Oct 2, 2015

BANG! BANG! Here comes the NEW Nerf N-Strike Modulus Blaster!

Product Review

Daddy notes: I had long wanted to challenge the boys to craft a blog post entirely on their own and the perfect opportunity arose when the Nerf N-Strike Modulus Blaster landed on their laps. I will be the first to admit that the monkies have been incredibly blessed to be able to try out some many wonderful experiences throughout the years but more than that, I wanted them to know the hard work that goes behind each blog post I put up - and the many hours of sleep that I forgo too!

So for this post, both Ash and Ayd were responsible for every single thing; the typing of the text, the snapping, editing and uploading of the photos, layout of the post (including the use of the gaudy green text and fonts further down... but fine, I won't judge) as well as even knowing to include a listicle! Heh.

All I did was to teach them the process of editing and uploading the photos, and showing them how to create a new post. I also gave them a few tips on what points to include in the post. So I hope you will enjoy their maiden effort and if you can, leave them a comment to offer some encouragement! Thanks in advance! :)


We love our Nerf guns very much so when Hasbro Singapore surprised us with the new N-Strike Modulus Blaster, we were overjoyed! Woohoo!

The main pack consists of:

- 1 Blaster
- 1"10 dart" banana clip
- 1 dual rail barrel
- 1 view finder
- 1 handle
- 1 butt

The blaster is powered by batteries. The dual rail barrel makes the bullets go further while the view finder helps you to aim at people easily. The handle helps you to support the gun and the butt can hold an extra dart drum if you have one.

The amazing thing about the Nerf N-Strike Modulus Blaster is it has many removable parts to let us customize our blaster in more than 30 combinations with different upgrade kits!

We also had the Strike & Defend upgrade kit and Stealth OPS upgrade kit.

The Strike & Defend upgrade kit consists of:

- a blast shield
- a blaster shock
- 2 extra darts

The blast shield helps to defend ourselves from enemy darts. Our favourite part is the blaster shock which is a secret gun that can shoot a dart to surprise your enemies. Even our sister likes that too!

The Stealth OPS upgrade kit consists:

- a red dot sight
- a folding grip
- a proximity barrel

The red dot sight is better than the view finder. The folding grip enables us to stabilise the blaster so that our shot is more accurate. With the proximity barrel, you will not make any sound when shooting, surprising even more enemies!

This is how our awesome N-Strike Modulus Blaster looks like when the 2 upgrade kits are added.

There are more upgrades kits available, one other kit is the Long Range kit. Some items from the upgrade kits can be connected to other existing blasters too!


1. I can construct my own blaster that I like.

2. The upgrade kits can be joined with other Nerf blasters that I already own.

3. The Nerf modulus blaster is able to fire over a long range.

4. It is very convenient to bring it along to outdoors as I can dismantle the blaster into smaller pieces.

5. It fires bullets automatically, and rapidly.

We really like it because we can construct your own blasters. I mean, it's not like every day you get to see these kind of blasters that we can build, right? I felt really excited when I unboxed it.

Well, keep liking Nerf! I can't wait to find out if there will be more upgrade kits. After all, it's Nerf or Nothing! :)

Thanks for reading!!!

From: Ayd & Ash


Afterthoughts from the boys? They complained that their fingers were soooo tired after all the typing! Hopefully it won't be too long a wait for their next post! :)

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sengkangBabies said...

Well done, Ash and Ayd! When are you going to jio (challenge) Sengkangbabies hee hee :)

Cathryn Khoo said...

Good job Ash and Ayd. Well done for the effort. Do post more

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thank you, Uncle Andy! Yes, we will want to do battle with Sengkangbabies again! LOL - Ashton and Ayden

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Por Por, Thank you! :)

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