May 4, 2015

Licence to Chill with these Mini Party Sets + GIVEAWAY!


I always love a good gathering - be it with family or friends. And if there is one thing about being Singaporean, it will have to be we all love to bond over food! Truth is, having kids around means we usually have to meet at someone else's home so that everything will not be a rushed affair - kids will be able to keep themselves entertained while the adults get to catch up over a good meal.

Trouble is, the one major grouse I have when it comes to hosting a gathering is the time and effort required to prepare the food. Because cooking for more people does not equate to pressing a magic button. There is so much preparation and work, which usually means the host ends up super tired before the gathering begins. And don't even get me started on the cleaning up!

But life can be made so much simpler, all thanks to the wonderful world of catering. 

See how contented and happy everyone is? I think my mother-in-law was the happiest of the lot. You see, my mother-in-law has to do the cooking every time we visit during the weekends and understandably, cooking for 10 people is no joke... especially with my boys' growing appetites!

So when she heard that she would be given a break from the stove last weekend, she let out a 'Yay!' And her saviour? It came in the form of some sumptuous food from Select Catering and Stamford Catering! (Stamford Catering is the Halal arm of Select Catering in case you are wondering.)

Select Catering and Stamford Catering had recently launched their new mini party sets which are suitable for cosy gatherings of 8 to 10 people. There are 20 party sets to choose from, with 15 being suitable for lunch or dinner consisting of 5 items and ranging from Singaporean cuisine to Japanese and Thai food fare. The remaining 5 that are specially crafted for tea time have 6 items each, where you can take your pick from both sweet and savoury nibbles and finger food.

BUT... back to our food! We had the 'Go to the West' mini party set which as the name implies, featured Western food galore. For our set, we had the following:

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Colorful Bell Peppers

Crispy Crumbs Dory Fillet with Tartar Dip

Grilled Chicken Chop with BBQ Sauce

Sautéed Mixed Vegetables

Dessert was Lychee & Pineapple with Crystal Konnyaku Jellies but quite frankly, who cared about dessert when the main food looked so appetizing??? Certainly not the monkies who got rather impatient with me with all the incessant photo-taking. Oops.

But everything was well worth the wait, as all of us soon found out as we tucked in heartily.

Stand-out dishes for the monkies include the Grilled Chicken Chop with BBQ Sauce and Sautéed Mixed Vegetables. Yes, you read the last portion right. If you know kids, vegetable rarely appear on their must-eat list but for the Sautéed Mixed Vegetables, it was a hit with them. And I agree, as the creamy and buttery gravy complemented the vegetables perfectly.

The Spaghetti Aglio Olio was also a crowd favourite. Initially, I was afraid that my Ah Kong would not fancy the western dishes but it turned out that he too had repeated helpings of the dish.

And as if the mini feast was not enough, we had the 'Fingerlicious!' mini party Tea set too!

Having guests over in the mid-afternoon or holding a mini function in the office? The tea mini sets are great for small gatherings both at home and office. Our mini tea set included:

Mini Swiss Roll 

Cake Lapis

Mini American Walnut Brownies

Golden Mid-joint Wings and Oven Baked Mini Chicken Pies

Chilled Crystal Grass Jelly with Fruit Cocktail Dessert

The adults loved the Mini Swiss Rolls and Mini American Walnut Brownies while the monkies adored the Mini Chicken Pies. Amazingly, they were still able to squeeze in the pies even after dinner! As for dessert... well, there is always room for dessert, no?

The fantastic thing about Select Catering's and Stamford Caterings Mini Party Sets is one does not need to have a large gathering to cater good food and even then, it need not be an expensive affair. All of the 20 mini party sets are each priced at $95+ (or $101.65 with GST). With each set serving about 8-10 persons, the cost per head is pretty affordable - considering one does not have to go marketing, prepare and cook AND wash up after that.

So whether it is for a small occasion at home or in office, or even just having some friends over on a lazy weekend, Select Catering and Stamford Catering have left no excuses for almost anyone to claim that they are unable to host and serve up a delicious meal.

Because at the end of it all, nothing beats the convenience of having someone else do the cooking while getting to enjoy the company of family and friends in the most relaxing manner possible.


Want to sample a Mini Party Set of your own? TWO lucky readers will each win one set, just in time for Mother's Day! For a chance to win, simply complete the following:

1. Like Select Catering's Facebook page HERE.
2. Like Stamford Catering's Facebook page HERE.
3. Leave a comment either in this blog post OR in the corresponding Facebook post HERE by telling me which Mini Party Set you will love to share with your family or friends. (You can view the 20 sets on offer HERE.)

Giveaway is open to residents in Singapore, and closes on 6 May 2015, 2359 hours.

Congratulations to the 2 winners, who have each won a set of Mini Party Set from either Select Catering or Stamford Catering! 

Khor Lee Ling
Michelle Ng

Please email me at ASAP for prize redemption details. Thanks!

Enjoy the convenience of placing your orders via Select Catering and Stamford Catering. Each mini party set is priced $95+, and needs to be ordered about 1-3 days in advance. PLUS, stand to win one of 6 iPad Minis when you order any Mini Party Set between now and 30 May 2015!

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Unknown said...

I would love to share the sedap sedap set with my with family and friends!

wee family said...

Great giveaway! Would love to try out the say SIAM! mini set since my family love that kind of food! Hope I get chosen

chewyen said...

Homely Finds set for my mother inlaw birthday and Mother's Day celebration :) thanks

Jaslyn. said...

Would love to win a set of That's So SG for mothers day gathering! This set has most of her favourite dishes inside, and it would be a really pleasant surprise for her since it is different from what we usually have! I would really love to see the priceless expression on her face.. :) Furthermore she deserves the best for all that she had done, and Select food catering has a reputation for serving delicious food and I am sure everyone will enjoy the food! Thank you for having this giveaway.:)

Unknown said...

That's so SG! would be the mini party set i would like to have. Just nice my son bday is coming early June.

Tin Rodriguez said...

I would love to share the Thai-Riffic Mini Party Set to family and friends, just because we love Thai food ^_^

Chin Ming said...

I would love to share the So Oishii!! Set with my family because we are all fans of Japanese food and never want to miss an opportunity to savour Oishii food!!!

Unknown said...

So Oishii! I love jap style food

[*^*.Alyse Tay.*^*] said...

A simple me just wish to celebrate my upcoming birthday at my mum's place with a TASTE OF HOME..!!
(,") Nothing is more impt than my loved ones (",)

valyuki said...

I would love to share the Taste Of Home with my family.

Jingxian said...

Genki Delights! Great for my boy's birthday and mother's day celebration.

sherry he said...

I would like to try "Makan Bagus !"
It will make a good birthday celebration for my sister !!

Michelle said...

I would like to win 'Go to the West' as the food looks so good and appetizing in your photos.

Unknown said...

It's such a difficult decision that I have to pick one because all of mini sets sounds so interesting! I'm really torn between Thai-Riffic and So Oishii!

But I'll have to go with Thai-Riffic because I really want my daughter's upcoming birthday celebration to be awesome and Thai-Riffic!

jazpy said...

Tea Time Treats ! because i enjoy having Tea Time treats with the people I love. It is just a good way to relax and bond!

Peline said...

"Say Siam" for the Lum Family! Great chance to host a mini gathering among our loved ones

Debra said...

Genki Delights sounds yummy!

Bebe Lee said...

I love Genki Delights

Grace Lee said...

Thai-Riffic is delicious

Chay Hwai said...

Wild Wild West  

Unknown said...

So spoilt in the available choices. Any set makes me happy to receive it. Thanks.

Pearlyn Toh said...

I would love to share the Homely Finds party set with my family and friends! These dishes are familiar to us and has the taste of home so it will definitely suit the tastebuds of my relatives of all ages! :)

Unknown said...

Genki Delights will suit my family's tastebuds the best! Thanks for this giveaway

Anonymous said...

I'd love the western set - WILD WILD WEST!! The potato kiddos will have a blast and we can have friends over as my 2 kids have their birthdays in the same month!! Can't beat that! Except a mini party set from Select!

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