Throughout my 9-year blogging journey, there are bound to be some blog posts that have remained close to my heart. Of course, favourites do change so I will update this list from time to time.

Here are my personal favourite blog posts:

12 Places in Singapore to Bring your Children Before They Grow Up
Guess the title of the blog post says it all. This post went viral when I posted it in May 2014, garnering over 80,000 views and more than 1,600 shares on Facebook in a week.

The Essential Survial Kit for Dads
You’ve read the books, you’ve scoured the internet, you’ve done all you can to ensure your kids’ well-being for every contingency imaginable, from floods to haze to a zombie invasion. All that is left is to keep the following items on-hand to cement your Superdaddy status to your kids.

Singapore’s Best Outdoor Parks for Kids
The monkies and I are always on the prowl for playgrounds and parks in Singapore so it was an absolute joy to share this article with our readers. One unexpected find of the year was the Alexandra Canal Linear Park, which hides 5 playgrounds along the entire stretch! But my fave outdoor park of the lot has got to the Battleship Playground at Sembawang Park. Pure awesome-ness.

10 Great Child-Friendly Restaurants in Singapore
Parents are always on the constant lookout for restaurants that satisfy both their palate and their children's, complete with ample activities within the restaurants to keep them occupied so this is one post that has proved to be hugely popular with my readers too.

8 Waiting Games to Play with Kids in a Restaurant
Along with dining in a restaurant, it is usually the waiting for the food to arrive that leaves parents on the brink of exasperation. Kids get all fidgety and restless while waiting, so I thought I share some of the waiting games that I play with my children.

All I'll Ever Need is You
A Valentine's Day 2014 tribute to my wife, where I re-visit a never-before-shared near-death experience which made me realise she was indeed the ONE for me.

Eight Ways to Drive your Parents Insane
I had the crazy idea of blogging about something entirely different - and tongue-in-cheek - so what topic can be better than one that talks about the things children do and say to drive their parents up the wall!
The post, 7 Phrases my Kids say that make me go Nuts, comes in at a close second too.

Man to Dad
An article that I wrote for Maybe Baby, in celebration of Father's Day. This particular blog post allowed me to revisit the first tender moments when my first child was born and  re-embrace the true meaning of Fatherhood.

Big Cocks & Giant Fishes in Tiong Bahru
I brought the kids on a mural-hunting escapade around Tiong Bahru, and the fun we had was unprecedented!

What I Learnt from The LEGO Movie
I LOVE The LEGO Movie! But what I did not expect after watching it, was the valuable parenting lessons I learned. Mind blown.
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