Jan 8, 2017

A Kid-themed Staycation at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

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Parents around the world all know this: You can’t really, truly relax until you know your kids are safe, happy, and occupied. More so during a staycation, when all parents want to do is to get away from the hectic life momentarily and yet not having to fret over having to keep the little ones satisfied.

More hotels and resorts are definitely getting it, which are making it their business to cater to guests of all ages... with plenty of kid-friendly amenities and special spaces to entice families. And one doesn't get any kid-friendlier with kid-themed hotel rooms AND colourful themed bedding to brighten up a staycation!

To celebrate the festive season - that's Christmas & Chinese New Year - Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre is currently offering the Very Important Kids (VIK) Club for a limited time from now until 29 Jan 2017, which features special room set-ups for the little ones, welcome packs and a host of other kid-friendly amenities.

There are 2 packages available - BOOMi and Ocean themes. The latter features ocean-themed bedding while the former has the adorable BOOMi Bear plastered all over the room.

Nothing like brightly-colored bedding to endear the monkies to a hotel room!

Colourful bedding aside, Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre has the reputation as one of the most centrally-located mid-range hotels in Singapore. Located just behind Centrepoint, it is within walking distance to the entire Orchard Road stretch.

We were upgraded to the Junior Suite, and had 2 extra single beds in the room. But if you have 2 or 3 kids,  the Premier Room will suffice because did you know that Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre is one of the few hotels in Singapore that offer TWO double beds under the twin category? For a family of 4 or 5, there isn't any need to book 2 separate hotel rooms for that one staycation!

Of course, all BOOMi staycation packages come complete with kid-sized BOOMi-themed bathrobes and bedroom slippers too.

Upon check-in, all young guests are also gifted a BOOMi welcome pack which consists of a BOOMi sling bag, luggage tag, stickers and activity book.

Guess who is the one smitten with the welcome pack?

Guests who book the Ocean-themed package will receive the VIK Welcome pack which contains a sling bag, cap, toothbrush set and water bottle.

But whichever package you choose, all kids will receive this VIK Club Explorer's Guide.

The pamphlet lists down 5 tasks that kids must complete during the staycation so as to obtain a small prize during check-out time.

Tasks include finishing one's breakfast to earn a stamp, and also giving the front desk staff a Hi-5!

One of the more unique tasks involve getting kids to take a selfie with the concierge staff, which the monkies duly completed.

Proof of their selfie. Heh.

And in return for their efforts, they were each rewarded with a Holiday Inn Singapore collar pin.

Nothing too fanciful, but it sure made the monkies' day... since no kid will be able to resist completing tasks and collecting stamps, no?

I have to say the Explorer's Guide is pretty refreshing and another equally unique feature of a staycation at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre is tablets are provided for the kids upon check-in as well.

Rather than the usual XBOX or Wii game consoles in the room, Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre gives the option of loaning the tablets to younger kids free of charge. And the good thing is the tablet ONLY comes loaded with educational games from TOCA BOCA... and nothing else.

Ale is a huge fan of TOCA BOCA games, so it is not difficult to imagine how happy she was.

Even more surprising, the boys enjoyed the games too!

On every staycation, the first thing the monkies want to know is, does it have a pool??? Yes, this hotel has a great pool area located on the roof. There is also a toddlers pool for younger kids and a jacuzzi tub for those that like to soak and chill.

Buffet breakfast is available on the 2nd floor in Window on the Park, and the buffet spread had a good variety of breakfast items ranging from Western, Indian to local dishes.

The restaurant even stocks up on mini board games, books and other activities to keep the kids occupied during meal times. Something that I know that parents will highly nod in approval!

And since we stayed over the Christmas period, the hotel also organised kid activities for the little VIPs in one of its function rooms.

The monkies tried their hand at dressing up their own Gingerbread Man... and devouring it soon after.

Oh, and did I mention that all kids get a welcome drink as well?

This must count as the first time that parents do not get a drink, so I just had to make do with the potato chips. Sob.

With kids staying AND eating for FREE at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre, it's no wonder that the monkies thoroughly enjoyed our short stay.

Personally, the hotel exceeded my expectations by offering a few features of what you might find in more upmarket properties. The rooms are spacious and comfortable while the hotel is not only kid-friendly but kid-preferred, judging from the monkies' happy faces.


Thanks to Holiday Inn, I have a Very Important Kids Staycation Package to give away to one lucky family!

The package includes a 2D1N Weekend Staycation in a Double Beds Premier Room.

To participate, simply complete the following:

1. LIKE Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre's Facebook Page HERE.

2. COMMENT and tell us why you would like to win the Kids Package, and which theme, the BOOMi theme or Ocean theme, you prefer. Leave your comment either in the corresponding Facebook post HERE or in this blog post.

Note: You have to complete both steps to qualify.

SHARE this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook for a BONUS chance! Remember to set your profile to public so that I can see the shared post.

Giveaway ends on 11 Jan 2017 and the winner will be announced on 12 Jan 2017.

Congratulations to CAROL NEO! You have won a 2D1N Weekend Staycation in a Double Beds Premier Room at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre!

Please email me at kelvin@cheekiemonkie.net ASAP for prize collection details. Thanks!

Terms & Conditions:
- Staycation redemption is valid til 29 January 2017
- Maximum of 2 Adults and 2 Kids
- Valid for stay on Friday, Saturday or Sunday night only
- Prize voucher is non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash
- Room is subject to availability
- Prior reservation is required. Call +65 6733 8333 for reservations and enquiries
*Winner(s) will be contacted via private message for their contact and prize redemption details.

Useful Information

Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre
11 Cavenagh Rd, Singapore 229616
Room Rates: From $188++ per Premier Double Bed Room
Tel: 6733 8333

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CL Doreen Tan said...

Liked and Shared

We would love the Ocean theme.
Simply Hope to win for the family to have a #staycation and unwind and relax .

Thank You #CheekieMonkies and #HolidayInn for the #Giveaway

CL Doreen Tan said...

Liked Cheekiemonkies and Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre and Shared

We would love the Ocean theme.
Simply Hope to win for the family to have a #staycation and unwind and relax .

Thank You #CheekieMonkies and #HolidayInnSingaporeOrchardCityCentre for the #Giveaway

nutcase said...

I would love to win the Kids Package BOOMi theme as my boy had been harping on taking a bus or taxi to the hotel (after our Malacca trip) and since we can't go for a trip as big sister is in Primary 2, the next best thing would be a staycation to let the 2 young ones relax and check into a real hotel.
Of course, with the kids well-occupied in Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre's kids-friendly facilities, parents would be able to take a well-deserved rest too!

Unknown said...

The kids Would ❤️ to have this stay vacation as they enjoy Swimming n relaxing...

Keiko Chio

Unknown said...

Boom theme is nice since the kids ❤️ bears

Jean Ling said...

I would love to win the OCEAN theme for my girl. She spent most of her times during Dec school holiday in student cafe and I hope this staycation comes in a surprise for her. This might be a good chance for us to celebration my bday in Jan too!
Wish me luck!

joy said...

I would like to win the Ocean theme package. It would be really nice to have a little staycation over the Chinese New Year break. We hope to have a much needed family time as we just welcomed our baby #2 in December. My older boy, 2.5yo would love to be swimming and jumping around in the lovely comfortable room and all the amenities that Holiday Inn SG offers.

Melody said...

Liked and shared!

Would like to win this stayacation to reward my gal for being a good gal.Would like to enjoy holiday inn hotel's splendid service and great facilities too!

Unknown said...

My 2 girls take to the water like fishes do.So the ocean theme will give the family a splashing whale of a time.

Unknown said...

Really hope to win this so my workaholic Husband can take his mind off work and spend some wholesome time together with our 2 little princesses.

Priya Reddy said...

I would love to give this give away for my son because i only want the best for him and felt it would be a good opportunity to know him that i love him and to spend some quality time with him in the year of the Rooster.

Priya Reddy said...

I would love to win the ocean theme as both of us..myself and my boy love the ocean..

Anonymous said...

love the ocean theme.

want to gv my daughter surprise coz she just started pri 1 this year.

Fb : Grace Ng
email : nctgrace@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

I would like to win Boomi theme package. 25 Jan is my 13th wedding anniversary and also my daughter received Edusave award for her hard work 2016. I would like to celebrate anniversary as a family and also reward my girl for her effort.
Hope to win. Thank you! ( Jean Goh )

Anonymous said...

Boomi for us please. 2016 has been a very challenging year for mummy with lots of pressure and unhappiness at work. It would be a good opportunity to escape all unhappiness and enjoy a day of family warmth and joy before getting back to reality in 2017!

A Wife said...

It will be lovely treat to win and enjoy the staycation during the CNY long weekend.

Would love the Ocean themed room.

velma teng said...

It will be lovely treat to win and enjoy the staycation during the CNY long weekend.

Would love the Ocean themed room.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year @ Cheekiemonkies Thank you for the opportunity to win the staycation at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre.
As a SAHM, besides taking care of my family's needs and preparing my family members favourite dishes. Winning this staycation for my family will be a pleasant surprise gift from me for my family, both to my hubby (as it will be free staycation!!!) and my duo (to have maiden experience of an Ocean themed staycation). And did I mention..it will also a great retail therapy time for me as Holiday Inn is right in the center of shopping paradise of Singapore. πŸ˜‰ Thank you once again.

Adeline Tan hx said...

I hope to win Ocean theme as my kids and I love the ocean, marine creatures so it will be an awesome stayacation, enjoying the facilities and the stayacation. Spending great quality time together, fantastic family bonding.

khohuihui said...

A Boomi Theme for my Family, My Son is preparing for his PSLE this year. Would like to motivate and encourage him to do well in the Exam. Thanks for the giveaway.

ZUANYAN said...

Hope to win the Ocean theme room staycation to celebrate my younger boy's birthday which falls on the first day of cny this year! Because it'scny, so we aren't planning any big celebrations for his 4th birthday this month. My boys will be elated if we are going for staycation.
thanks for the giveaway :)

witchz said...

Liked and shared!!

Would love to win the Ocean Themed staycation as my boy is a huge fan of finding dory!

We are also expecting our #2 in Feb and this staycation will come just in time to enjoy some time off the hustle bustle before the grand arrival!

Thank you again for the giveaway!!

Mummy Lene said...

Truly hope I can win this vacation package for my family.

Due to time and financial constraints, we were not able to go on any holiday trips either overseas or local staycations. Daddy's super stressed up at work and had barely even spent any time with the kids for a long time now. Both boys are thrown in full day child care & afterschool care for the entire year end holiday! As a mother and wife, I feel for them terribly and can only wish for some miracles to happen so that we can all spend some good family time together again soon!

If this miracle of a splendid staycation really do fall upon us, then we'd be overjoyed to spend the time in an Ocean themed room!

But whatever the end results may be, we thank you for the opportunity to get a chance to receive the giveaway.

Happy 2017 to all!

Vincent said...

i would like to win because i am now a daddy and i love a room that is kids friendly

Mabel said...

Would love the Boomi theme for our little family of three to spend time togerther before the arrival of the 4th family member :)

kelz said...

Boom please! A chance to let my girls to enjoy and relax. Especially my little one who is still adjusting to Primary School life ;)

VainPot♥ said...

I will very much love to being my step-son to the boomi theme hotel staycation. My son had been having a rather rough and tough time going through all the court stuff (i.e. Mcys assessments etc.) with his parents (divorced). Being his caregiver, it hurts to see him all confused and hurt throughout this (ongoing) long process. It will be great if his dad and I can bring him to this staycation to relax and put all our minds to rest, no court assessments, no lawyer calls, just us, spending some awesome time together... I hope we will be the lucky one!

Unknown said...

My toddler will totally adore this full-filled staycation!

Thanks for the good write-up and for this giveaway! :)

Unknown said...

I love the ocean theme hotel staycation. My kids are very excited about this staycation, and we look forward to have a swim there. My son aged 9, and girl aged 7 , are very good and obedient last year. So I intend to reward them for this staycation. Hope to be the lucky winner.

melateez said...

WowπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜!! What a fabulous 'holiday inn' Holiday Inn! Love the cute, comfy room, the lovely swimming pool, the welcome pack & all the cool activites! This is what you call a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Staycation!! I must say not only my kids, we the 'big kids' 😜 Will definately enjoy a 'holiday-inn' Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre! Can already imagine ourselves 'holiday-inn' Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre lovely Ocean theme room 🐠🐳🦈🐟🐬

Mommy Mommy said...

Ocean theme will be awesome. We just spotted whales while in Australia last month. The kids are still in awe over ocean life! Oh, did I mention it's the husband birthday in Feb too? It will be a bonus to win this for his birthday.

Unknown said...

I wish to win for my family of 4. Is time to enjoy our family time with 2 daughter's as we are so busy hope to win this and i can have a reasons to take a break enjoy with kids.

valyuki said...

I would like to win the Kids Package for my kids as the past 6 months, it was rather a difficult time for us with various serious issues within the family so no holiday or staycation for the kids during the school holidays last year. Hope to win the BOOMI theme for them.

Jkids said...

Liked and shared.
Hope to win the Ocean Theme Staycation at Holiday Inn for my kids so they can experience a different kind of family time.

Thanks for the family-friendly giveaway.

Fb acct: Joycelyn Cold

Travelwithme said...

I would like to win a Ocean Theme hotel staycation. I hope to win for my elder girl whom have studying very hard even during her last December holiday. This year is a important year for her as she will go through her PSLE as every other kids. But she tends to give herself high expectation even though we encourage her, as long as she try best it would be good enough for us parents. Hopefully if I won this, she can at least temporary enjoy and relax herself in this staycation without thinking about exams. Plus, my little boy hit his new milestone as he had just enter his Primary school life. If we win this, I think my two monkeys definitely will be very happy as they love to stay in hotel.

Joyce Chin said...

Will love the Ocean Theme that my kids love the marine animals in the blue sea which never fails to delight them!!
This is certainly a very pampering stay that I hope to be able to allow them to feel holistic service catering to them with all the amenities cater just for them which is really a VIP Kids!!
Fb: Tan Bee Chin Joyce
Hope my cheekie dinosaurs can enjoy it to their fullest!!

Gal said...

Definitely Boomi Theme ! My boys would be thrilled! I would be thrilled!
I am excited reading the review and pictures in cheekiemonkies site for Holiday Inn.

Thanks for the giveaway!!

Mui Muar said...

Liked and shared.

Hope to win the BOOMi theme staycation so as to have Double Happiness to celebrate my girl's birthday, as well as Valentine's Day in advance :)

Shirlene Ng said...

I would love to win the ocean theme room for my daughter. We are unable to bring her overseas for vacation for the past 3 years due to daddy busy work schedule. I hope that I can win this hotel stay to surprise her and reward her. Although she would love to travel overseas if we can but she is just as contented if she gets to go for staycation.

Raynie wang said...

I would like to win this staycation boomi theme! My son has fractured his hand and will be removing his cast finally tomorrow after two months! Hope we can win this staycation and bring him favourite swimming. My Facebook Id raynie wang liked and shared!

Unknown said...

Would definitely love to win the Ocean theme kids package as the kiddies love the ocean and especially the Sea Aquarium! Hoping to win as the kiddies have been very well behaved the past year and definitely do deserve a good treat at such an amazing hotel!!

My FB is Andy Neo

Unknown said...

Been to Holiday Inn 2 years back for my friend's hens night. Was very impressed with the room and service. This time round hope to win the ocean theme room for my 2 boys to have done fun and family bonding.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the giveaway contest. Hope to win the BOOMi theme staycation as it is always difficult to arrange a holiday with 2 teenage and 2 younger kids due to their daddy's work commitments (as we can't book advance and so during school holidays the cost is usually more expensive so we have to give up the idea of travelling😒 ) so if we can win this staycation it will be a happy 2017 for usπŸ˜„
Liked and shared 😊

Anonymous said...

Would love for the boomi theme with the kids as a fun staycation n babymoon before the 4th one arrives and mayhem ensues....!


Unknown said...

We hope to win for our 2 children a staycation in a BOOMi theme at Holiday Inn. This will be a great advance birthday surprise for their upcoming birthdays in February. 😊

Yvonne said...

This sounds fabulous! We had a new addition to the family in September last year and this will be a perfect staycation for our family of 5 (2 kids and one new born) to spend quality time together!
Love the boomi theme room!

Sheryl said...

We like the Boomi theme, looking forward to something that may help to keep our extremely energetic kids occupied. :)

Anonymous said...

✔Liked Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City centre
✔Liked and shared post
FB: Seline Tan
I would like to win the Boomi theme as the room look so bright and cheerful just like my kids who bring me so much joy! Hope to win these for them as they are the best presents I ever have and I did not know that I can be so happy after being a mum!

Thanks Cheekiemonkies and Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City centre for this generous giveaway!

Susan said...

Liked, shared and commented. I would like to win this giveaway as we hardly got to spend time with my daughter during the December school holidays as she was staying at her grandparents place. Hoping that I can win this so that we can go for a staycation before school gets busy for her.

Anonymous said...

I would like to win the Ocean theme as my kids like blue and they are very fascinated by the deep ocean! Hope to win these for them as I'm proud of them not because they are good in their academic but they know how to care for others and help those who are in need. Character is much more important than academic results.
πŸ‘Liked Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City centre
πŸ‘Liked and shared post
Thanks Cheekiemonkies and Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City centre for this awesome giveaway!
FB: Kelvin Chow

Unknown said...

I would like to win this giveaway as I have never bring my girls for a staycation before as hubby think is a waste of money. He prefers to go oversea. Hence would like to take this opportunity to prove him wrong and show him that a family staycation can be meaningful and fun. I would like to choose the ocean theme as my girls love the ocean and they wish to be mermaids, living in the ocean. Thank you.

Reg said...

It's always nice to do something different as a family and this sounds perfect because of the awesome theme!

christine said...

I would prefer the ocean theme as my boys like to see fish & sea.
Besides, blue is their favorite color and they will love it!
As both of my kids are young & we have never travel for 5years since I was pregnant with my first childz
We hope to win the 2D1N staycation.

We would like to take this opportunity to recharge ourselves and welcome a prosperiou 2017 year ahead!!

Unknown said...

Awesome giveaway!! Hope to win this so I can bring my family there!

Caiwei said...

We would prefer Ocean theme, as our kids love to see fishes. Our kids have not staycation before, and this will be the First Great one experience to enjoy with, if we win this lucky chance.!

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