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Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you could tell me where you stayed with your family in Cape Panwa in Thailand? Do you think it's suitable for childen under 3yrs of age?
Thanks kindly

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi, we stayed in Cape Panwa Hotel and Spa. But that was in 2006. We pretty muck liked the hotel as the beach was very clean and secluded. Hope it helps!

Anonymous said...

Hi, was it easy visiting Korea F&E with 2 kids? My kids are 3 and 5 and we don't like to join tour groups. We've been to Hong Kong & Australia F&E. You think Korea is feasible?

Cheekiemonkies said...


Same here! We also do not like to join tour groups. Heh.

Korea was pretty do-able with kids. The subway is convenient, and most attractions are pretty accessible.

Anonymous said...

hi there,

ur trip to australia seems fun and enjoyable. was thinking if u would recommend this trip to a person who have phobia in turbulance during plane flight especially 7 hrs plus trip? any recommendation to help to ease this uncomfort? =D How is the weather like in australia in Decemeber? any weather hazards that we should look for (e.g cyclone?)
Do u have any recommendation for cheap and nice hotels to live in? thank you..:)

Anonymous said...

This Christmas shows in the mall list is brilliant! It would have taken some time to put this together and its much appreciated. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Just to let you know that for the NYE countdown 2013 - the tanjong pagar poster was that of 2011. This year's event will be held at open field opposite commonwealth mrt station.

And i do enjoying reading your blog :)

Anonymous said...

I am elated to pick up your notes on EatPlayLove Cafe. Didn't know there is such interesting restaurant/place in Sg. Will definitely visit this restaurant soon! Thanks.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for your kind words and dropping by! Glad to know that you have our post to be useful! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi may i know how do you store all your photos?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Anon,

Sorry but could you elaborate your question? Do you mean my photos' online storage?

Ann Grubbs 'n Critters said...

Hi Cheekiemonkies,

I spotted your blog from Nuffnang, and was instantly drawn to what you wrote about finding things to do in Singapore with kids! (Besides the fact that you are a parent with young kids to swap parenting stories.) I think you are right that there are plenty of places to explore, and reading what you wrote makes me miss home every once in a while as I currently reside in BKK. I have enjoyed reading some of your posts - and I was smiling when I read about your 2-year old going to her mummy to smell her hair. Kids are so terribly wired weird! :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Ann,

Thanks for dropping by our blog!!! :)

Yes, the things that our kids say do catch us offguard at times! So I'm glad that I have a blog to record all these precious memories as they grow up all too fast.

Unknown said...


I am impressed with the quality (of content) of the blog. Also about how much you spend time with your kids (lucky ones!!!!) doing so many things, congratulations!

Keep up the good work!


Diyana Amir said...

Hi Kelvin,

I'm Diyana, a graphic design student in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I'm investigating a design proposal to create set of activities for children waiting in line (before they enter any activity room) in KidZania. I was doing online research and browsing blogs that posted reviews on their visit to KidZania and came across Cheekiemonkie. Every information and your opinion on the place, activity and people that you wrote in your blog are really helpful for my research, thank you! I would like to ask your favor to help your children to fill up my survey form that consist 15 easy questions for your children on KidZania, ambition and interest. Their response is strictly confidential and could really help me a lot.

As such, I would be grateful if you could grant me some time off your busy schedule and have a look at my survey. I really need to collect as many review as I can for my academic writing findings. Thank you so much in advance, I truly appreciate it!

Diyana Amir

You can fill it out online, here:

Serene said...

Hi! I was researching about Taiwan and coincidently found your blog. As i'm planning for a group of friends and me to taiwan at the end of the year, would you mind passing me your itinerary and the hotels etc. ? much thanks will be appreciated....

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi serene,

Thanks for dropping by our blog!

Sorry, but I did not keep a copy of my itinerary.

hwaaster said...

Hi kelvin, saw your blogpost on puteri harbour. Thinking of bringing my kids for a 2 night stay as well, isit safe to park overnight at the traders hotel?

Fathering Champions said...

Hello, started my blog this year April:

Anonymous said...

Wow..thanks for the infor..after seeing your photos on holiday trip was inspired to go to Montigo.
ohya..ur kids so fortunate.
Want to recommend Timeout Smarties enrichment programme. Every holiday they have their own innovative programme for primary kids.

Dalima said...

Hi Kelvin,

I love your blog and they are very useful in many ways! Can I check if you have a blog post on weekend programmes for P1 and above? I do not want enrichment programmes because I believe kids nowadays are stress enough, Mon to Fri. I would like a weekly programme, for example, Art classes, Martial art, sports or anything not involving studying :)

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

Vo Tan said...

Hi Kelvin,
I would like to win the Ellipz lighting for my school going 8year & 6year old boys. My eldest Son in particular is a bookworm and this light would be great for him because it is Anti-Glare & flicker free. Ellipz light has 5 levels of brightness, perfect for day and night use, especially when he likes reading before bedtime.

Thank you for your time!

Vo Tan

Jasmine said...

I’m a mother of 5 kids aged 4 months to 8 years and currently teaching at Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore.
This September we have a fundraiser to raise money for persons with cerebral palsy.
As such my team and I have organised a car boot sale and flea market at Space@Tampines with kind permission from the building management.
The fees is only $10 min donation as compared to higher fees by other flea markets and all registration fees collection goes directly to Steptember funds.
Hope to get your support to relay this event to your followers out there who wish to participate in this event by either setting up a booth or buying great bargains from our vendors and families who have signed up.
It’s a short time away, the event is just next Sunday 25/9 from 12-6pm

Hope to hear from you soon!


kenzoki said...


May I know where you bought kirei kirei body foam? I could not find the liquid gel type, only the foam.
Thank you

Me said...

Hello Kelvin,

I have been reading your blog for a few years now and find it quite informative. Thank you for the work you put into it.

I have a suggestion. Can you update your blog roll? A lot of the blogs you "follow" have been removed or discontinued.



Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Aksha,

Many thanks for your support all these years, and also a huge thanks for taking time to pen your comments.

I have to admit I have neglected to update the blogroll section. Will do so, and once again thank you.

Vivian Chong said...

Always a joy reading your website. Gave me good ideas on what to do with the kids :)))

Wren said...

I just wanted to say thank you for your site and particularly the emails - all the information you provide is so helpful in terms of choosing activities and planning. Your blogs give so much more detail about what to expect than the websites of attractions themselves. Keep up the great work!

Mel said...

Hello! Thank you for all the useful information! I recall seeing your post about the York Hotel cabana rooms but i can't seem to find it now for some reason!

Could I check if the hotel was ok with 2 adults and 3 kids?

Thank you!

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