Feb 29, 2012


(Daddy DIYs)

The 2 older monkies have come to outgrow their long-serving IKEA table. And it comes complete with battle scars accumulated over the past 5 years or so.

Pretty much war-torn condition.

But it's still in a pretty usable condition actually so rather than dumping it, I thought why not convert it into something useful. And in the process, let the boys have a hand in the conversion as well.

Since they are in their LEGO/KRE-O phase nowadays, I decided to make a LEGO table out of it. 

Naturally, the boys were only too eager to lend their helping hands. Which was a good thing - because it meant I didn't have to remove those pesky stickers (which had since long formed a bond with the wooden surface) all by myself.

Nothing like barking out orders and watching them do the dirty work while I snap away. Heh.

And when most of the stickers were peeled away, we proceeded to smoothen the wooden frame with sandpaper.

Finally, it was time to lay the LEGO Base board next!

We bought two 38cm x 38cm LEGO base plates, which were more than enough. I had to cut up one of the base plate so that the entire table top could be nicely covered. And Ash helped me apply the glue to stick them on.

Ta-dah! There we have it - our very own DIY LEGO table!

And once the glue had dried,  it was overrun with all their self-built play things in the shortest possible time.

Hmmm... Only problem is, I would have a headache should Ale want some play space for her LEGO Friends playsets next time. Oops.

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Mummy Kless said...

That's a nice little idea! Haha..

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thanks Klessis! Simple enough job for the kids to do, without me tearing my hair out. :P

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