Jan 4, 2020

Sembawang Hot Spring Park reopens with free Footbath pools & it's Beautiful!

Remember the old Sembawang Hot Spring off Gambas Avenue? It has re-opended today with new cascading hot spring pools, a hot spring water collection point, educational panels, a F&B outlet and even enhanced accessibility for wheelchair users!

And from the looks of it, it is beautiful!

This is Singapore’s only natural hot spring and its water used to be bottled commercially by Fraser and Neave, under the brand name of Seletaris. The spring water is popular for its purported curative properties, and so, some parents bring their kids who have skin conditions such as eczema, to bathe there every week.

I'm not too sure about that but I what I do know is the 1.1 hectare Sembawang Hot Spring Park has that kampung-like environment which Nparks has tapped on and retained in the design of the park.

For starters, the entrance to the park has been spruced up tremendously with the planting of plants reminiscent of old kampung life. Upon entering the park at the new Floral Walk, visitors can see fruit trees and edible plants commonly found in kampungs, and flowers commonly seen in the 1960s to 1990s.

After a short 200m walk from the entrance to the main area of the park, you will come face to face with the centerpiece attraction - the Cascading Pool.

If you have been to the Hot Spring before the refurbishment, you will know that back then, the water flows out through various taps scattered around the area. It is rustic, yes but everything is pretty haphazard.

Now, the area has been transformed - where the hot spring water is concentrated at the Cascading Pool... much like an ashiyu, a Japanese public bath in which people can bathe their feet.

Water emerges at the top at 70°C and cascades down one tier at 60°C, then 45°C and finally at 40°C at the foot of the pool. Here, visitors can rest on the built-in seats at the edge of the 40°C pool and enjoy a foot bath.

The pool mimics the hot spring in its natural state, where overflowing pools of hot water form after emerging from the ground.

Even better, the pool is also designed to allow for wheelchair users as well.

If you prefer to soak your feet in hotter water, head to the Main Water Collection Point. This area allows for different sizes of water collection containers or buckets to be used.

There are 5 taps which are installed at various heights with integrated tables and benches, designed to cater to visitors of all ages and abilities.

A note of caution though, the water that flows out here is extremely HOT at 70°C.

But you know what that means, you can try cooking your own soft-boiled eggs here! Like what some visitors have done!

And as an added feature, wooden ladles and buckets (big and small) have been provided for public use. Just grab one, fill it up with hot spring water and you can enjoy your free session of foot soak!

(Although it remains to be seen how long the ladles and buckets will last before they 'disappear'. Hope my fellow Singaporeans can prove me wrong!)

And specially for kids, there is also an Educational Zone which consists of an interactive water play feature which allows kids to learn more about the groundwater cycle, as well as play safely with the hot spring water.

Here, the water is cooled down more so that it is safer for younger kids.

The feature is also designed as a table to allow everyone to use as a gathering space at the hot spring. In addition, they can discover more about the site and the geothermal processes behind the formation of a hot spring through information panels!

The area is further enhanced by the many Seating Areas beside the Cascading Pool and Main Water Collection Point.

Personally, I was pleasantly surprised by how the refurbishment turned out. Everything - from the hot spring water collection to the foot bath area - has been improved and beautified and yet, the rustic and kampung-like atmosphere has been retained. Love it!

Plus, there is even a F&B outlet too, including public toilets... features that were missing before the park was enhanced.

I know the kids will love it. 😁

Sembawang Hot Spring Park is open daily from 7am to 7pm. It is accessible via Gambas Avenue, and from the nearest bus stop which is 400m away at Sembwang Road. There is NO carpark located within the park, and the nearest parking lots are 400m away at Block 114 Yishun Ring Road.

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