Apr 18, 2016

EverBlocks: Amazing Giant LEGO Bricks for Building Life-Sized Furniture + GIVEAWAY!

Product Review

Playing and building with LEGO bricks has certainly been a favourite hobby of the monkies. Because with LEGO, the magic usually happens when the instruction booklets are set aside and the monkies just let their imagination run wild. But many a time, they (and also I) wished that they could have a full-sized replica of their intricately-built LEGO creations.

Well, the dream is now real, thanks to EverBlock Systems.

Yes, these are essentially the giant LEGO blocks the monkies have been waiting for!

EverBlock Systems offers a modular building system of life-sized plastic blocks that facilitates the construction of all types of objects. It is quick and easy to build nearly anything, by stacking and organizing the universal blocks in nearly any shape, pattern, or size.

Simply put, the bricks allow you to create almost anything you could with LEGO bricks. And clearly, the monkies were could not wait to get started.

EverBlocks come in three sizes: Full (12 inches), half (six inches) and quarter (three inches). There are also 15 colours (including premium colours of silver and gold) to choose from and each block varies in weight, going from 220g for a quarter size to 950g for a full size.

Full size (12" x 6" x 6")
Half size (6" x 6" x 6")
Quarter size (3" x 6" x 6")
Each module is designed to connect easily with one another, using a pressure fit which creates a strong link between blocks. Because of its unique lug system, it is best to stagger the blocks instead of stacking them directly on top of one another to create a more stable structure. No tools are required to install or disassemble sections.

Oh, and see the holes that come with each EverBlock brick?

EverBlock's integrated 1/2" cable channel allows for the insertion of standard-sized metal bars, wood dowels or PVC rods to provide additional support and to anchor blocks to the ground.

And if you are looking for a smooth top surface to construct a table or countertop, the EverBlock Caps will cover the proturding connector lugs and create a smooth top surface.

When it comes to LEGO bricks, I think the monkies are pretty experienced. So with the various brick sizes and caps at their disposal, I left it entirely up to them when it comes to creating a fully functional furniture piece.

And this was what they had to show for their maiden effort.

A coffee table and a seater for one person! Not too bad, no?

The FUN part about EverBlock is the possibilities are really ENDLESS! Anything they had constructed can be taken apart and re-assembled again. Which explains why Ale had a reading chair to call her own.

But that did not last long either.

I have a mini table which I use when I am seated on the sofa and working on the laptop. But that table is wobbly and not in the best of condition. So the boys took it upon themselves to construct a laptop table out of the Everblock bricks - just for me!

Looks awesome enough for me.

Even Ayd loved using it when it comes to homework time.

And when the boys had their friends over and needed more seating space, voila - a bench was conjured up.

I think the monkies have found the perfect way to utilize the bench and table in tandem. Lol.

But even more amazing, the EverBlock blocks are so versatile and can easily be put together to create other types of furniture - room tables, coffee tables, bookshelves, computer desks, and even couches and chairs. The blocks also work for walls and partitions. Honestly, everything is only limited to your imagination! Just take a look at some of these creations.

And the best part? You can easily dismantle them to create another type of furniture if the need arises, or if you just wish to change the interior look of your home!

The blocks are made of Hi-Impact Polypropylene Co-Polymer with UV Inhibitors added (to prevent fading in sunlight) for outdoor use. This means they are both water and chemical resistant and can stand up to abuse. Yes, you can even use them to construct a staircase!

More importantly for families with kids, the material is non-absorbent, easily cleaned, and won't leach harmful chemicals. EverBlock is recyclable too.

As previously mentioned, the blocks come in three different sizes and 15 colors, including one rather interesting colour. Well, technically it is not a colour because the blocks are translucent. Being translucent, the blocks allow partial light to pass through them and if the monkies were not in love with the EverBlock bricks already, this was the clincher for them.

Remember that each block as holes through them? I made a trip down to Sim Lim Tower to purchase LED lighting strips and ran the strips through the holes. The result? A night light during bedtime for the monkies, complete with incredible lighting effects!

Or even a bench that lights up!

A video posted by Kelvin Ang (@cheekiemonkies) on

If you are pretty sold on the idea of using EverBlock bricks for your next furniture idea, let me share with you that there is another fantastic add-on that all parents (and kids) will love.

You can also purchase shelving and desktops in various sizes from the EverBlock System to create shelving units and other displays! The shelving pieces are made of powder-coated metal and comes with pre-cut holes. This allows the pieces to nest over the EverBlock connector lugs and facilitate easy and secure installation, all without tools.

24" shelving unit
Additional blocks may be placed on top of shelving to create multiple levels - it is entirely up to you!

Or if you prefer, combine the 2 shelving pieces to form a desktop for the kids!

Alternatively, there is also a one-piece desktop size which is similar to the size of the 2 pieces of shelving pieces available.

And with the mid-year examinations looming, I tasked the boys to create a study desk which will be able to accommodate the both of them. And this was what they came up with.

Much like an office cubicle! But it does serve the function well.

Ale wanted to be part of the study 'action' too so she constructed another study table with the leftover bricks!

I really love the versatility and flexibility of the EverBlock System! 

The main gripe with kids' furniture is kids tend to outgrow kids' furniture so quickly. But with the system, I can create furniture that is suited for my kids, even more so when it comes to writing desks' heights. As they grow older, I can add in more bricks to make the desks higher... or even dismantle them and construct something entirely different, to match their growing up needs.

And even better, I can involve the monkies in designing their next furniture as they truly enjoy the process! So while the normal LEGOs are great for playing, building full-sized furniture out of the EverBlock bricks are so much more fun and satisfying.

Ready to build a life-sized LEGO-like structure, but if you are not sure of how many EverBlocks you need, you can build it online first using the EverBlock Virtual 3D builder. It then tells you how many EverBlocks and in what colors you need for your design.

And once you are ready to buy?

True to its tagline 'Always Something New', Aunix International Pte Ltd is the EXCLUSIVE Distributor of the EverBlock Systems in Singapore and Malaysia. Prices for the bricks are as follow:

Full Block - S$16.70 (S$17.10 for Silver & Gold colours)
Half Block - S$12.10 (S$12.50 for Silver & Gold colours)
Quarter Block - S$9.10 (S$9.50 for Silver & Gold colours)
Finishing Cap - S$9.10 (S$9.50 for Silver & Gold colours)
Shelving Unit (24") - S$103.00

As a gauge, the computer table used 12 full bricks and 6 finish caps (total cost of S$255) while the L-shaped desk used 16 full bricks, 4 finish caps and 2 shelving units (total cost of S$509.60). 

Admittedly, at that price, you might not be saving a ton of dough by building your own big block sofa, shelf or study desk, But you will be able to re-create new pieces of furniture as the kids get older, ensuring a longer life span for the bricks.

Not to mention that everyone in the family will have great fun designing or building the next furniture pieces... and it will look way cooler (and unique) than that boring piece from the furniture store!


Congratulations to SERENE CHEN-LIMYou have won a set of EverBlock bricks! The set consists of 12 Full Bricks, 6 Half Bricks and 4 Finishing Caps and is worth a total of $310.

Please email me at kelvin@cheekiemonkie.net for your prize redemption details by 5 May 2016. Thanks!

Also, a huge thanks to everyone who have participated. More awesome giveaways are coming up in the month of May so stay tuned! :)

Want a few bricks to get started? Thanks to Aunix International Pte Ltd, I have a set of EverBlock bricks to give away to ONE lucky family! The set consists of 12 Full Bricks, 6 Half Bricks and 4 Finishing Caps and is worth a total of $310! The set is enough to construct a mini table or chair.

For a chance to win, all you have to do is do the following:

Tell us ONE FEATURE of EverBlock Systems that you love!
Leave your comment either in the comment section of this blog post OR on our Cheekiemonkies' Facebook corresponding post HERE.

*Self-collection of prize at Aunix International Pte Ltd's office.

SHARE this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook for a bonus chance! Remember to set your profile to public so that I can see the shared post.

Giveaway ends on 27 April 2016, 2359 hours.

Good Luck! :)

Useful Information

Aunix International Pte Ltd
Exclusive Distributor of EverBlock in Singapore & Malaysia
160 Paya Lebar Rd.
Orion Industrial Bldg. #03-09
Singapore 409022
Tel: +65 6900 9608
Email: marketing@aunixintl.com
Website: www.aunixintl.com/#!ever-blocks-system/qtlha

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Anonymous said...

My boy is a Lego fan. He sure will be amazed by this mega blocks. He can create his own furniture by using this Mega block. I hope to win this for him. Thanks for the giveaways.

Jean Ling said...

I love to have a small working desk for me so I can put my iPad/laptop while siting on the sofa! The
Working desk an be shared and lowered down to use for my daughter as a Art desk or even lowered till the height we all sit on the floor as small coffee desk for family chatting time at night! It's multi tasking desk!

Tweentyhan said...

I like the colour of the bricks. It is bright and lovely.
I'm a colour person so it can definitely motivate me to work harder and it can liven up the room.😊

Elaine Lim said...

I love the versatile & flexibility of EverBlock blocks, it can easily be put together to create other types of furniture as mentioned in your post. This allows the children to use their own creativity to create "furniture" of their own!.. LOVE it!

Thanks for the giveaway and hope to win thsi for my 2 lil girls :)

Unknown said...

The colors and building & rebuilding will help to enhance creativity and brain cells.

Thanks for this giveaway, Kelvin. My two girls will love them.

Joyce Chin said...

I love the Colourful , Stackable and easy to Clean for the kids to use in various ages. It will definitely attract the kids to be good to sit down there to do their work without moving around. And now it's good as they are still young so we have to start them young to read and do their work on table.
Plus they can play with the Blocks.

Karen said...

Love the colours and endless possibilities out of it! Definitely brightens the home.

Andy Ong said...

I love that my kids can find endless possibilities to create what they like! Can be a chair, desk or even creating a model of Changi Airport Tower!

Unknown said...

I love the endless possibilities that the blocks can be build into depending on the creativity of the users. A chair, a table, a wall or even a staircase is just some of the possibilities.

Crystal tan said...

Love the creativity to design and build colourful furniture.

Unknown said...

I love EverBlock blocks are so versatile and can easily be put together to create other types of furniture - room tables, coffee tables, bookshelves, computer desks, and even couches and chairs. Great Product!

Chen liping said...

I love EverBlock giant lego its safe its fun its easy to build for my little princess to have fun and learn in shape ,pattern and size ~
Thanks kelvin love the awesome giveaway ~

andthebearssay said...

I love how the kids can put their creativity into good use and the fact that it is space saving in our small flat where the kids are able to transform to what they need at that point of time be it a table for worksheets or to a grocery stall for pretend play. When not in use the blocks can be just stacked and placed aside. Convenient!

chinky said...

I love versatility of this toy. The kids are gonna love this as it is like a Lego came alive thing. Would love to win this for my 2 kiddos.

Sweet Butterfly said...

I love the versatility and flexibility of Everblocks!
Living in a small 2 room rental flat means not much space to cater to my 3 young growing girls. As they grow up, they will need a play and study table, additional chairs or sofa/bench to cater to their needs. To add 1 of each for them will mean that we gotta sacrifice precious floor space.

With Everblocks, we only need 1 and we can change it from a table to a sofa or a bench anytime.

Plus, I believe it will be so convenient to bring them Everblocks along when we move to our new BTO next year. We can just stack them up in a nice solid shape as compared to individual furnitures. And we can then decide again what furniture can it be.

The best part, the kids can build the furnitures themselves! Its play + furniture! Best of both world! Happy children = Happy parents!

Unknown said...

My daughter loves to build with Lego and this will be an awesome gift for her!! She can build whatever she likes with it and can have different furnitures each time

Unknown said...

Simply love the colour of the lego. My girl will definitely have fun building it for her bedroom. A good choice as study table or play table when we have playdate.

Wenli said...

I love that it is so versatile and it's really lego come alive. I can imagine my boys' delightful faces if they ever lay their hands on these!

Evette Looi said...

This is way too cool! We have seen this before at LEGO shops and thought of getting them for my boys room cos they are really into these bricks. With Everblocks system, their little dream is so gonna come true. Love love love how we can build and design them according to our preference, the boys are so good at building bricks, I am sure they will love to create their own masterpiece with Everblocks. Hope we are the lucky winner for this cos we definitely gonna buy more!

Carousel7 said...

Love the fact that Everblocks is modular and flexible. Furniture will now be so much more appealing and exciting for my 2 kids. It helps that this can be dismantled and rebuilt according to the needs of the family which changes at every phase in life!

ever-flexible, ever-versatile, ever-ready,

never redundant!

Rosalind ang said...

Love all things lego and this will complement my 6yr old's lego collection.

Jingxian said...

I like it that you can build your lego creations in life size. Even adults will enjoy building for home decorations.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Traces Of Life Moments said...

The colourful Legos represent Autism too! My 5 yr old is mild autistic and she loves colours! She doesnt have a table for her to do work n crafts. Hope to win this for her!! She will definitely be thrilled!!

lafollealy said...

My brother has been a LEGO fan since he was a kid. This would be a great gift for him to not only indulge in his passion for LEGO but to also make something useful of it! Perfect for the adults who still have overgrown kids in them!

Carol Mei Mei said...

I love how it is a modular system alike the very kid-friendly and popular Lego bricks. So the design can be flexible and very fun!

Robert Sim said...

The translucent blocks which allows LED light strips through their holes will be such a hit with my children.

Robert Sim

Anonymous said...

We love Legos! I love that the blocks are versatile and we can restructure the blocks to create furniture suitable for our kids are they grow older.


QN said...

My family are LEGO fans who love the flexibility of this EVERBLOCK system!

It would fit in nicely in our LEGO-themed study, which currently has LEGO wall decals, LEGO photoframes, displays of LEGO figurines, chests of LEGO bricks for quick accessibility...

Please help complete our dream!

Thank you. :)

Kong meifong said...

I love the versatility , flexibility and endless possibilities of the EVERBLOCK system . Kids always love to have their own cosy corner ( No adults allowed corner ) where they will use pillows , chairs or anything they can find to 'build'a house. Now with EVERBLOCK ,I'm sure they will have endless fun building and my household stuffs will be spared too . And I have 3 kids . Hope to win this as these are definitely better than gadgets

zespies said...

My kids love to play with LEGO.Everblock's versatility and flexibility let the kids enjoy and have fun while creating their piece.

Lynnette said...

I love that it can be dismantled and new creations can be made over and over! Great giveaway!

Mandy Chee said...

I really love the versatility and flexibility of the EverBlock System! Hope to win <(^,^)>

Momof2 said...

I love the office cubicle style! I have 2 children and its just perfect for them! No fighting over one table because there are 2 tables for them.

jaymf said...

This is a great idea to empower and nurture children's creativity!! ALso work on their large muscles fixing those blocks... what an innovation!!

Rachel said...

I love the Colors, the endless creativity that my children can come out with. My older Son loves playing with Lego,spending few hours on it. This is too cool to be missed.

Anonymous said...

My boys love Lego block so much. It is a great activity not only as a family bonding but let them think out of the box, let their creativity flow through play. I'm sure they will love to have it and treasure it very much. Hope can be the lucky one. Thanks for lovely giveaway.

Name : Tan Keith

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention I love the colour of the lego, that will brighten my house.

Name : Tan Keith

Jin said...

Versatility means we r no longer stucked with boring furniture!

Edna C said...

Our family loves LEGO. I like the EverBlock blocks' versatility - to be able to construct whatever we want and whenever we want it.

Jen said...

Love the versatility and most important, my gals love Lego! We have a customised table for them to play their Lego on. They will be thrilled if they win this! Will be a great surprise gift as both their birthdays falls in April! Thanks for the giveaway!

Facebook name: Jenny Ting

J said...

I love the versatility of this EverBlock System as it saves me the headache of furnishing my baby's nursery to make it fun, safe, practical, creative and colorful!

Unknown said...

My kids love lego & they can spend endless time to build their fav lego. They will be thrilled to know these mega lego (Everblock) can made into all kinds of table & chairs for them to sit on!

Jolene Ge said...

My boy and me LOVES to play Legos together. He even write that he wants to be a lego builder when he grows up. If he knew that Legos can be made I to furniture, I believe he would ask for his whole room to be in Legos. Would love the chance to try out these blocks and see how my boy's creativity flows in creating in his one of a kind furniture. Cool!

Unknown said...

I love the versatility of the blocks, and it gives me the flexibility in recreating new furniture at home!

Unknown said...

I read that playing with blocks boost creativity, making them inventive and experimental about things that's why I always invest with blocks for my 2 kids. I would really love to win this set of life size bricks because honestly, they are beyond my budget to buy yet I would really love to have it for my kids whom Im sure they will love it since they already have the Duplo and Lego. This will be a great addition to the existing blocks. Please let me win!

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