Aug 2, 2019

Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast Revisited + GIVEAWAY!

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During the September school holidays last year, we visited the spanking new waterpark at Desaru Coast and had the time of our lives - you can read my complete review HERE if you haven't already.

So when we had the chance to revisit Adventure Waterpark during our recent stay at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, the monkies obviously jumped for joy!

Since our last visit, some things have changed; like the name. Previously known as Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark, it is now known as simply Adventure Waterpark... which is cooler, since the previous name was pretty long and a mouthful.

But the things that all of us love about the waterpark - and enjoying everything as a family - pretty much remained the same.

Like Kraken's Revenge, which is the region's FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND water rollercoaster.

It is a combination of a roller coaster and splashing flume ride that takes thrill seekers up 30-metres above the ground in rolling “boats” before swooping and spinning through a full 360-degree horizontal loop. The ride then takes a 27-metre drop to the shipwrecking Kraken sea monster waiting in the pool of water below!

For younger kids, Kids Ahoy will always remain a favourite zone.

In addition to the standard huge water play structure, complete with water slides and giant splash bucket, the water park has a dedicated children’s zone with three separate age-appropriate play areas filled with water play equipment with a combination of 13 different water slides designed for the waterpark’s younger kids.

And this time around, Ale managed to 'force' the two older brothers to go on the water slides with her. 😆

For even younger kids or toddlers, there is also a dedicated area - AND SHELTERED! - just for them.

And of course, no waterpark will be complete without the standard huge water play structure, with water slides and giant splash bucket for that added fun and squeals.

No matter how old the monkies get, the idea of floating along the Lazy River on a float never gets stale.

Yup, because nothing is more relaxing than chilling on a float while drfting along with the currents along the long and looping 350-metre long Penawar River. Perfect for families and kids of all ages!

And then there is the fave attraction of the lot.

In our books, the Tidal Wave Beach is the BEST wave pool that we have ever been too... so it wasn't any surprise that we spent more than 2 hours staying soaked inside!

When the waves are not crashing down, it actually makes for a great place to just simply chill.

Or flip one's hair. 🤣

But who am I kidding? The WAVES are certainly the star attraction!

That's because the Tidal Wave Beach is one of the biggest wave pools in the world with some of the world’s biggest man-made waves! This signature water feature at Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark spreads over nearly three acres and holds more than 4 million gallons of water. And this wave pool generates tidal waves. Yes, waves that actually reach up to 3m in height!


I don't know if it were the waves, but all those splashing certainly got us really hungry.

There are a total of five Food and Beverage outlets within the waterpark and the last time we were there, we had chicken rice and lamb shank at the Kelong Eatery. This time round, we tried the food at River Grill, which serves fast food like burgers and chicken chop.

The beef burgers were great; the patties were well-marinated and juicy... and filling enough to prep us for our next activities at the waterpark!

The later part of the afternoon then saw us experiencing the attractions and rides that we didn't get to try during our first visit.

One of them was Surf Wall, a surf simulator where surfing beginners or enthusiasts can catch and ride artificial waves.

Adventure Waterpark also conducts surfing sessions and lessons at hours before and after park opening hours. Rates start from RM400 per person and you can email for more information and to book.

But the most anticipated water rides for us came in the form of these gigantic babies.

During our last visit, we didn't manage to try any one of the four water rides due to extremely long queues. One of the main reasons for the long queues was the huge floats had to be manually carried up to the top by the staff so that required in a long waiting time. Since then, an automatic conveyor belt system has been constructed so the queues are considerably shortened... like by A LOT, because we managed to try each of the four rides multiple times!

Of the four, I say the most exciting water rides are The Riptide and The Tempest.

The Riptide (above photo) swept us up at the steepest angles and fastest speeds giving an unparalleled feeling of weightlessness. We then whooshed downhill to enter the first twister where we slid back and forth several times before exiting into the second and third twisters before ending with a splash out into the pool. Ale was a little apprenhensive at first but after the first time, let's just say she got hooked!

The Tempest, on the other hand, gave a different sense of excitement.

The combination of two high-energy funnels as well as a sudden 24-foot drop - which allowed for high-banking swings and zero gravity moments - coupled with a swirling vortex motion before descent... need I say more? 😁

I think the monkies will certainly be open to another visit! Okay okay, me too. 🤣

If you are thinking of visiting Adventure Waterpark, I say pair it up with a stay at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast. Not only is it just located BESIDE the waterpark, hotel guests get an exclusive entrance and exit - bringing you directly into the waterpark without having to join the queue at the main entrance! In addtion, hotel guests with a waterpark ticket can exit and re-enter the waterpark within the same day. No re-entry is allowed for standard ticket holders.


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 3 WINNERS! You have each won 1 set of Adventure Waterpark tickets which consists of FOUR Adult one-day tickets! The tickets are valid until 15 November 2019.

1. Jeslyn Lee
2. Rezetty Ramzan
3. Mickey Yi

Please email me at for prize collection details. Thanks!

Thanks to Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast, I have THREE sets of Adventure Waterpark tickets to give away! Perfect timing if you are planning to visit during the upcoming September school holidays! 😄

Each set consists of FOUR Adult One-day tickets. What this means it's more flexible since you can use the tickets for kids or your friends!

IMPORTANT: The tickets are valid until 15 November 2019.

To participate, all you have to do is the following:

1. LIKE Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast's Facebook page HERE.

2. Tell me why you wish to win the tickets. Leave your comment either in the corresponding Facebook post HERE or in this blog post.


1. SHARE this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook for a BONUS chance! Remember to set your profile to public so that I can see the shared post.

2. Head to my post on Instagram to score more bonus chances!

Giveaway ends on 11 August 2019, 2359 hours.


Useful Information

Adventure Waterpark
ADDRESS: Desaru Coast, No. 4 Jalan Danau, Desaru Coast, 81930 Bandar Penawar,  Johor Darul Ta’zim, Malaysia
OPENING HOURS: 10am – 6pm daily
ONLINE: Adult RM137 | Child (below 12 years old) & Senior (Age 60+) RM102 | Toddler (below 3 years old) FREE
TICKET COUNTER: Adult RM161 | Child (below 12 years old) & Senior (Age 60+) RM120 | Toddler (below 3 years old) FREE
By Car - 1.5-hour drive from Singapore Checkpoints via Senai–Desaru Expressway
By Coach - Coach from Singapore available at Singapore Flyer. Round trip tickets from S$35. Visit HERE for more info.
CONTACT: +603-2203-9696

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Lim Suk Hong said...

My boys love legoland waterpark and sunway lagoon. I am quite sure they would love to go Desaru waterpark as well, hope can win your giveaway and we can bring the kids there during Sept holidays!!

Liked Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast's Facebook page.

Thank you for your kindness and consideration!!

Cecilia said...

Thank you for the giveaway. Have always follow your blog to bring my 3 kiddos out.
They love the water and needless to say the slides.
Hope to win the tix for a mini vacay soon.

Amy Lam said...

Because I love my family and wanted to give my favorite niece & nephew the best waterpark by Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast! It be a ball of splashing good time with all of my love ones enjoying in this great water park!

melateez said...

Please pick us! My son birthday is in September. We really need a holiday a stream of unforeseen episodes past few months. And I think my kids deserve the break for being such a wonderful understanding and patience kids.

Joanna Choo said...

We hope to win because our kids birthdays are in September!

Angela said...

Thank u for the giveaway n posts that give us inspiration on where to visit as a family. My child's birthday is coming up in a couple of months n I would love to bring her to Desaru for her first water themepark experience 😊 Would also love to check out the latest Hard Rock Hotel and bring my family to view the fireflies as well. Believe that we will have a smashing good time 😊

SuhailaFlow said...

We visited the park in June this year and it rained most of the day! My two year old was cold most of the time... however we stayed and waited because he loved the z
Lazy River! My nine year old loved the park so much that we stayed from 11am till 5pm! The park is fun and beautiful that we waited for one and a half hours at Castaway, for The Tempest to reopen! We have yet to experience the roller coaster as it was closed most of the day due to the rain. We hope to go back and enjoy the refreshing and fun experience!

Yvonne said...

Can't wait to make some new memories for the family album, thank you!

Leow Yong May said...

I have 2 children who loves swimming,
as it gives them a lot of adrenaline.
Now it's time to get them grinning,
Desaru tix which I hope I'm winning!

Jingfang.Jiang said...

Hope to win those tickets as my boy loves outdoor activities. He will definitely go crazy and will enjoy himself if we bring him go to the water adventure park during his sept holiday. We can also spend some quality family bonding time; away from Work and gadgets. We also wish to have an advance birthday celebration for my Hubby over at the water park.

Noor Fazillah said...

I wish to win this for my 3 kids who loves waterplay. Hope to give them a surprise trip do Adventure Desaru Park during September School holiday. This would give them a smile on their face.

Fb: Noor Fazillah

Eiyra Izzati said...

i wish to win the Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast because...
C: create the memory
H: holiday's my child will be fun
E: exciting and enjoy
E: earns my child's experience
K: kids love to play water
I: i will be the lucky winner!
E: exclusive and affordable place
S: spend time with family
M: memorable moment
O: opportunity to have some fun
N: new adventure park
K: kudos for our sponsor
I: i have never been to Desaru
E: enjoy wave of fun
S: seems to be a fun destination

Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast

LO YI FUI said...

Live is a vacation,
You only live once! 🏄🏾‍♀️

Family is everything. Without family, I am nothing. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

It’s fate. Our family comes with 4 members! NGAM NGAM LA! 🤣

We are heading to West Malaysia for my graduation ceremony in October. My father’s birthday is in October too. I really wish to make this upcoming trip more meaningful and memorable by bringing all my dear family members to this wonderful park! ♥️

Please, make my dream comes true. 🏠

Papa and mama I love you! 😍

We do really need a short escape! Please!

In a land not so far called KL,
Live a girl in her ‘castle’,
Who never ever travel to else where,
Be it China, Perth or Korea.

She lives a life of 8 to 5,
So much stress, everyday sigh,
She definitely needs to take a break,
And she always says "Ok Ok",
After all, ends up nothing.

Tomorrow comes, dream fades,
Work, due dates and bosses chase,
So she sits back on her chair,
Close her eye, imagine some other place.

And now. Chances exists! I can finally relax! ♥️

Waiting for miracles to happen! See you soon Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast.

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