Apr 9, 2008


Daddy & Mummy taught me how to grow my very first plants last week.

Yup, the ever reliable green beans. Super easy to grow one... no need green fingers also can. Heh.

So firstly, I took a plastic container.

Cover the base with cotton wool, and dampen it with water. Then place the green beans ever so gently onto the cotton wool.

TA-DAH! Done!

Then just place the container where there is ample sunlight. Mummy reminded me to check on the beans everyday and water them if necessary. Then I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Then I saw a few beans starting to sprout! With leaves somemore!

So I waited somemore.

And waited.

Then on a cheery Sunday morning, I awoke to this sight...


My fully grown plants!

Can you tell I was overjoyed?

Hahaha... yes yes, I was truly so happy to see my babies grow finally. Never mind the fact that I just woke up with a bad hairstyle, smelly mouth, eyeshit and all. Heh.

Then di-di woke up too amid all the hoo-ha. WITH a cock hairstyle too. HAHAHAHA... like kor-kor, like di-di.

And so we happily posed with my fully grown plants, oblivious to the explosive nature of our hair.

Okie, time to go wash our face and clean our faces liao! :P

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Anonymous said...

very cool hair style!!

Cheekiemonkies said...

haha...thanks! Mummy was saying our hair must have taken the cue from the beansprouts. Haha...

one of us said...

really like kor-kor like di-di =)


M said...

The 2 bros so sweet!!!

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