Aug 26, 2021

8 Free Playgrounds for Kids along Alexandra Canal Linear Park


Eight years ago, I wrote about Alexandra Canal Linear Park and the five playgrounds that kids can find along the way. Fast forward to present day, new housing estates with the likes of Dawson have sprouted around the park and some things have changed - there are now EIGHT outdoor playgrounds to be found there and they are all FREE!

Built on top of a covered canal, Alexandra Canal Linear Park is a unique park connector linking Commonwealth Ave to Tanglin Road. It starts from Queenstown MRT Station and runs along Strathmore Estate before ending at Tanglin Road, where it leads to Alexandra Park Connector.

If that sounds like an awfully long distance to bring your kids, it actually isn't - it is only a 1.4km stretch, which is easily doable for a nice walk.

You can enter the park from either Queenstown MRT Station or Tanglin Road but for this post, I will begin the playground hunting from Queenstown MRT Station.

PLAYGROUND #1: Block 81 Strathmore Avenue

This playground is your typical playground with its rock-shaped climbing wall and slides.

The playground structure is in the  form of a ship, which should please kids who are fans of everything nautical!

PLAYGROUND #2: Alice in Wonderland-themed Playground @ Dawson Vista

Now this is one of the star attractions along the linear park!

Located beside Block 78 Dawson Road, this playground is inspired by the famed children's classic 'Alice in Wonderland' and lets kids immerse themselves in a magical wonderland, just like in the story! From swinging under the magical tree to embarking on a Mushroom Adventure, the playground has play equipment for both younger and older kids.

There are two masive play stuctures on each side of the playground. Named 'Mushroom Adventure', the larger one on the left allows kids to climb upwards via a multi-coloured and tiered structure. Once up, they have to traverse across a rope bridge to reach the other side of the structure and enjoy a quick descent down the orange tube slide!

The other structure on the right is where kids can truly pick out familiar characters and objects from the Alice in Wonderland tale. But more than that, it hides another climbing structure!

Read my review HERE.

PLAYGROUND #3: Block 87 & 88 Dawson Road

Located at on the ground level of Skyville @ Dawson, in front of Blocks 87 and 88, lies a modest playground which consists of a rope-climbing structure and three spring-bouncers. Nothing too elaborate but it adds some fun into the playground hunting activity nonetheless!

PLAYGROUND #4: Eco-Jungle Adventure Playground @ Dawson Community Eco-Corridor

Cross Dawson Road and you will hit the entrance of the Dawson Community Eco-Corridor at SkyParc @ Dawson HDB Estate.

This 200m eco-walkway runs parallel to the Alexandra Canal Linear Park and is home to 18 majestic mature trees which were retained from the expunged Magaret Drive as part of tree conservation efforts.

Along the way, there are information panels that kids can pick useful knowledge as well as spot these insect hotels!

These insect hotels were built to provide temporary homes to resident solitary bee species, so as to strengthen biodiversity in the area. There are also Nest Boxes too, which are designed to recreate the natural habitats of birds.

But the main highlight of the Eco-Corridor has got to be this.

Located at Blocks 96A and 96B Dawson Road, the Eco-Jungle Adventure Playground mimics a jungle adventure for kids with its timber elements, carvings of native wildlife and an undulating terrain.

This playground offers a contrasting play theme compared to the Alice in Wonderland-themed one. There are more play elements that involve climbing, jumping and traversing across rope bridges.

Definitely a must-stop spot if you are visiting the linear park with the kids!

PLAYGROUND #5: Block 61A Strathmore Avenue

Head back to the Alexandra Canal Linear Park and towards Block 61A Strathmore Ave, you will a pretty huge playground structure.

When we first visited 8 years ago, the playground structure was tiny. It has since been upgraded with enough play elements to keep the young ones occupied for more than just a few minutes!

PLAYGROUND #6: Block 61C Strathmore Avenue

This playground is located just beside the Alexandra Canal Park (in front of Block 61C Strathmore Ave) so you can't miss it.

This playground comprises of a few separate playstructures; a ninja-warrior-like obstacle play structure and a trampoline.

But the most interesting bit of the playground has to do with playing with sound - through these eye-catching squiggly blue and red ‘Telephone Tubes’ where kids can communicate through them.

There are also two concave discs where kids can shout or scream between them and bear the full brunt of the echoes!

PLAYGROUND #7: Playground at Block 90 Dawson Road

This playground is situated directly opposite of the above playground, and is beside Block 90 Dawson Road at the SkyTerrace @ Dawson HDB cluster.

Everything about this playground is low-level which is great if you have younger kids or toddlers.

PLAYGROUND #8: Block 129 Clarence Lane

This playground is located in the older HDB estate cluster beside Tanglin Road and is the final playground along the linear park (or first if you enter from Tanglin Road).

Nothing too special about this playground, but worth a play if your kids still can't get enough of playgrounds.

For easier navigation, you can use this map to locate the 8 playgrounds.

If you are still up for more fun, why not try out the following as well? 😁

BONUS #1: Alexandra Canal Water Play Area

Cross Tanglin Road and you will join the Alexandra Park Connector which will link all the way to Clarke Quay. Situated just at the start of the Park Connector is a huge Water Play area that kids can splash around in.

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 situation, the water play area is temporarily closed until further notice. But you can make a mental note to head back once it re-opens!

BONUS #2: Kay Siang Bunkers

If you wish to up the adventure factor after hunting down the playgrounds, you can consider some jungle-bashing to locate the 3 Kay Siang WWII Bunkers!

Situated along Kay Siang Road in Queenstown are the remnants of three storage bunkers in the forested area. They were presumably built in the 1940's and were used for goods and ammunition storage by the British Military, and are located alongside the now-demolished Buller Camp that housed Australian and Indian POWs during the Japanese Occupation.

The bunkers are located just beside the Dawson HDB estate and I have the instructions to locating them HERE.

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