Oct 7, 2020

[NEW & FREE] Hansel & Gretel-themed Candy Trail & Adventurous Treehouse Playgrounds at Clementi Crest, Singapore

The new cluster of HDB flats at Clementi Central has started to see new occupants moving in and with it, comes two new outdoor playgrounds for all to enjoy... for FREE!

Both playgrounds at the new Clementi Crest estate are located less than 100m apart from one another, but they are each catered to different age groups.

For younger kids aged between 2 and 5 years old, they will be attracted to the colourful candy-themed playground at Block 445 Clementi Crest!

Located at Level 1 of the Block 445 multi-storey carpark (facing the road), this playground looks to be inspired by the Hansel & Gretel fairy tale... much like how the one at Dawson Vista is inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Known as 'The Candy Trail' playground, kids first begin their trail by hopping onto the wooden plank bridge.

They then enter the forests of Candy Apple Trees and Lollipops which offers some spinning fun!

After traversing across the Stepping Mushrooms, kids get to test their climbing skills at the Adventure Bridge.

Comprising of a a cargo netting on one side and a wooden ramp on the other, kids get to climb up and over the bridge to get to the final destination.

The Candy House!

Actually, I would call it a Gingerbread House... in keeping with the Hansel & Gretel theme. 😁

But whatever the case, kids will no doubt be thrilled by the idea of entering a life-sized Gingerbread House, especially if they are familar with the fairy tale!

And to sweeten the deal, there lies a sugary treat that comes in the form of a slide at the end of the Candy Trail!

Granted the entire playground area may not be expansive, but this is a playground meant for kids between 2 and 5 years old after all. And the play equipment here will more than satisfy toddlers and younger kids.

I also like the nice touches added to this playground - padded floor as well as slanted beams that cover the playground to provide some shade.

How about for older kids?

Just walk towards Block 445B and they will find two wooden play structures catered to the 5 to 12 years old crowd.

Known as the 'Adeventurous Treehouse', the playground is located in between Block 445B and 321 Clementi mall.

There are two sets of treehouse play structures here and both essentially offer the same forms of play with only a slight variation between the two.

To enter the treehouse, kids will put their strength to the test by climbing the Wall and Ladder obstacle.

They will then need to cross the Slanted Bridge before crawling through the Tunnel Bridge to get to the next obstacle.

Once across, only the Wobbly Net Rope stands in the way between the finish point and the kids!

Still have energy to expend? They get to do it all over again at the second treehouse!

And since the playgrounds are located at Clementi Central, there are plenty of food options avaliable around ranging from air-conditioned options at Clementi Mall and 321 Clementi to economical options at the hawker centre and kopitiams.


Useful Information

Clementi Crest Playgrounds

The Candy Trail playground
Block 445 Clementi Avenue 3, Ground level, Singapore 120445

Adventurous Treehouse Playground
Block 445B Clementi Avenue 3, Ground level, Singapore 122445

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