May 2, 2017

Telunas Private Island Revisted: What Has Remained the Same and Changed

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Two years ago, we first stepped on the beautiful private island that Telunas Resorts is home to and we have been yearning to go back ever since. Because with private villas built over stunning turquoise waters, who wouldn't want to?

If you have not read my previous two articles on Telunas Resorts - Introduction and 20 Fun Activities to do - go on and click on the links to read them first. I'll be here waiting.

Done? Good.

Telunas Resorts consists of 2 accommodation types - Telunas Beach and Telunas Private Island - both of which are a 5-minute boat ride away from one another. Telunas Beach Resort on Sugi Island offers the more economical option, with three choices of rooms set on stilts over the sea.

But if you are seeking a private island escapade. then Telunas Private Island offers just that little bit extra of paradise, something that all of us were excited to experience all over again.

Getting to Telunas takes a fair bit of travelling though - approximately 2.5 hours by sea. We started with a 1-hour ferry ride from Harbourfront to Sekupang in Batam, and followed up with an another 1.5-hour journey from the local pier at Sekupang to Telunas Resorts via a wooden long boat.

But trust me when I say that the journey will all be worth it.

In terms of when to go, the clearest waters occur between November and April, but May through October usually bring less rain. So no matter what time of year you decide to visit, there is always an upside!

Telunas Private Island offers 15 beautiful over-water sea villas that can accommodate couples and families. And for the monkies, staying in one of them certainly ranks as one of their fave moments of our 2-night getaway.

In fact, there are a lot of things about Telunas Private Island that has remained the same since our visit two years ago - things that all of us love and miss.


The stunning sea villas

Each sea villa includes a sitting room, private balcony, king size bed, and a children’s loft that can sleep up to 3 kids.

Furnished with upcycled wooden furniture, the villas are spacious and beautifully decorated. A hot and cold water dispenser is provided in each room as well, which negates the need for plastic bottles.

The main advantage of staying in a sea villa is the presence of a private balcony which offers a breathtaking unblocked view of the sea.

And since the villas are over the water, there is no need for air-conditioning. The lack of air conditioning is made up for by the constant sea breeze (and a powerful ceiling fan!) and even for this repeat stay, I STILL had to snuggle beneath the blanket come bedtime!

The sheer number of activities for families

Part of Telunas Private Island's appeal is there is no lack of activities to keep everyone occupied. In fact, there was so much stuff for the monkies to do that we hardly had time to chillax in our villa. But I guess that is a good problem to have because it is always great to spend time outdoors, no?

There will be at least one main activity that will be organised for guests every day, from visiting a nearby village to jungle trekking and river kayaking. In addition, activities are planned for the kiddos but more on that later.

Dipping in the sea

Enough said.

Splashing in the infinity pool

After a day at the beach, the freshwater infinity pool at Telunas Private Island was just the perfect complement for us to enjoy some swimming or lounge blissfully by the water's edge.

Kayaking & Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Kayaks and Paddle Boards available for rent at Telunas Private Island, and they are free to use for all Private Island guests!

The gorgeous sunrise and sunset views

One of the beautiful sights - or make that two - that Telunas Resorts did NOT create is the spectacular sunsets and sunrises. The monkies made it a point to wake up early to catch the sunrise from our balcony, while sunset views are best caught from the beach front.

Lazing by the beach

If you love to just do absolutely nothing by the beach, head over to the one at Telunas Beach Resort where the waves are gentles, the sand is smoother and the seabed is free of rocks and corals. Telunas Beach Resort is directly opposite Telunas Private Island and is a short 5-minute boat ride away. There are free shuttle boat services plying between the two resorts daily.

Fishing from our private balcony

Ah yes, the one activity that the boys have been looking forward to ever since they knew we were visiting Telunas once more. This was traditional fishing at its rustic best with only a spool of fishing line and hook, and the boys showed that they still had it in them by catching more than 10 fishes during our stay!

Which brings me to my next point.


On certain nights, resort staff will light up a huge camp fire near the beach. Resort guests will be able to huddle around and more importantly, roast marshmallows!

This time around, the monkies upped the ante by bringing along the fishes that they caught and barbecued them right over the fire! Definitely a first for them.

Jumping off the dock

Launching oneself into the open sea from the dock at Telunas Private Island is apparently the boys' fave activity of the lot.

And frankly, I stopped counting after they hit the water ten times.

Yes, these are most definitely not your usual jump shots. Who knew that jumping off the dock can be so so so addictive?

The yummy food

Staying at Telunas Private Island come with full board meals, with dishes written on a chalkboard daily. Breakfast offered usually the same choices every day, there is usually only one choice for lunch while we could pick from local or Western dishes for our main course come dinner time.

For kids, there is also the Kids Menu to choose from which comes with the usual suspects - Fish & Chips, Chick & Chips, Spaghetti with either tomato or cream sauces.

It would have been perfectly fine if Telunas Private Island remained the same as our first visit but no, it had to go add on new activities and stuff to make our visit more memorable... and in the process, ensure that we will miss it even more by the time we leave.


A new bar

A new bar area which serves cocktails and mocktails has been set up under the main building, and it makes for a fantastic way to chill the afternoon away minus the kids.

Kampung Kids

And this is the reason why parents will be able to enjoy sipping their cocktails at the bar.

Parents will be able to drop off the kids at this newly set up Kids Club where the little ones will be kept occupied with plenty of activities. There are toys and arts & craft sessions but probably the best part about it is the fact that it is deliberately kept rustic, which is in line with the resort's theme.

More than half of the area is filled with sand and kids are encouraged to play freely under the watchful eyes of the facilitators. And yes, it is free for all guests' kids.

But joining in the Kids Club does not mean being confined to the four walls. In fact, many of its activities take place outside, like creating a beautiful bottle made up of colourful sand.

We parents even had the opportunity to join in during one of its activities, where we went hermit crab hunting... in the dark, no less!

Armed with torchlights and buckets, we were brought to a section of the beach by the facilitators where there were hermit crabs galore!

And this was our loot for the day. Not shabby at all, eh?

Personalized Massages

For an additional charge, guests can also take the opportunity to release stress and muscle tensions in the privacy of their own sea villas through various pampering massage options.

More food options

During our previous visit, lunch time only consists of one main course and dessert. This time around, a modest salad bar has been added for lunch sessions. For breakfast, on top of the mini buffet spread of cereals, juices, yoghurt, fruits and pastries that we had last time, an egg station and buffet selection of pancakes and hashbrowns are included as well.

For all the new things that have been added to Telunas Private Island, one thing has NOT changed.

There is NO air-conditioning, or TV or even WiFi.

But guess what, the monkies still declare the resort as one of the best resorts that they have ever stayed... and they would head back once again in a heartbeat.

Ditto for me.

Because if there is one thing that I learnt during our time at Telunas Private Island, it is taking time to find joy in nature’s simple treasures can be equally enriching.

Useful Information

Telunas Resorts
Desa Mentangun
Moro Kepulauan Riau (Riau Islands)
Phone: +62 811 7710951
Skype: telunas.resorts

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