Mar 15, 2021

[Easy & Gorgeous Hike] Walking from the Green Corridor in Kranji to Rainbow Bridge (Map included)

We are all familiar with the Green Corridor, which stretches from Tanjong Pagar in the south of Singapore to Woodlands in the north.

I haven't tried hiking the entire route in one try but what I did was hiked the Kranji portion of the Green Corridor which in my opinion, is probably the most underrated piece of green space in SG.

Why? Because it is utterly gorgeous!

Plus, it leads you the end point which is the Rainbow Bridge!

So... where to get started? You can actually get on to the Green Corridor trail at any point along Woodlands Road as it runs parallel to it. If you don't mind a good walk - about 6km for one way - you can start at Junction 10 where it is convenient to get to.

We started a fair bit upwards though, opposite Jalan Bumbong.

If you are driving, you can park your car along the road at Rasok Dr (not at the private white parking lots but along the road without the white line in the middle of the road) and cross the road to get to the Green Corridor.

If you take public transport, alight at the Bus Stop No: 45091 opposite Jalan Bumbong.

You will be able to see a small trail from the bus stop that leads you onto the Green Corridor.

The great part about starting here is firstly, it isn't that long a hike to the Rainbow Bridge - approximately 2.5km for one way. Secondly, I love how the entire 2.5km hike took us through three distinct green surroundings:

- An open-air trail with tall lallang grass with the chance to spot different bird species

- Huge trees with canopies that seem to blanket the sky while walking under them

- A trail portion with the river alongside which is brimming with aquatic life.

The first portion of the trail was definitely as therapeutic as the photos below depict.

TIP: Go early in the morning so that the place is much cooler, and you get to hear different bird calls throughout the walk.

Not to mention it is easier to take goofy shots like this. LOL.

You can also choose to enter the trail from Kranji MRT Station. It is about a 1km walk away so it is entirely doable as well.

The only difference is when you reach the area circled in red above, you will reach the second portion of the trail... which is the vast canopy of trees.

Stepping into this part of the Green Corridor made me feel as if I was in a different country. The trees were lined up so beautifully!

And the canopy? It provided the perfect backdrop for photos too. 😁

Along the way, we passed by a flyover which also resulted in us stopping for even more photos. 

As we walked further north, the trail started to get a little bit muddier.

And that was because we entered the final protion of the corridor, which was home to a river.

And it is also this reason why this portion will be waterlogged whenever there is heavy rain as the river overflows and makes the entire trail extremely muddy. 

Luckily for us, it didn't rain for the past few days before so what we got was a stupendously scenic view.

Seriously, I don't think my photos do justice to the surroundings.

And do take a breather and stop to look into the water - there are plenty of aquatic life swimming about! From pond skaters to fishes to even tadpoles, it's the perfect opportunity to expose the world of natural science to the kids.

As you walk further north, you will see the presence of a cross road junction, which signals the end of the Green Corridor.

But WAIT! The trail doesn't stop there! Just cross the junction diagonally.

And you will be able to see a faint trail.

Simply continue on the trail, which will lead you further into the Kranji undergrowth.

If you are thinking about photo ops for your IG, don't worry - there are plenty here. 🤣

Follow the trail and soon you will see a bridge in the distance.

Congrats, you have made it to the Rainbow Bridge!


To access the Rainbow Bridge, you have to pass through a gate. And this was the notice I saw on the gate:

We were there before 10am so the gate was open. I'm not sure if the gate will actually be closed between 10am and 5pm so do take note of this (UPDATE: I had some readers telling me that the gate is indeed locked between 10am and 5pm). There also weren't any security guards present to stop outsiders from entering.

If the gate is locked, then unfortunately you will have to head back to Kranji Road and walk along the main road towards Woodlands Road (near the Esso Woodlands Road petrol station) to access the bridge.

The bridge itself doesn't hold any special significance, other than its primary function of being a link for foreign workers living in the dorms to get to the other side where the main road is.

For the rest of us, it signifies the end point of the our hike along the Green Corridor.

From the Rainbow Bridge, it is a 1.3km walk to Kranji MRT station or if you wish, you can take the same route and walk back.... which was what we did.

The trail is pretty easy, even for beginners and kids so no excuses on heading outdoors for some greenery and fresh air! 😊

And how about a map to guide you along, too? 

Click to enlarge


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Unknown said...

Hi may I know if it’s possible to cycle along this route?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi, I think it's too muddy for a normal bike. But for a MTB, it should be fine.

Anonymous said...

You can’t park at rasok drive as that’s private parking. Your car will be clamped!! Pls change this review to avoid others from getting fined !’

Unknown said...

We just cycled using MTB. Slightly muddy but doable. The bridge is really closed after 10am.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Anon, thanks for the warning. However, the private parking ONLY REFERS TO THE WHITE PARKING LOTS THERE. One can still park along the road where there isn't a white line in the middle of the road. The road is still a public road, not a private one. So yes, please chill with the exclaimation marks. :P

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Unknown,

Good to know that, thanks for confirming!

Unknown said...

Hi, can i ask, if i start from kranji to rainbow bridge and head to Junction 10 from the cooridoor , will i still grt to see the canopy and trees etc?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi, Kranji to Rainbow Bridge is towards the north while Kranji to Junction 10 is towards the south - both are towards different directions.

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