Oct 5, 2020

28 Best & FREE Outdoor Playgrounds in the Central & South of Singapore

After my compilations of the best and free outdoor playgrounds in the West, NorthEast and North-East of Singapore, I'm closing the loop with this listing of playgrounds in the Central and South of Singapore!

There is a good mixture of both retro and modern playgrounds in this list, with a couple of them still sporting sandboxes - good news if your kids love to play with sand. In the list is also two brand new playgrounds that only opened this year in new HDB estates (Alkaff Crescent and Dawson Vists), so bookmark this article and visit them this coming year-end school holidays!


1. Toa Payoh Crest Playground

In a throwback to the yesteryears where Toa Payoh used to be a huge swamp - yes, Toa Payoh means big swamp in Hokkien - children can re-create the experience of wading through the swampy area at the playground at Toa Payoh Crest precinct.

Located in front of Block 131 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, the playground features raised mounds creatively designed to resemble stepping stones in a ‘big swamp’, in addition to the many colourful tunnel slides that kids can descend from!

The playground is unique in the sense that it consists of different levels, with various play structures designed to keep the kids occupied and engaged.

Address: 131 Toa Payoh Lor 1, Singapore 310 131

2. Dinosaur Playground @ Kim Keat Ave

Oddly enough, this playground is home to 2 dinosaurs; a giant T-Rex and presumably its baby and a pile of five eggs. There isn't much playability to the two dinosaurs, except maybe for kids clmibing all over them but if your kids are fans of dinos, this is a playground that they will love... even though it doesn't have the usual tall spiralling slides.

There used to be a stegosaurus-shaped play structure located beside the dinosaurs but it has since been replaced be a more conventional mini play structure.

Address: 27 Toa Payoh E, Singapore 310027

3. Dragon Playground @ Toa Payoh Lorong 6

Designed in 1979, the Dragon playground was considered one of the iconic representations of local playgrounds in the eighties. And of the two Dragon playgrounds still standing in Singapore (another two are smaller versions), the one along Toa Payoh Lorong 6 is the most majestic of them all. In fact, it was picked to be featured as one of the “15 Amazing Playgrounds Around the World” by a global cultural news and commentary website!

Whether it is running along the metal spine of the dragon or sliding down its terrazzo back, kids will be transported to a black-and-white era filled with the laughter of children who could very well be their own parents.

Address: Google Maps

4. Corocord Frisbee Playground @ Toa Payoh Lor 7

Located in one of Singapore's oldest estates lies a dynamic rope climbing net held between two futuristic steel rings. This giant frisbee allows kids to embark on completely new climbing adventures compared to the usual climbing net structures.

The mesh nets throughout the frisbee are of narrow and broad sizes which are great for climbing and swinging. Coupled with different elements, the frisbee structure challenges kids to come out with ways to navigate around the stucture in the fastest possible time.

Address: Blk 17 Toa Payoh Lorong 7, Singapore 310017

5. Bishan - Ang Mo Kio Park

What once was a concrete canal which ran through both of the old Bishan Parks is now a naturalised, meandering river filled with aquatic life. River Plains (formerly Bishan Park 2) consists of a playground, Dog Run and a new addition - an inclusive playground which is an all-access play facility for children with different abilities. Features include a wheelchair-accessible merry-go-round and wheelchair swing, allowing children with special needs to play together with their non-disabled peers.

Pond Gardens (formerly Bishan Park 1) is where the action picks up though – with two exciting playgrounds (one of which is a water play area but currently closed due to Covid-19) and the Therapeutic Garden which is specially designed to engage the senses with a landscape of plants.

The main playground at Pond Gardens consists of a wide variety of play structures, from the usual playground equipment to this climbing wall, where kids can ascend with the aid of ropes.

Conquer the wall and kids will be rewarded with a quick descent via one of two metal slides.

Toddlers and younger kids need not feel left out - there is a playground designed just for them located beside as well.

Address: Along Bishan Road and Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

6. Clock Playground @ Bishan

In the late eighties, a new generation of playground design incorporating children’s fairy tales was springing up. Out of the many playgrounds that fascinated kids then, such as the old woman’s shoe house, clock houses and even a Humpty Dumpty lookalike, only the Clock Playground at the Bishan bus interchange still stands. The colourful appearance and inviting slide must have caused quite a few parents to miss the bus as they could not pry their kids away in time. 😂

Address: 514B Bishan Street 13, Bishan Bus Interchange, Singapore 572514

7. Wallholla @ Bishan St 13

Encased in a three-storey high metal grid cage, the Vertical Playground - also known as the Wallholla - is made up of undulating ribbon-like layers. The play structure is suitable for children aged five to 12, and big enough to hold 30 children at once. It encourages kids to climb, hang, swing, slide, run, jump, hide and pretty much come up with ingenious ways to play compared to any other playing equipment. 

Besides the orange Wallholla, there are two other climbing structures for kids to totally expend their energy here.

One is shaped like a huge barrel while the other comes in the form of a tall net tower and comes attached with a slide.

Address: 158 Bishan St 13, Singapore 570518

Wallholla @ Ang Mo Kio Ave 2

Another set-up is located along Jalan Mengkudu and Ang Mo Kio Ave 2.

Address: Along Jalan Mengkudu, and Ang Mo Kio Ave 2

8. Junction 8 Shopping Centre Playground

NOTE: The playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

Being the only Wallholla found within a shopping mall, this playground also boasts additional polygonal climbing structures.

Address: 9 Bishan Pl, Singapore 579837, Level 3

9. Dragon Playground @Ang Mo Kio Ave 3

Just like its brother in Toa Payoh, this Dragon Playground in Ang Mo Kio also sports a head tiled with terrazzo and tiles as well as a body of steel rings which children could either slide or climb through. The only difference? Instead of a sandbox, the ground area is replaced with soft rubber padding.

Address: 570 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore 560570

10. Playground @ Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West

If you are living in Ang Mo Kio or the surrounding areas, this playground will be immdediately familiar to you. 

Situated along Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 and just beside McDonald's Ang Mo Kio Park, the playground may consists of the usual playground equipment like swings, rope climbing structures and slides but it occupies a huge area... and kids can indulge in sand play too!

Address: Along Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Beside McDonald's Ang Mo Kio Park

11. Ang Mo Kio Linear Park

Along Ang Mo Kio Ave 5

Ang Mo Kio Linear Park is a strip of green space that runs parallel to Ang Mon Kio Ave 5. It primarily serves as a Park Connector to the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

It does have a small playground for kids but located some distance away is a Nature Playgarden where kids are free to climb, scamper and jump from the wooden logs.

For a larger playground with the usual play structures, pop by Luxus Hills Park which is located beside it.

12. Kidzplay @ Skygarden, nex Shopping Mall

NOTE: The playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

Photo Credit: nex Shopping Mall

The SkyGarden dry playground has multiple slides, bridges and a big crawling area for endless hours of fun. The star attraction is the water playground teeming with overhead sprinklers, water cannons, fountains and big buckets of water. The play area is padded, making it perfect for younger kids as well.

Address: nex, 23 Serangoon Central Singapore 556083

13. Alkaff Crescent Playgrounds

Nestled within the Alkaff Lakeview HDB flats cluster, not only are there FOUR different playgrounds, they are spread over THREE different floors! The playgrounds are connected by an over-arching theme - of water, wetlands, mountains and clouds. And when kids move from the first playground on the ground floor to the final one on the fourth floor, it is designed to give that sense of moving upwards together with nature.


Ground floor, behind Block 118A, Alkaff Lakeview


Third floor, Block 115B, Alkaff Lakeview


Fourth floor, Rooftop Garden, Alkaff Lakeview

Fourth floor, Rooftop Garden, Alkaff Lakeview

Address: Alkaff Crescent, Singapore 341118

14. City Square Mall Playground

NOTE: The playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

This is the first mall in Singapore to be integrated with an urban park. Named City Green, the 49,000-sqft park consists of an eco-playground with equipment made from wood sourced from certified producers of forest product. The playground features kampong-style tyre swings and climbing structures, providing children with learning experiences about ecology and nature.

Address: 180 Kitchener Rd, City Square Mall, Level 1, Singapore 208539

15. Wallholla @ Cambridge Estate

Yes, another vertical playground and it can be found at Cambridge Estate, which is near to KK Hospital.

Address: Along Cambridge Road

16. Train Playground @ Tiong Bahru Park

Just a stone’s throw away from Tiong Bahru Plaza, the centrepiece of this park has got to be the huge tilting train structure in the adventure playground. With an engine and four carriages being in a tilted position, kids can climb aboard and attempt to make their way through the train. There are various entry points and slides leading out of the train as well, making it a must-climb structure for kids! Other attractions at the park include an old-fashioned merry-go-round and mini-maze.

Address: Bounded by Henderson Rd, Tiong Bahru Road and Lower Delta Road

17. Retro Playground @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

NOTE: The playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

How often does one see a modern playground designed in the old-school 70's & 80's mosaic style? The retro-looking Sparrow play structure consists of a swing, slide, climbing hammocks and ropes.

Other play structures include a trampoline, music play panel and an inclusive merry-go-round with handicap ramps that allow kids of all abilities to play together. Very thoughtful touch! Best of all, the playground is adequately sheltered.

Address: Tiong Bahru Plaza, Level 3, 298 Tiong Bahru Rd, Singapore 168732

18. Alice in Wonderland-themed Playground @ Dawson Vista

Inspired by the famed children's classic 'Alice in Wonderland', the WonderLand Playground lets kids immerse themselves in a magical wonderland, just like in the story! From swinging under the magical tree to embarking on a Mushroom Adventure, the playground has play equipment for both younger and older kids.

There are two masive play stuctures on each side of the playground. Named 'Mushroom Adventure', the larger one on the left allows kids to climb upwards via a multi-coloured and tiered structure. Once up, they have to traverse across a rope bridge to reach the other side of the structure and enjoy a quick descent down the orange tube slide!

The other structure on the right is where kids can truly pick out familiar characters and objects from the Alice in Wonderland tale. But more than that, it hides another climbing structure!

Address: 78 Dawson Road, Dawson Vista estate, Singapore 141078

19. Rumah Tinggi Eco Park

Rumah Tinggi Eco Park is a 1.3ha park which is sited on former KTM railway land, running in between a row of Alexandra Road businesses and HDB blocks. It is a linear park, much like the Alexandra Canal Linear Park but shorter. 

But tucked away behind Borneo Motors is a quiet outdoor playground which comes in a treehouse and log theme. The playground is designed to be rustic, and made to look like it was made from logs and tree trunks.

The most thrilling portion of the playground has got to be sliding down the tree thrunk-shaped slide!

Address: Rumah Tinggi Eco Park, 14 Kung Chong Road, Singapore 159150

20. Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

NOTE: The playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

This is Asia’s first garden dedicated to children and since its refurbishment in 2017, it is now Asia's largest children's garden and even has a new Forest Playground! The 4-hectare garden is packed with interesting features and stations such as the Sensory Garden where kids learn about nature by engaging their senses of smell and touch. Other top attractions include the water play area and an awesome tree house furnished with a spiralling slide.

But the fave attraction for kids has got to be the forest playground where they can explore a tree top canopy and finish it off with the flying-fox!

Address: 481 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 259769

21. Jubilee Park @ Fort Canning Park

Beyond the rich history that Fort Canning Park offers, the park also has wide green spaces for kids to run amok... as well as a brand new playground space.

Jubilee Park is situated opposite Liang Court, and sits on the western slope of Fort Canning Park, which used to host a range of recreational options for Singaporeans, such as River Valley Swimming Pool, Van Kleef Aquarium and the National Theatre in the 20th century. Now, the open space has been restored as a family-friendly node with lots of play structures for kids. For one, they will love putting their balancing skills to the test at this log obstacle course!

There are also bouncy nets, as well as these 3 super long slides which offer different meandering options down to the bottom.

Addres: Bounded by Clemenceau Avenue and River Valley Road

22. Playground @ The Grandstand

The outdoor playground may be modest and not as big compared to other playgrounds, but it is an inclusive one with a wheelchair-accessible merry-go-round and disabled-friendly swings.

A point to note though, the playground is pretty much unsheltered so when the sun is out, it can get really hot.

Address: The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Rd, Level 1 Singapore 287994

23. COMO Adventure Grove @ Gallop Extension

Opposite 1, Tyersall Ave

The Como Adventure Grove is a nature-inspired play area for children to learn about native flora and fauna. But more than that, kids can have loads of fun while doing so too. They can swing, slide and climb on structures resembling parts of trees and fruits as these adaptive components will help introduce children to nature through play.

Yep, much like this GIANT Cempedak where kids can scramble over its warty surface. No rules, no dictating of play - just plain climbing fun.

Another cool play area is the one where it is made up of many huge saga seeds, where kids are free to roll or jump around the seed pod of a Saga tree.

The main play area consists of various play structures, like two long slides, swinging hammocks, see-saw, swings, climbing ropes and other rope obstacles.

The great thing about COMO Adventure Grove is it is inspired by the distinctive parts of trees found within the Gardens. For example, children can swing, slide and climb on structures resembling the aerial roots of the Weeping Fig.


24. Children's Garden @ Gardens by the Bay

The best outdoor playground for kids in the South of Singapore is undoubtedly the Children's Garden at Gardens by the Bay. Not only does it have both dry and wet outdoor play areas, it is by far the largest one! The Children's Garden is specially targeted at children up to age 12 and seeks to further encourage interaction with nature, together with integrated play equipment and water play features spread over four main play zones - Adventure Trail, Rainforest Treehouses, Toddler Play Zone and Water Play Areas. All amid a luscious garden setting, no less.

There are obstacles to conquer, treehouses to climb, slides to whiz down, and a sprawling water play area with water splines, a hydro vault, and orchid-shaped splash buckets. Toddlers will not feel left out too, as they will be contented with a dedicated Toddler Play Zone and mini Water Play area.

Address: Gardens by the Bay, along the waterfront of Bay South Garden and adjacent to the Cloud Forest Conservatory

25. HortPark

Dubbed the “Gardening Hub” of Singapore, it is a one-stop gardening resource centre and a knowledge centre for plants and gardening, providing planting ideas and solutions. Kids can learn how to grow their first plant, or create their own floral arrangement or terrarium, while older kids can take a course in creating an air plant that grows in little to no soil at all. Of course, what's a park without playgrounds for kids?

Photo credit: NParks

In addition to the usual play structures, HortPark is home to be a new playgarden but one cannot find a single seesaw or slide there. Rather, the Nature Playgarden at HortPark is designed to encourage kids to spend more time outdoors and reconnect with nature. Built with pre-schoolers in mind, the playgarden is best for kids aged between 3 and 6 years old.

This playgarden is NParks' first Biophilic Playgarden, which integrates play features with more natural elements such as trees and sand. In all, there are a total of nine play features at the playgarden. There are none of the usual slides, seesaws or even climbing structures that one usually associates with playgrounds but I love how the playgarden has ingeniously blended play activities with nature... along with plenty of hideouts for kids to explore.

Location: 33 Hyderabad Road (off Alexandra Road), Singapore 119578

26. Labrador Nature Reserve

Located within walking distance of Labrador Park MRT Station, the 2.1km Labrador Nature & Coastal Walk is actually more famed for exploring three nature sites in a single walk – Alexandra Garden Trail, Berlayer Creek mangrove trail, and Bukit Chermin Boardwalk.

However for kids who are looking to revel in a playground, there are two playgrounds here. The first is near the Obelisk and facing the sea. It is essentially an old-school one, with merry-go-round, swings & see-saws.

Photo credit

The other is located on the eastern side of the park, and is more modern with a climbing play structure that consists of slides and tunnels.

Photo credit

Along Labrador Villa Road

27. Play Court @ VivoCity

NOTE: The playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

Located in the courtyard on the second floor of VivoCity is an awesome outdoor play area with a large slide, hill-and tunnel, carousels shaped like water droplets and climbing structures. Water babies can take respite from the heat by running through the nearby water fountains.

28. Playgrounds @ Singapore Sports Hub

NOTE: The playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

The Children’s Playground is located on the rooftop of the Sports Library and features a climbing structure, slides, see-saw as well as a separate climbing area for older kids. The highlight is the Splash-N-Surf, a creative water play area uniquely designed with whimsical Aquatecture suitable for families with young children. Splash around with the water swings meant for toddlers, or help your older kids choose from four slides of varying heights.

Address: 1B Stadium Walk, Singapore 397690

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