kite, like a bird. Looking down the earth like a mini toy lego land. Having fun enjoying the plane journey with air stewards/ stewardesses and of course Mr Pilot. They learn all these from a book. They never take a plane before. I hope at least I can give them something real from the airplanes. They never know there is a plane kid gift. They must be very happy to received these!!

Unknown said...

Name: Nicole Ho
Email: or

My kids look forward to take off during flights because it gives them the great feeling of flying up high into the sky above the ground. They said all things on the ground look like Lego toys! It's just wonderful experience for them!

Anonymous said...

My kids love the in-flight entertainment. It keeps them glued and allows me to sleep.
FB: Josie JL

Ester Em said...

My son looks forward to being in the WINDOW SEAT! Who doesn't? :-) Even before the plane takes off, he loves looking out the window to see the other planes and the other vehicles on the tarmac, like trucks with long ladders and those small cars that bring food and luggages in. Everything outside interests him. Workers in their neon vests, wheels, birds... And then when the plane takes off, he loves looking outside how the world we left behind becomes smaller and smaller and then he will point out to the roofs of the houses, the cars, the streets. Even the sky and the mountain tops interest him. What I look forward is him finally falling asleep :-)
Liked SilkAir's FB page. FB name: Ester Em. E-mail:
We just flew with SilkAir couple of weeks ago and same as always, we loved it! :-) We didn't get any toy kit though but I bought him a SilkAir model plane. Hope to win this toy kit to complete the amazing experience :-)

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