Apr 17, 2013

LEGOLAND Malaysia's Legends of Chima 4D movie + Tickets Giveway!

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The Legends of Chima is coming to LEGOLAND Malaysia, and in 4D no less!

A brand new play-theme by LEGO, Legends of Chima is set in a mythical land of eight magical animal tribes -  lions, crocodiles, eagles, wolves, gorillas, ravens, rhinos and bears - who compete for CHI, a valuable energy source which gives them extraordinary powers over one another.

Come 20th April 2013, the animal tribes bring their battles to LEGOLAND Malaysia which incidentally is the only place in South East Asia where you can catch the Legends of Chima movie in 4D. And thanks to them too, the boys and I were invited down for a sneak preview of the 12-minute movie at the LEGO Studio in IMAGINATION Zone.

The premise of the story is relatively straightforward - Four young animals take a guided tour of Chima with Plovar the Parrot and become entwined in a struggle between good and evil as they help their hero Laval the Lion Prince do battle with Cragger the Crocodile King. The climax of the adventure comes as Laval and Cragger take to their Speedorz vehicles in a supercharged, super-fast race to capture a precious supply of CHI. Will good prevail or will evil win the day?

As with the other three 4D movies currently showing at LEGO Studios, the movie too uses a heavy dose of flashing lights, wind, smoke and water. And the boys especially loved the latter bit!

I thought the movie play time of 12 minutes was an ideal length to entertain older children but yet, not cause the younger ones to lose interest. With your 3D glasses, you will get to see lasers shooting right at you and high speed chases complete with the 4D part of the action, including some flatulence courtesy of a young skunk (don't worry, it's odourless) and some misting water spray as you plunge down a waterfall.

Here's a tip - do sit in the middle of the theatre for a greater slice of the action.

As for the boys, they certainly enjoyed the movie... especially since they got to meet Laval the Lion Prince after that!

And they even gave their earnest comments for the camera too, with Ayd saying that he "loved the wind, smoke and water because it made everything so real" and Ash declaring that he "liked Laval because he is strong and brave".

As part of the launch of the Legends of Chima 4D movie, LEGOLAND Malaysia will also be conducting a series of Legends of Chima-related activities, which will feature both building games and competitions at the Build and Test Centre.

Kids can try their hand at Speedorz, playsets which players try to make chariot-type vehicles clear obstacles by means of inserting and removing a ripcord.

Kids can either choose to undergo Speedorz Training or conjure up something creative in the Building Activity.

And come weekends, they can put their Speedorz or Building skills to the test in the ultimate challenges. Kindly refer to the schedule below for the detailed timings.

To top it off, a Certification of Participation awaits every kid who tries their hand at the Legends of Chima Battle Arena.

But wait, there's more... to celebrate the official opening of the Legends of Chima 4D movie, LEGOLAND Malaysia is rewarding our readers - that's you - with a chance to visit the theme park with their family!

We are giving away not one, not two... but THREE SETS of LEGOLAND Malaysia passes! Each set of pass is valid for 4 persons. And since LEGOLAND Malaysia is a fun-filled family-friendly destination, all you have to do is to tell us what is your family's most memorable activity together. It can be in the form of a fave haunt, weekend outing, staycation or a holiday.

Here are the mechanics of the contest:

1. Leave your comment on your family's most memorable activity together either in THIS BLOG POST, or in the FACEBOOK POST of this article. 

2. Four (4) LEGOLAND Malaysia tickets will be awarded to EACH winner. A total of three (3) winners will be picked. Tickets are valid until 1st December 2013.

3. Winners will required to write a short review (about 50-80 words) about the Legends of Chima 4D movie after they have visited LEGOLAND Malaysia. The reviews will be compiled and published at www.cheekiemonkie.net.

4. Transport to and from LEGOLAND Malaysia is not included in the giveaway.

5. Contest closes on 22 April 2013 (Monday), at 2359 hours.

6. This giveaway is open to residents in Singapore only.


Legends of Chima 4D movie launches on 20th April 2013 and can be viewed exclusively in the LEGO Studios at LEGOLAND Malaysia at no additional charge. For more details, visit www.legoland.com.my.

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Mamamie said...

I hope to win this! My most memorable activity as a family was when we traveled to Phuket together & enjoyed each other companies by relaxing by the beach at some of the islands we visited :)

cre8tone said...

Why all your giveaways only for Singaporeans.. You have a lot of international readers o... hahahahah!~

Wilfred Wong said...

We love driving up to Malaysia for impromptu trips... especially to Lotus Desaru and of course, LEGOLAND Malaysia! :)

jingxian said...

My most memorable family activity is the recent trip to the little big club! My son had a fun time with the rides and play area while we had a great time watching him smile. :)

CherryTomato said...

Aidan, my 2/1/2 yr old totally enjoyed our trip to "the art of the brick" Exhibition. His favourite were the interactive areas where he could play with the lego pieces- constructing structures and weaving his own storyline., it was a pleasant surprise for us as we were the ones who wanted to go to the exhibit & he was 'tagging' along... He so enjoyed it that he kept asking to play with Lego for the next week ;p.. I hope we get chosen, I'm sure Aidan would love it there!

Anonymous said...

My family's most memorable activity was our Sydney trip last year with our 9-mth old daughter. Lovely memories!


Felicia G said...

My favorite family activity has got to be times when we travel overseas together because it's the only time where all of us gets the chance to get away from school/work entirely and spend some quality family bonding together.

My ultimate most favorite has got to be a trip to Beijing in 2005, where our entourage was made up of 14 people (with my relatives). 5 adults, and 9 kids. And it was undoubtedly crazily fun :)

I would like to win the tickets because we haven't been on a family trip for quite awhile as times like these are hard to come by as we all grow up and have even more commitments. However, winning the tickets would be a perfect excuse for everyone to let go of their commitments for a day and head out to spend some bonding family time together again :P


Anonymous said...

My family most memorable was a family trip with my mum and brother to Perth. It was my mum 1st oversea trip as during her days, there was no honeymoon and our financial status at home back then does not allow any oversea trip.
It was a relaxing and memorable trip as I spend the loveliest 10 days with my mum. Great bonding session.


Carol Mei Mei said...

Our family's most memorable activity is simply to have a splashing good time at the pool. We plagued our own invented game of 'dance-freeze' inside the pool where I become the jukebox and when I stop singing, everyone else has to stop spinning around in the water. this game never ceases to crack up my boys.


Jenny said...

Our family's most memorable activity was the road trips we travelled together to Malaysia like Melaka, Genting Theme Park and 1st Legoland trip too. Our two girls had tons of fun with the rides and we really enjoyed too. Hope we are lucky to have another chance to Legoland again! :)

Email: jennyycy@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

the last HK trip where my 3 yr old went "ga ga" at Disneyland & Ocean Park


Pamela Tan said...

One of our more memorable experiences as a family was when all 5 of us went cycling in Pulau Ubin - the twins were just 14 months old and Isaac was 4 years plus on a balance bike. Briefly wrote about it here http://www.tanfamilychronicles.com/2012/05/isaac-biker-dude.html

Ai Sakura said...

my most memorable activity with my family was bringing Lil Pumpkin to visit the uni where hubby and I first met in Aust. It was so emotional to re-visit the place we fell in love, and to come back with our daughter to relive the memories

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

snowbell said...

Every of our holidays are memorable to us because we get to spend 24hrs together during the whole trip. It is definitely the best relieve away from school and work pressure.

One of our most memorable memory was our holiday to New Zealand 2 years back as we witness New Zealand being hit by the worst winter storm in 70 years. On one particular incident, without any winter storm driving experience, our rented car moving at snail speed accidentally hit the kerb of the road and spin few rounds of 360 degrees before coming to a complete stop. Our then 3 year old child, without the knowledge of danger, happily requested for the car to have another round of “merry-go-round”. Our family will definitely remember this very moment and our darling’s “merry-go-round” request for as long as we live. It is indeed our family’s once in a lifetime experience.

sista said...

my family's most memorable activity together is when we travel to bangkok, together with my mom and brother. it was very difficult to get my mom and brother to go on a trip and so it was the a good one :) we went to the madam tussaud in bkk and had fun!

Phoebe said...

Our family most memorable activity would be travelling to Hong Kong last September where Hubby and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!

The children followed us on the trip and we re-visited old places and new ones.


Winnie Lam said...

My family's most memorable activity together was our staycation in Sentosa last year.

toothy_fairy said...

Thank you for the opportunity to win the tickets. My father (the kids' grandfather) recently picked up a Legends of Chima pamphlet at a toy shop when he brought the kids there. My eldest boy Ethan than told me excitedly that he had combed through the whole Chima pamphlet and liked everything in there. He added he would like to buy all the lego playsets in there! There were even stickers provided in the pamphlet! Prior to that, frankly, I had no idea what Chima is all about. Now that I see this post, I am all excited - also because we have been to Legoland once and thoroughly enjoyed the time there.

Our family's most memorable activity would be to spend time together doing things the kids love best - whether it be a day in just doing activities or playing board games, a day out or a holiday. I am a working mother, so I cherish each minute/second I have with them.

Pei Ling said...

Our family's most memorable activity is our recent trip to Taiwan. My family lives in several places, with one of my sis-in-law living in Hong Kong and another sis-in-law living in Shenzhen. It is during such trips that we get to meet and spend time as a family! These are also chances where our kids can interact and play together.
I hope to win the tickets and have the chance to bring them for a trip to Legoland when they come to visit in August! I'm sure the kids will be thrilled and we can create another lovely memory for us! :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thanks to one and all for the the wonderful family experiences shared thus far! Keep them coming! :)

Unknown said...

Good morning! Thanks for hosting this contest. Our most memorable activity is my daughter's first flight overseas (to Melbourne) when she was only 8 months old. We carried her in a baby carrier everywhere we toured, to vineyards, to the Great Ocean Road, to lavender maze etc. Spending time with family brings us such great delight. Hope we can win the day passes to Legoland to create fun memories as a family again! :)

Ng TingTing said...

my most memorable activity with my family was a stay vacation at RWS last year. in fact, it is the whole extended family most memorable activity cos both side of grandparents, sisters/brothers in law, hubby and my 2 boys went for the stay vacation...

We had fun together in Sentosa, playing the Luge... visiting the underwater world... etc.. Of course, not to miss out the great time we had in USS... overall, only two words can describe this stay vacation... MEMORABLE + FUN...

We hope to continue the fun in Lego Land, Malaysia...

Megan said...

My most memorable activity is our family trip to Hong Kong Disneyland last Oct. My 6 years old daugther was thrilled. My Husband and I were excited too as it was our 1st visit to Disneyland. We had fun taking rides together, queuing up to take photos with the Disney characters and collecting Disney stickers from the park attendents. All the stickers are now kept nicely in a box filled with very sweet memories.

Isaiah Kuan said...

One of our family's most memorable activity is our recent vacation to Perth. It was the first time we drove overseas as a family. Every moment from the road trip to site visit was so precious as we spent the best quality time as a family.

Andrew Chan said...

Our most memorable activity was my family trip to Penang last year. We went during my kids' sch hols and stayed at Hard Rock Penang. The kids loved the pool to bits and my girl even teared when we were leaving!

- Andrew Chan (chanwt_and@yahoo.com.sg)

Rachel Teo said...

My most memorable activity as a family was when we travelled to Osaka together & enjoyed all the theme parks as a family!

Anonymous said...

My most memorable family activity was our trip to Bali last year. We rented a beautiful villa with infinity pool and had such great fun swimming and playing in the pool while watching sunset! My then 16 month-old girl who was afraid of the big swimming pool chose the jacuzzi instead and called that her "swimming pool".


Anonymous said...

the most memorable family activity is spending time at the pool, because that when my boy have the most boisterous laughter and fun.. and it's just happy for us parents to share his joy.

Mok SK said...

Wow everyone had an exciting wonderful vacation!

Our family gave interning vacation trips too. However my boy's most memorable was our pizza making time!!

We planned together the type of pizza, ingredients and such. Made strip to supermarket to choose their own toppings and stuffs. Back home we had a real interesting pizza "Picasso"along time! It was messy but great fun.

Finally eating each others different shaped pizza was just heavenly family time!

Mok SK

nwh said...

The most memorable have to be the last Cameron highland trip that we had with my grandfather. It's his last trip with us before he pass away peacefully. We had a great late chit chat session where I get to know him much better. He is indeed a fighter and we glad he get to enjoy his late few days in Cameron highland with great scenery.

Dave Yak said...

most memorable activity together...which one? There are so many. We have done road trips, rugged farmstay, campings, cycling trips, staycations and holidays. All I make it a point to take videos and edit the fun moments into movies with captions. It’s always great fun to watch them. After much thought, I realize there’s a memorable moment. That is when my 3 ‘musketeers’ became the ‘master’ and teaches me about Ninjiago and now Chima. My 3 ‘musketeers’ would pull me to Toys”R”us and introduce me to the different characters and the power they have. Of course their purpose is to get my part with my $ which they fail most of the time. Playing the physical toys isn’t as fun for me but it’s fun to watching the boys strategizing to win the game and the languages they use during the ‘attack’. I do enjoy watching the Ninjiago and Chima cartoon together them and challenging them on ipad. This is the moment when I am learning from them…its fun and enjoyable!!!
Anyway I’ve told my boys that should I win the tickets, I’ll be the driver to JB but they have to be the writer for the Legends of Chima show. They have no qualms about it.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Giveaway is closed. Thanks everyone for your participation. Do stay tuned for the results!

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