Mar 11, 2020

YOTEL Singapore is Orchard's most value-for-money staycation + A 3D2N GIVEAWAY!

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Opened in Oct 2017, YOTEL Singapore at Orchard was the first YOTEL to open in Asia and because a staycation need not be expensive, YOTEL Singapore has redefined just that by being one of the most affordable hotels in Orchard Road area.

Sharing the same location as International Building, the hotel is just beside Shaw Centre and Lido Theatres, making it just steps away from ION Orchard, Wisma Atria, Wheelock Place, Takashimaya, TANGS and yes, even Orchard MRT. In short, its location is fantastic!


YOTEL is inspired by first-class air travel which means the clever usage of space with minimalist clean designs occupy the entire hotel.

Oh, do you see the two robots in the above photo? They are YOLANDA and YOSHI, serviced robots which can be called into action with a phone call from your hotel room to deliver simple items like bottles of water or a set of towels. Pity they were off-shift (read: under maintenance) when we were there so we could not test their services.

What we did test out was the speed at which our check-in was completed. If you had read my previous post on YOTEL Changi Airport at Jewel, it is exactly the same check-in process.

Once again, all I had to do was to enter my booking details, self-scan my NRIC and I got my room keys just like that. Everything still under 5 minutes! I can't tell you how convenient that is, especially for families with young kids who always seem to get super restless while waiting to check in at a hotel. Yes, been there done that. πŸ˜…


And we were in our rooms or rather cabins, in a jiffy.

Just like the cabins at YOTEL Changi Airport, the cabins here also come with the hotel chain's signature adjustable bed which can be reclined like a sofa and lay fully flat at night during bedtime - all at the touch of a button.

But that's where the similarities end because for starters, the room area is considerably larger than that at YOTEL Changi Airport. Our Premium Queen with View cabin certainly doesn't feel as claustrophobic and there is ample walking space.

Best of all, the cabin comes with full length glass windows and a view!

A thing to note though, the bath and toilet area is located right next to the windows, which means you have to roll down the blinds every time you wish to use the bathroom. Hmmm...

So yes, I feel a little conflicted. The windows with the view is a great touch but because there is a frosted glass partition and door separating the bathroom from the rest of the room, one doesn't get as much natural light streaming into the room in the day time.

But I still love the cabin overall because I'm amazed how the furnishings are designed to fully maximize the available space. There are hidden panels which stores the ironing board and even an umbrella, extra hangers which can be 'pushed' out of the walls and extra desk space made by pulling down a panel from below the television. Even the bedside table managed to fit plenty of features into a tiny space - a pull-out table, a foldable chair, a safe and even a mini fridge!

Bringing along the kids? Then you have to opt for the Premium Queen with Bunk!

It's basically the same room as the Premium Queen cabin but it comes with an additional bunk bed above the Queen bed. And it will always be a hit with the kids, I say! 😁

But enough of chilling in our cabins... it was time to explore YOTEL Orchard's premises!


Just like any other hotel, YOTEL Orchard has a restaurant, bar, gym and swimming pool. Yes, that last bit always works for the monkies. 🀣

We had earlier walked around ION Orchard, went to Daiso and bought two foam noodles for $2 each at a whim. And who knew how much fun these two cheap long tubes would bring??? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

And did I mention that the pool area is highly Instagram-worthy too? Heh.

KOMYUNITI is the hotel's in-house restaurant which serves all-day dining, and this is also where you will have your buffet breakfast as well.

The selection is pretty decent; not too may choices but sufficient.

Besides the usual staple of sausages, scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans, there are also fried beehoon, nasi lemak, and congee dishes. And for egg fans, there is an egg station too.

HERE'S A TIP: If you book DIRECT with YOTEL Orchard, you get FREE buffet breakfast as part of the booking! Can't argue with that, no? 


The room rate for a Premium Queen cabin starts from $144++ while the rate is $160++ for the Premium Queen with Bunk for YOTEL members. The membership is free to sign up by the way.

That said, it will not be surprising that the hotel will run certain promotions now and then. In fact, I checked the rates for the March school holidays weekends and the rates are $137.70++ for the Premium Queen cabin and $153.90++ for the Premium Queen with Bunk cabin! All with free buffet breakfast!


YOTEL has newly launched a Staycation package which is perfect for weekenders who are after a unique, comfortable “getaway” experience in the heart of the city and want access to a pool, gym and great F&B choices (think award-winning cocktails!). The package consists of a minimum 2-night staycation experience over a weekend and includes late check-out till 4pm, complimentary breakfast and $40 nett F&B credit at KOMYUNITI. This offer is applicable to all cabin types, subject to availability. To book, visit, select your desired date range (must be minimum 2 nights crossing over a weekend) and choose the Staycation Package option.


If you are looking for a staycation in the Orchard area, you probably won't be able to find a cheaper option elsewhere. In addition, you also get to enjoy amenities typically found in more upscale hotels such as a pool and gym.

For more details and to book directly, visit HERE.


Thanks to YOTEL Orchard, I have a 3D2N STAYCATION Package (with breakfast) to give away! You can choose from either a Premium Queen cabin or Premium Queen with Bunk cabin.

Redemption period is until 31 August 2020.

To participate, all you have to do is the following:

1. LIKE YOTEL Singapore's Facebook page HERE.
2. Tell me why you wish to win the 3D2N Staycation package. Leave your comment either in the corresponding Facebook post HERE or in this blog post.


1. SHARE this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook for a BONUS chance! Remember to set your profile to public so that I can see the shared post.

2. Head to my post on Instagram to score more bonus chances!

Giveaway ends on 20 March 2020, 2359 hours.


Useful Information

YOTEL Singapore
366 Orchard Road, Singapore 238904

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ah phia said...

Liked and shared. Hope to win this to bring my kids out for an overdue holiday! I also need a break... Mentally and physically toiled... Both at work and home... πŸ˜ͺ And it's just going to get worse so hope to have a getaway to recharge myself and prepare myself and my firstborn for P1 next year... Thank you!

Sin Wei said...

i would love to win this giveaway as we haven’t have a staycations at yotel before and from your post it looks great. my kids would b so happy ��

Eunice wee said...

Staycations are the best! Taking time off from work and school and simply checking into a hotel locally is a Breeze and always enjoyable.
Hope to win this to spend quality time with the family.

Sin Wei said...

We would love to win giveaways this as we have longing to hv a staycation for a while and yotel hotel just looks prefect. my kids would b so happy to hv a staycation there.

Wong Siew said...

Hope to win this staycation to celebrate my hubby’s bday as he seldom or never had a good rest and to bring my gals for the long overdue staycation so hope can win and one stone hit 2 birds 🀣. πŸ™πŸ˜

Megha @ Meinblogland... said...

I should win this staycation coz I participate in lots of such giveaways but I never win anything! �� Also, coronavirus dude!

Anne said...

I really want to win so that my girls can get a holiday feeling in their March break, since we are not allowed to go outside of Singapore due to the virus. This is a perfect close getaway, and it looks super fun!

Gina Tian said...

Liked and shared!❤❤
Hope to win 3d/2n staycation with my family at Yotel Hotel. My hubby can de-stress himself from work as he works in Changi Airport. My kids can relax themselves from school work, Myself can have a short break. Due to Covid-19, we can't arrange short getaway. My kids will be thrilled to stay in prestige Yotel hotel at Orchard, sleep in bunk bed, swimming. We could spend quality time together, enjoy morning breakfast. Thank you for awesome giveaways!

Cai YiPing Joey said...

Because I want to let my child know , no need to go oversea holiday staycation also can happen anytime in singapore.

Cai YiPing Joey said...

Because I want to let my child know , no need to go oversea holiday staycation also can happen anytime in singapore.

Cecilia said...

My 3 kids have been asking for holiday for the past 2 yrs.. it would be a good getaway for them if we get to win this staycay!

KK said...
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Chloe Goh said...

Has been following your blog, Facebook posts and Instagram too. Always enjoy reading the fun filled, informative articles on travel and activities! Please let me win once.... let me win this 3D2N staycation in YOTEL Singapore to experience the same fun like you and your family did ya!

Anonymous said...

Not traveling this school hols cause of COVID19, and hubby doesn’t believe in staycations. πŸ™„ Want to win one for the kids during school hols and also to prove to him that staycays can be fun!

Benson said...

Liked and shared

I wish to win this staycation as i have let my Fiance down for many months after our anniversary. Haven given her a properly celebration and would like to make it up to her through this staycation.

Anonymous said...

Never has a staycation before. Hoping to get this n enjoy the staycation

feathers said...

Liked and shared! We haven't been able to go for a family holiday for the longest time and this will be a really fantastic surprise for my girls. I love to be able to create beautiful memories at Yotel Singapore and to share my amazing experience with my friends afterwards. Please make our dreams come true! πŸ’•

Fb - April Ng
Insta - therainbowconfetti

Unknown said...

Our family has cabin fever! We'd love to win!

Blessmom said...

I'll pray for a surprise staycay for my 3children and hubby. They deserved it. And baing a stay home mom, financial is pretty thight to bring the kids for stay cay. My Daughter always love reading your blog, your staycay experiences and many others. I hope to be bless the opportunity to win a staycay for my 3children. Continue being an Amazing Daddy ❤️

Pauline said...

It is my daughter's PSLE year, hope to win this and bring her for some relaxation time before her exams!

Marcia too said...

Need a getaway to bond with my family .. drained out need to be recharged .. to celebrate my birthday on 28march

Jerena said...

Not travelling cos of COVID-19 so we very much need a staycay to expend the neverending energy of the little one!

Angie Yeep said...

I hope to win this to celebrate my birthday and wedding anniversary with my hubby. Due to Covid 19, we do not want to risk to travel overseas to celebrate and hope we can have a staycation. Thank you for the giveaway.

Unknown said...

My daughter’s P5 school camp was cancelled due to Covid-19. She has been very sad as she was looking forward to the camp since start of the year. Hope to win this staycation to cheer her up! No 3D2N at campsite, but at least a 3D2N at a hotel!

Liked & shared!

Unknown said...

I have been eyeing the Yotel at Jewel Changi Airport and now I may have a chance to stay Yotel le! I am sure it will be a hit with the kids with robots walking around and the bunk bed! They had so much fun when we stayed in Festive Hotel Sentosa as it comes with a little bed on top as well. This is my first staycation of the year in our small island away from home. Please give me a break! 😁

Eunice said...

Would love to surprise my boyfriend with a romantic staycay on his birthday! With Yotel being located in the heart of Orchard, it will be really accessible to get to the omakase restaurant that I booked for his dinner treat. :)

Wilson said...

Hoping to win this vacation to give my kid a surprise vacation. Even tho my kid had not gone oversea vacation let alone staying in a hotel for vacation, this would be an awesome experience for her to have in staying first time in hotel. Thanks !

duriankang said...

Hope to win this staycation as news reported Covid 19 increasing , have to take a break and relax and meditate

Natalie said...

I hope to win this as my son's 3rd birthday is coming and I hope we can celebrate it at the hotel!

Terri said...

Looking forward to win this because my family will be moving out from our first home soon and it will be years from now that we will eventually own a space call our own. Really hope this staycation could brighten the spirit of the family and help with the letting go of the home easier.

Unknown said...

Really hope to win this. I think my kids deserve a staycation after all the studying. We seldom travel and it's been awhile my kids relax and have fun. This will be the perfect giveaway for them.

Jiefang said...

I want to try hotel staycation with my family :)

KK said...

My sons and I have been celebrating on the anniversary of our Family Day since it became official. A staycation this year would be great as it would be an extremely luxurious 4th year celebration for us. Thank you.


Joyce Chin said...

With this premium bunk bed cater for our kids , it’s certainly the family oriented room that we can have lots of fun even our overseas holiday is cancelled but staycation at
( Y ) OTEL allows real fun
( O ) verwhelming great amenities and shopping around
( T ) he swimming pool is Instagram worthy spot to capture the smiles flashing on my hubby and kids
( E )xcellent service with 2 capable helpers Yolanda and Yoshi to deliver room service at the doorstep
( L )eaving fantastic memories that we can curate and create with this staycation !!

meishan said...

We need a break together with the 3 kids! 😭😭😭

Jesmine said...

Hope to win this as my hubby is leaving behind me and kids for work overseas soon for 9mths! And my kids haven't been to staycation before! We hope to spend a good quality time and memories together as a family before he leaves. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Honestly because of the Covid-19 situation we opt to cancel our overseas travels for the year, sad but it's for the best. So rather than be miserable at home better enjoy what the country has to offer instead. a stay-cation in the less crowded orchard road seems a good idea! hope to win 🀞🀞

Jen said...

I hope to go on a staycation with my bae as both of us are always so busy at work and it is not easy to spend quality time together. A staycation at Yotel would be perfect for us to unwind and relax together, and enjoy what Singapore has to offer! :)

ehyphenlin said...


Like what most people are facing at the moment with COVID-19 situation, I have cancelled my flight to Korea in two weeks' time. My Korean fiancΓ© has his flight to Singapore cancelled as well. πŸ˜”

We have been looking forward to this day to come because it's gonna be our pre-wedding shoot in Singapore and the week after in Korea. However, due to the unfortunate current outbreak and very unfortunate my fiancΓ© is living in Daegu, we made the decision to call it all off way before the imposed ban and the seriousness of COVID-19 spread in Daegu. We didn't want to be another socially irresponsible person for the sake of our own interest. πŸ˜₯

Since then, I had been shutting myself out because I felt disappointed and depressed. Very grateful to have my friends being there for me through this tough period. Though my trip is cancelled, a 3D2N staycation treat @ YOTEL to take my mind off would probably be a good idea too! I haven't decide whom I would want to go on this staycation with, but I guess it would be my best friend who has been there for me through all my ups and downs in life. ❤

IG: ehyphenlin
FB: E-lin Tan

Catherine Ng said...

I have never, NEVER, gone on any holidays or family trips locally or overseas. I'm 23 years old now, and I have always wanted to spend more time with my family. The same for them as well. We don't have the luxury to spend on staycation or holidays which is why we have never gone anywhere, my parents have just been working day and night to support me and my sister. Thus, I wish I can win this staycation package so I can take my family out for fun, rest and healing, plus, my parents are not getting any younger...

Liked YOTEL Singapore's Facebook page.
Shared this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook (public).
Liked and tagged on Instagram.

Weng Zuanyan said...

Liked and shared

Hope to win a staycation as this year is my youngest one in P1 and originally had planned for a short trip to Malaysia during March holidays. But due to COVID-19, we are staying put in Singapore this time round.

Ig: esprits81
Fb: Zuanyan LuQuin Loo

Anonymous said...

With the COVID19 virus still ongoing, a staycation at Changing Airport is the nearest we can get, in place of an overseas trip.

Hope to win so that can have twin celebrations for our wedding anniversary as well!

Ashley Tan said...

I love staycations!!! Staycations are a god-send to people with little ones. The kids get to stay in a hotel, believe they are in a new land, jump on and mess up the bed, sleeping and bunk in with daddy and mommy, play and swim anytime they want, enjoy all the different wide variety of food at buffets and restaurants. It's even better for full time working parents like us that we don't have to take extra leave days for staycation and still get to enjoy and rejuvenates!

Isabel ♥ said...

With the covid situation, now is not a good time to go overseas for holiday but at least can enjoy a nice staycay here!

Melody Yap said...

Hope to win this giveaway! Since travelling is pretty restricted now, the best alternative is to opt for a staycation instead. So this giveaway is a good chance for my family to experience a staycation at our beautiful home country!

Unknown said...

Liked and shared.

This year is my wedding year. I worked hard for 2019 thinking that I have accumulated enough leave to have multiple trips with my fiancΓ© for a pre wedding trip, a mini moon and a proper honeymoon. Looks like all plans has to be adjusted again.

So sad to hear of the travel advisory but I am also lighted by the fact that there is a chance to win staycation. Who says I must diedie travel to have fun? Who says I can't have fun in SG, is all about being optimistic.

Hope the the situations gets better and everyone stay safe!
Do not YOLO, yes you only live once and don't do silly things like travelling and put yourself and friends at risk. Because your life is precious. Stay in Singapore and still continue to do fun things but with more precaution!

This virus is not long term and it will be away very soon. Stay strong fellow Singaporeans!

Matthew said...

Would like to win this staycation and enjoy a good break with my loved one. Coming into our last semester before we enter the workforce full time, i hope that we can enjoy our remaining time as a student. (PS. we're both doing internships now, so would have a good chance for a break)

Tiffany said...

I hope to go on a staycation with my hubby and 2 kids because we have not gone for a staycay before. My kids will certainly have a blast because they have always wanted a bunk bed. The swimming pool would certainly be a place where they can have a splashing good time, especially since my daughter's school swimming programme was cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus. We hope to make Yotel, Our(ho)tel, for the short staycay!Thanks for the giveaway!

FB name: Tiffany Wong

Unknown said...

My family and I love staycation. :) It is like embarking on a fantastic mini holiday without going overseas! We love the cool pool, indulging ourselves in the beautiful pool and the sun !! The kids love the pool and the buffet breakfast and it is a good opportunity to reward them for their hard work in the exams :) Most important of all it is a great platform to strengthen family bonding :);)

yan xin said...

Chanced upon your blog post today and thought I'd give this a shot:)
I entered this giveaway as I found the family portrait you took with your kids to be really heartwarming and reminded me of the times when my family used to have staycations every few months or so.
Is it far-fetched and dramatic to say that life got in the way?
But my brother and I, we're all grown up and our only staycations are those we have are with our friends. We rarely get to spend such quality time with our parents given everyone's busy schedules and I'd just like to take the opportunity to see if I could win a short staycay with my beloved fambam minus the nagging I'd get from my mum if I actually paid for one HAHAHA
Plus, my university just moved online for now so hopefully I'll be able to drag them out for a 3D2N quality staycay when the viral situation stabilizes :)

Unknown said...

Hope to bring my baby girl for her first staycation and to celebrate our wedding anniversary at the same time :)
Liked and Shared! FB: Ermy Lie; IG: ermylie

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