Jun 3, 2016

Rebounding Fun for Families at BOUNCE Singapore Trampoline Park!

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BOUNCE, one of the world’s best indoor adrenaline-packed arena that combines recreation, fitness and fun opens at the heart of Orchard Road.

And yes, it is the newest trampoline park in town!

Located at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, BOUNCE features three zones on a 24,000 sq ft arena which consists of trampolines (including an Olympic grade, high performance area), X-Park (a ninja warrior-like obstacle course & the first in Asia), and Leap of Faith. More than enough adrenaline fun to keep everyone in the family entertained, if you ask me!

Best of all, BOUNCE Singapore caters to almost everyone from kids aged three and above to youths, adults and fitness enthusiasts.

And if you are planning to take the kids, there are SEVEN activities at BOUNCE for them to go bonkers over. Well actually, count the adults in as well!

Free Jumping Area

With 28 interconnected trampolines incorporating a series of longer tumble tracks and angled banked wall, this spring-loaded urban playground is the perfect place to Jump, Bounce. Jump, Bounce. Jump, Bounce. And repeat.

Who knew jumping on the trampolines could be this much fun? In fact, everyone was having such a carefree time jumping around that we hardly noticed that we were in the middle of a cardio workout.

Yes, in case you didn't know, according to a study completed by NASA, a 10 minute jump on a trampoline is equivalent to a 30 minute run! I will definitely take jumping over running anytime.

Exclusively for junior jumpers of at least 3 years of age and under 110cm in height, they will also have a designated jumping zone cordoned off for them from 10am – 4pm on weekdays and 10am – 12pm on weekends.

Big Bag

Here, one can launch oneself into the air via a trampoline and hurtle onto an enormous air bag. And it's strangely addictive!

Yes, I launched myself onto the Big Bag too.

No, the Big Bag did not burst.

The Wall

Here, kids and parents can drive (or bounce) themselves up the wall. Literally.

With the aid of high-rebound capabilities of Performance Trampolines, jumpers will be able to run up the wall. No doubt Wall Running may take a while to master, but something tells me it should come with practice.

Do note however, that the Wall Run is only permitted for jumpers who are taller than 125cm.

Slam Dunk

The Slam Dunk area features full-height rings sitting above runway trampolines, surrounded by padded walls and floor mats - the stage is all set to show off one's dunking prowess.

Trampoline Dodgeball

Otherwise known as "the place where everyone can hit each other with balls and NOT get into trouble", two teams throw soft ‘bowling ball’ sized dodgeballs at each other as they jump around the court. If you hit an opponent with a ball, that person is out. Last player bouncing wins.


If you have always haboured secret desires to test out a Ninja Warrior-styled obstacle course, this is your best bet.

BOUNCE Singapore is the first location in Asia to feature this signature indoor adventure challenge course – X-Park.

Designed to allow challenge and diversity for both first timers and free-running masters, this adventure obstacle course incorporates 15 different elements with varying routes for beginners through to experts.

So expect plenty of climbing, jumping, free-running and swinging.

Not all challenges can be completed by kids though as some are only meant for adults. But the beauty of the X-Park is that each element can be explored as a stand-alone challenge or navigated as one circuit with different levels of difficulty.

And for the grand finale - zipping on the aerial runway to the finish line!

Undoubtedly, the X-Park is the boys' fave activity of the lot!

Feeling competitive? Purchase an RFID (Radio-Frequency ID) band at the reception and time yourself against a friend! Simply swipe it against the RFID reader at the start and end of your X-Park challenge to track your timings on the big video wall. The RFID band is fully reusable and can be kept for future BOUNCE Singapore visits.

NOTE: Proper footwear – sneakers or sports shoes – is required to take on the X-Park adventure challenge course. A minimum 125cm height required for all participants.

Leap of Faith

Another first for Singapore, 'Leap of Faith' presents the ultimate personal challenge. Adventure junkies who love the rush of adrenaline can test their physical (and mental) limits by jumping from a raised platform and leaping out to catch hold of the grab bag.

NOTE: Additional charges apply for Leap of Faith. Tickets can only be purchased at the sales counter at $5 per jump or $10 per 3 jumps.

After jumping and clearing obstacles for one hour, I think it is safe to say that the boys were thoroughly exhausted.

For parents who wish to take the more chillax approach, South 38, BOUNCE’s very own café serves up a variety of Australian-styled café dishes including toasted sandwiches, muffins, milkshakes and Melbourne-style coffee made from fresh, air-flown Australian coffee beans. And yes, free Wi-Fi is available too.

Planning a birthday celebration? BOUNCE Singapore also has three Party Rooms that can hold a maximum of 20 pax per room or a total of 60 pax combined. Visit HERE for more details on party packages.

In addition, fitness classes will also be launched at a later date. Classes in the pipeline are Bounce Fit – much like aerobics on trampolines, Flight Academy – where participants will learn cool tricks on trampolines and lastly, Mini Bounce classes for the kids.

Things to take note:

- It is compulsory for all participants to purchase a pair of specially designed BOUNCE Grip socks ($3/pair) before entry into the adrenaline arenas. The BOUNCE grip socks can be kept for future BOUNCE visits.

- Minimum age allowed to jump is 3 years old

- Weight limit of 120kg

- A session runs for 60mins & begins on the hour

- Jumpers are advised to arrive at least 20min before the session, to allow time for signing waivers, putting on socks and listening to the safety brief.

- All participants will also have to sign a waiver before entry into the adrenaline arenas. Participants aged 18 years and below will require parental consent – completion of the form can be done in advanced through an e-service.

- Lockers will be available on-site for patrons to store their belongings.

- Toilets are located on the same floor.

I also have to give a special mention to all the BOUNCE staff stationed at the various activity areas. Everyone has to go through a short briefing before the start of every activity and the rules are adhered to strictly - one person per trampoline at all times, no rough play and minimal overcrowding at each activity area.

Pity that Ale could not join her brothers this time round but you know what that means... the boys will be using it as an excuse for us to visit BOUNCE one more time!


Congratulations to the following 3 winners! You have each won a set of Entry Passes (4 tickets) to BOUNCE Singapore!

1. Candy Tan
2. Nadia Kua
3. Andy Neo

Please email me at kelvin@cheekiemonkie.net by 4 August 2016 for prize collection details. Thanks!

Thanks to BOUNCE Singapore, I have THREE sets of Entry Passes to give away! Each set of Entry Pass consists of FOUR tickets.

For a chance to win, all you have to do is do the following:

1. LIKE BOUNCE Singapore's Facebook page HERE.

2.  Tell us WHICH ACTIVITY at BOUNCE Singapore you are looking forward to try most! Leave your comment below in the blog post OR on our Cheekiemonkies' Facebook corresponding post HERE.

NOTE: You have to complete both steps in order to qualify for the giveaway.

SHARE this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook for another bonus chance! Remember to set your profile to public so that I can see the shared post.

Giveaway ends on 27 July 2016, 2359 hours.

Good Luck! :)

Useful Information

BOUNCE Singapore
#09-01, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Road, Singapore 239695
Opening Hours: Sun-Thurs 10am – 10pm | Fri-Sat 10am – midnight
Admission charges:
General Access - $24 for first hour & $19 for subsequent hour
(INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL: $19 for first hour & $14 for subsequent hour)
Junior Jumpers (at least 3 yrs old & under 110cm) - $17 for first hour & $12 for subsequent hour
Student Session (Student ID required) - $19 for first hour & $14 for subsequent hour (Mon to Fri only)
Website: www.Bounceinc.com.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BounceSG/

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Unknown said...

My three kids will love to try the Free Jumping Area .... My youngest son cannot even stop jumping on the sofa at home ... Seriously hope to win THIA giveaway from Cheekiemonkies

Unknown said...

Having three kids means more outdoor activities to exhaust their never ending energy. Moreover they never been to an indoor bonuce before. I really hope they will enjoy every single part of thd place. I really looking forward to go. Hope to win the tickets to reward them for looking after my newborn baby. Hope I'm the lucky one!

girls and me said...

Wow... I'm sure my gals will look to try the Free Jumping Area ... Looking forward to try out at #BounceSingapore
Thanks for lovely giveaway.
Hope we are the lucky family..

Cynthia Tan said...

LEAP OF FAITH looks like alot of fun! I don't mind trying it with my tween! :)

Joey said...

My 5.5yrs hyperactive autistic girl will definitely love the free jumping area! Its a really good place for her to release her energy and have alot of fun!! Hope the winner will be me!! Thank you for this giveaway!!

Anonymous said...

My girl will love to try out trampoline dodge ball n big bag. She will hv ultimate fun at Bounce and she will be thrill if we get to win coz she can invite her cousins to join in the fun with her

Liked Bounce fb page.

Fb : grace ng

Andy Ong said...

I am 100% sure that my 2 kids will absolutely love the Trampoline Dodgeball! Just hope that they will not try that at home! Thanks for the giveaway.

Anonymous said...

My girl would love to try out the free jumping area and trampoline dodge ball.

Liked and shared on FB (Xinyou See).

Roselyn Tan said...

My 2 boys will definitely love to try the X Park. It is something new at a trampoline place. So they will be thrilled at that. Really hoping that I can win the passes and bring them there.

Anonymous said...

My girls 👭 will love to try out at the x-park.. They love rock climb so much!

Thanks for the giveaway.
Hope I can win this giveaway for my girls, thanks!

Fb: Samantha Trixi-lly Dan

Qiuting said...

Will love to win the tickets and bring my 3 year old daughter for the junior jumping area! She has just been promoted to a big sister and has been taking care of Didi well! This will be a good reward for her to have some fun with us! She loves jumping around at home! Hope to win the tickets!

Frances Lim said...

My kids would definitely loves the Trampoline Dodgeball.

Unknown said...

I'm keen to try the Big Bag! Very impressive and neat place. I'm sure my 2 dynamic kids would be enthusiastic to visit this place.

Thanks for the recommendation and an opportunity to win the passes.

FB: Nadia Kua

Lim_jenny71@yahoo.com.sg said...

Definitelt the leap of faith! Great way to train up my kids courage!

FB:Jenny Lim

Naomi Chan said...

I'd love to try out the X-Park to challenge myself to be a Ninja Warrior & overcome the obstacles in the course, & also let me relive my JC days as a Ventures & Rovers Cadet.
Liked & Shared this post!

Unknown said...

I like to try X-Park the most as it the nearest equivalent to becoming a ninja without the fear of causing real serious injury..

Unknown said...

Definitely the X park for my super active kids!!

It will be super bouncy fun for them and the family! Looking forward to bringing them there!!

ashmika said...

Big Bag seems really addictive & my daughter is going to simply love it..Txs for hosting an awesome giveaway encouraging an active life style.. :)


~~吳大娘 - 吳懿恩, 吳懿倖和吳勇樂的母亲大人~~ said...

Wanna try my kiddos try out X-Park .. Ninja moves ..

Plenty of challenges for them to exhaust their energy and test their limits ..

Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway :)

Unknown said...

Definitely looking forward to the X-Park challenges!! Looks loads of fun!!!

My FB is Andy Neo

Wenli said...

I've not brought my boys to any trampoline park and this looks like a great place to start with! Certainly love that they have a junior jumper area too

Jingxian said...

I would love to try the X Park activity. But for the boys, slam dunk will be great for them to pretend that they are great basketball players. Ha...

Joan Lim said...

We would love to be jumping in the free jumping area. My trio will definitely be exhilarated and it would their time in a trampoline park! Hope it could be a surprise for our youngest upcoming birthday in a few weeks. The older two were just ecstatic looking at the pictures of X Park. This is going to be an exciting place for kids. Thank you for the giveaway!
FB: Joan Lim

Ally said...

Will sure start with free jumping area first. Ever since we had our first taste of trampoline jump in Australia, we had been lamenting no chance to do it in SG. We really want to do it again and hope my kids will hav chance to continue this activity. Even I enjoyed doing it myself as it is really a good form of exercise !

Nammi said...

Hi.... i want to take my boys to bounce do i have to prebook a session or just go there and arrange one?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Nammi, it's advisable to pre-book your slot beforehand. Walk-ins are accepted, provided that the specific time slot that you want is not fully booked.

chole jenn said...

any other bouncing area you know near marina bay

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