Oct 16, 2013

LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park Review - Things to Note

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LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park officially opens on 21 October 2013 and if you are planning a trip down soon, be sure to pop by our review of all the water attractions at the Water Park HERE. Done that? Good. Then here are a few more tips and things to take note of while you are at the Water Park.

Opening Hours
LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park is open daily (except Wednesdays during school term) from 10 am to 6 pm, including weekends.

Admission Fees
You can access the LEGOLAND Water Park without going into LEGOLAND Theme Park. Combo tickets for entry to BOTH parks are also available and entitles you to enter both LEGOLAND Water Park and LEGOLAND Malaysia on the same day and to move freely between both parks.

Adult (12-59): Usual Price - RM105.00 | Online Price: RM84.00
Child (3-11): Usual Price - RM85.00 | Online Price: RM64.00
Toddlers (0-2):  RM10, inclusive of 2 swim diapers
Senior Citizens (60+): Usual Price - RM85.00 | Online Price: RM64.00
For more information on ticket prices, visit HERE.
TIP: Book your LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park ticket online 7 days in advance of your visit date and enjoy 20% off!

Lockers are located near the entrance of the Water Park, beside the BrickWater Beachwear shop.

Locker rates are RM20 for a small one and RM40 for a large one. Rental is for an entire day and is valid for multiple access. The lockers are accessed electronically, without the hassle of a physical key.

Shower Facilities
Shower and changing rooms are located in the same building as the Lockers room and they include larger-than-usual Family Shower rooms. Just to be clear though, these rooms are still segregated into both male or female ones.

Life Vests
Life vests in various sizes are readily available throughout the Water Park. Toddlers have to don a life vest at the Build-A-Raft and LEGO Wave Pool attractions.

Do remember to bring along your own towels! But if you prefer, towels are available for rent too for RM20. Each towel comes with a complimentary knapsack bag.

Private Cabana
Cabanas are available for rental at the Water Park on a first-come-first-serve basis. Full day rental fee is RM300 while Half-day (from 2pm onwards) rental fee is RM150 and each cabana is for 4 guests.

Each cabana has two deluxe chaise lounges, two seating chairs, two complimentary towels, safe deposit box and one table with DUPLO bricks for play. A host is available to assist with Water Park needs and food orders. Ten complimentary mineral water bottles will also be provided in your own mini-fridge within the cabana.

There are two dining options within the Water Park with the main cafe being the Beach 'N' Brick Grill, located beside the LEGO Wave Pool.

This outdoor eatery serves the usual theme park food like burgers, hot dogs and chicken nuggets. If you need staple food like rice, Nasi Lemak is available as well. The prices of the food are in the photos below.

The monkies had the Kids Meal while the wifey and I chomped on the Nasi Lemak and Beef Burger. Normal food fare, though I have to say that the Nasi Lemak was pretty good.

The other eatery, Brick Bay Cafe, is located near the Joker Soaker and serves finger food and sandwiches.

Slides and Attractions
Proper swim wear is required on all attractions. Swim wear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, or metal ornamentation are not permitted. Swim diapers are also compulsory for children aged three and below and are available for purchase at the Water Park too.

When going down the slides, a spectacle band is required if spectacles are to be worn. Else, they would have to be removed. Watches, or any other form of jewellery, are also not allowed to be worn when going down the slides.

Personal floats are forbidden in the Water Park.

As I have mentioned in my previous review, except for the DUPLO Splash Safari, Build-A-River, Joker Soaker and LEGO Wave Pool attractions, the other water attractions require a minimum height limit of 1.07m in general.

FUN FACT: The Water Park uses the state-of-the-art Neptune-Benson Defender Filters in the water areas, which are capable of filtering particles as small as 1 micron.

Other things to take note
Strollers are allowed in the Water Park, though designated stroller parking is not available.

There are free-to-use Lounge Chairs throughout the Water Park, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Currently, there is limited shade available within the Water Park so bring hats and slap on copious amounts of sunblock lotion throughout the day! 

Lastly, being a spanking new Water Park and all, be sure to expect long queues at the water attractions! The crowd usually dwindles come late afternoon so you might want to laze the earlier part of the day away at the LEGO Wave Pool or Build-A-Raft River first.

Stay safe and have fun, everyone! :)

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Paolo said...

We are planning to visit Legoland theme park and water park on November 2. Do you suggest we spend 1 whole day in them park and another day in water park?

Paolo said...

Do you suggest spending 1 day in theme park and another day for waterpark?

Kai Ling said...

Hi Kelvin, thank you for the post on your trip to legoland. Im planning a trip w my friends next weekend do you suggest visiting the themeparks in 2 seperate days or we can cover both parks in a days trip? Thank you so much!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Oops, look like I have missed out on replying on Paolo's queries. Soory about that, Paolo and hope that you and your family enjoyed LEGOLAND Malaysia!

Hi Kai Ling,

Actually one day is adequate. Enter LEGOLAND Waterpark first at 10am and you should be done around 3pm. The themepark opens until 8pm on weekends so you have enough time to cover the rides - plus the queues in the evenings are shorter!

I assume you have kids and bringing them along? If so, then I guess you have to consider if they are able to withstand the entire day at 2 parks without feeling tired or cranky too.

Have fun!

Unknown said...

such a big help! Sir do you have any idea about staying in cheapest hostel near legoland after an obvious a very tiring whole day? Thanks and God Bless!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Rodalyn,

Thanks for dropping by my blog!

For hostels near LEGOLAND Malaysia, Warm Blanket Hotel at Bukit Indah is worth a look. Rooms start from RM38.

But do note you still have to take your own transport to LEGOLAND - it's less than 10 minutes to get to LEGOLAND via cab.

Hope it helps!

bevan said...

Can we wear spectacles with hooks to the rides or only spectacle band is allowed?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi bevan,

I believe only spectacle bands are allowed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelvin.. what's ur suggestion of activity of any of the parks(water and theme)for children aged 5 years old plus adults of 7 and 2 senior citizen.? what ticket we should buy

Cheekiemonkies said...


Sorry for my late reply.

Your child should be able to enjoy some of the rides/attractions within the 2 parks. Please refer to my posts on the Water Park and Theme Park for the height-appropriate rides. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, will normal t-shirt and shorts be allowed on the rides? Thanks!

Cheekiemonkies said...


I believe only swimwear is allowed.

Hweeyee Kweok said...

Hi Kelvin,

would love to ask if we purchase the combo ticket, we are able to go in and out of the waterpark and themepark freely right?

Does it means that we are able to wear our swimsuit to play in the themepark rides or we have to change back to our dry clothes?

Does it works like sunway lagoon?

Thanks a lot :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Hweeyee,

Sorry, I just realised I forgot to reply to your queries!

Yes, the combo ticket is good for 2 parks and valid for multiple re-entries in the same day.

You would have to change to dry clothes while in the themepark as it does not allow visitors to be in their wet swimsuits.

Hope it helps!

Anonymous said...


Can we get swimsuits for rental in legoland Malaysia or atleast nearby?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi, there is no rental available but you can purchase swimwear within the water park.

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