May 25, 2007

Jealousy Manifesting?

Recently, we have observed that Ash is getting jealous over the minor of things. Of course, the target of this jealousy appears to stem from Ayden's ever-evolving motor and vocal skills.

Ayden seems bent on irritating the life out of Ash nowadays, whether knowingly or unknowingly. He loves crawling up to his older brother and completes his routine with a WWE-style tumble onto Ash. Sometimes he even throws in a free tug of the hair. But Ash, being the good natured boy that he is, hardly complains and will just attempt to siam him. Quite hilarious, actually.

What actually irks the older brother is that Ayden always try to grab his stuff; things like marker pens, car toys and not a whole lot of other stuff actually. Just his entire collection of playthings. So when Ayden does that, Ash just scoops up ALL of his toys, yanks away whatever Ayden is grabbing, and throws them onto an area of the floor where his poor di-di can't reach.

But lest everyone thinks Ash is one selfish bugger, he does have his sweet sharing moments too. Sometimes, when Ayden is in one of his crying fits, Ash voluntarily offers one of his toys to him in an attempt to comfort his little brother. And sweetness of all sweetness, he throws in a Barney-inspired hug as well.

Now we just have to wait til Ayden grows slightly older, when he can walk and talk better. Boy, are we going to be in for a spectacular show just seeing how the 2 boys 'interact' over their sacred toys. *shudder*

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Anonymous said...

I've heard from other parents that this is actually quite common ... the older child only gets jealous when the younger one starts crawling & is able to grab his stuff. :) i'm jus waiting for this to happen to my 2 boys :)

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