Aug 13, 2007


Yesterday, I had my very first birthday party thrown in my honour. And boy, was it a happy (and bountiful) one! Hee hee...

That's my specially bought birthday attire - Chupa Chups top and bottom! Heh... nice or not?

We had a buffet cum BBQ lunch for all the important guests, with the first batch of guest being our relatives... but too bad I can't even sample all the nice spread. Drats.

Daddy & Mummy got for me 2 kinds of cakes and first up was this splendid Pocoyo cake!

Who's this Pocoyo ah? He's the little boy in blue and it's the only cartoon now that makes me wave my hands excitedly in the air whenever he and his friends appear on the television. Hee hee... Think kor-kor likes the pink elephant, Elly, though. Heh.

And so came the mandatory sing-the-birthday-song and of course what's up next is kor-kor's all-time fave moment...

It's the candle-blowing lor... Darn, he got to blow the candle on my behalf again. But come next year, I'll be prepared liao! Hahaha...

Oooh, and did I mention the cake was Lychee Martini flavoured? Make the adults so happy only. HAHAHA...

Daddy's and Mummy's friends soon arrived next and after the usual food stuffing, it was time for my 2nd cake to make an appearance.


Yet another Pocoyo theme one... only this time it was cupcakes! Yummy! Or so I heard lah, 'cos I didn't get to try.

See how I was yearning for the cakes to hop into my mouth? Heh. But no matter, 'cos after all our guests had left, it was time to take stock of all my presents!

Wah, so exciting! So many presents to unwrap...

Oh, and suddenly, kor-kor remembered he hasn't given me a present yet. So he gave me something big and wet.

Hee hee... but a bit ticklish lah. :P

But I most definitely enjoyed my birthday party! But it was tiring too... Hee.

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tazie said...

happy birthday ayden!

to mum or dad - loved the 2nd cake! where did you get the cupcakes - cake?

Anonymous said...

Happy belated bday to Ayden. He shares the same birth date as my my #2. Ur cake from PG?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi tazie,

we got the cupcakes from here -

Cheekiemonkies said...

hi jareen,

happy belated birthday to ur #2 too!!! :)

Yup, the first cake was from PG.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ayden,
Happy Belated B'day. :) Envy you got so many presents, delicious cake and cupcakes, and last but not lest, a new and absolutely beautiful house.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi dingdong,

many thanks for ur well-wishes! :)

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