Apr 2, 2013

Hidden Gem: Belly View Cafe

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You know how it is when you discover a quaint side of Singapore that is rarely seen?

No, not yawn.

Please pardon Ayd, as he just got up from a deep slumber prior to our dinner get-together with the wifey's extended family. Okay, so let's start again shall we?

That's better.

Back to the quaint little spot that we had found tucked away in a corner of Changi - we stumbled onto this hidden gem a few weeks back and what is even better than a scenic coastal view?

Alfresco zi-char food, that's what! Which made it the perfect location to have the wifey's maternal grandma's 85th birthday celebration.

I tell you, the place is just perfect for families and kids. Pity that there was a thunderstorm when we just arrived... else we could have sat right outside on the boardwalk and beside the sea, while enjoying the calming sea view under the rustling palm trees at the same time.

To keep the kiddos (and adults) entertained, there is a mini playground, a wooden swing and a hammock which faces the sea. Extremely therapeutic I know. In fact, there are two other eateries situated along the same area - Chit's Bar & Restaurant serving Western fare and drinks, and Gurame Indonesian Restaurant which serves authentic Indonesian favourites.

Or if that isn't enough, there is always the huge roar of the aeroplanes which whizz by as they are making their landing at Changi Airport. And that is enough to keep the monkies entertained as they competed to be the first to shout "Aeroplane!" whenever one makes an appearance - erm, which was actually quite often.

Here's an interesting bit of information: Belly View was named after the aeroplanes flying by as one is always bound to see the underbelly of the plane as it flies past while dining there.

Need another interesting bit of information?

I completely forgot to take any photos of the food that we had! Err, but the food wasn't too bad. The dishes that particularly stood out were the Fish Head Curry (their signature dish), Home-made Tofu, Salted Yolk Prawns and Fried Mee Sua.

Well, at least I remembered to take a photo of Por-por and her Birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Por-por!

No Service Charge and GST, free parking, coupled with a kick-ass sea view... I think we will make this place our regular haunt!

*All photos were taken with a LG Optimus G Smartphone and are unedited save for cropping.

Belly View Cafe
10 Changi Coast Walk
National Service Resort Country Club
(beside Constant Wind Sailing Centre)
Singapore 499739
Tel: 6445 5108
Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm daily

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Phil T said...

Anyway, I've been here twice, and BOTH times the waiting times have been terrible. About 45 minutes for the first time, and over ONE HOUR and counting the second.

The food is not out of this world to be worth it, it's average or a little above average at best. It's not fine dining, they don't any serve any of the starter dishes while you wait, and the price is average.

They're not even listed on local food directory HungryGoWhere, I believe because probably too many people have complained of the waiting time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Phil for pointing out the waiting time. We manage to go down early about 5.30 pm & finish our dinner about 8.00pm . The waiting time is really long , we waited for about 45 mins -1 hr to get our food. However, I enjoyed my dinner there. it's a great way to slow down & appreciate the sea , the breeze & the food. It's a great way to relax & dine. Thanks recommending this hidden gem. I love reading your blog on where to bring my child.thanks!

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