Oct 24, 2013

Jiggling Giggles

Media Invite
(Daddy plays)

Great news if you live in the East and are always on the lookout for new Indoor Playgrounds to let your young ones run amok - there's a fairly new one located right at the heart of Marine Parade Central (directly opposite Parkway Parade and above Standard Chartered Bank) and it's jiggles and giggles all bundled into one!

At first glance, the entire play area at GIGGLES seemed a bit small and I half-expected the boys' interest to wane considerably after a short while. It turned out that my worries were unfounded as the 2 boys embraced the play structures instantaneously.

Parents would first have to sign in their kids and themselves via an iPad - a first for me!- with both parent's and child's photos taken before entry. A good security feature but it made the registration process a tad cumbersome... especially if you have highly excitable kids who are dying to enter the Indoor Playground!

The centerpiece of Giggles has got to be the large orange arch in the middle of the playground.

A common sight in many outdoor playgrounds overseas, the SONA is an interactive playground system which uses motion detection and sounds to engage and entertain kids in a multitude of games. One such game has the system blurting out various numbers and kids are required to step onto the said numbers in the correct order. There are a total of 9 games that kids can enjoy and these games are designed to promote teamwork, problem-solving skills and develop reactive thinking, all while having good fun.

While the games are undoubtedly fun and educational, the monkies and I could barely hear the instructions or music from the speakers due to the noisy environment of the playground. Which is a pity as I thought that it is really a good play system to have.

It didn't bother the monkies too much though, not when there is the the main play structure to conquer!

The play structure has all the usual suspects of a balancing bridge, mini rock climbing wall, balance beam, slides and of course a colourful ball pit.

The entire play structure is not too enormous, which is a good thing if you have younger kids as you would be able to keep an eye on them from a distance. Ale, for one, was thoroughly enjoying herself as she rampaged through the play premises.

Well, it certainly helped that her 2 brothers were on site to join in the madness I reckon.

The revelry must have been so infectious that it edged the wifey to indulge in some balancing fun of her own too!

Which, uhm, left Ale suitably impressed?

If kids want to step away from all the boisterous action, there is also a mini pretend play section with loads of toys to keep them busy.

If you are looking to hold your child's birthday party there, there is a separate party room across the Indoor Playground and I was pleasantly surprised to see how spacious the entire area was. In fact, courses for toddlers, kids and parents are regularly conducted here as well so visit HERE if you are keen to find out more.

So what's our final verdict?

Yay: Reasonably fun factor, with the not-too-large play area better suited for younger children. There are no dizzy mazes or crevices to tunnel through here so parents need not squeeze themselves through the course of the playground just to keep a close watch on their kids.

Nay: The smaller than the usual play area is also its downside as well, since older kids may get bored after a while.

Did you know? There are lockers and a changing table located within the play area, but no nursing rooms or toilets.

Verdict: 3.5 thumbs up (out of 5)

Free admission for infants less than 1 year old.
*If the child comes in for free, adult pays $2 per pax

1 to 2 years old
Weekdays: $12 for unlimited play
Weekends and Public holidays: $12 for 2 hours. Subsequent half hour $4

3 to 12 years old
Weekdays: $20 for unlimited play
Weekends and Public holidays: $20 for 2 hours. Subsequent half hour $6

Two adults free admission with every paying child. Subsequent adult pays $2 per pax.
Pricing for School Holidays will be the same as Weekends and Public Holidays.


We are giving away ONE Admission Pass each to 2 lucky readers!

All you have to do is to 'Like' Giggles's Facebook page HERE. Leave a comment either in this blog post or on the Facebook post of this blog entry HERE once you have done so. Simple as that!

Giveaway will close on 29 October 2013, 2359hrs and results will be announced on Facebook on 1 November 2013. The giveaway is open to everyone residing in Singapore.

RESULTS: Congratulations to MABEL LIM and WONG SIEW SIEW! You have each won ONE Admission Pass to Giggles! Please email me at kelvin(at)cheekiemonkie.net to claim your prize. Thanks!!!

Useful Information

Giggles Indoor Playground
87 Marine Parade Central, #02-500B/C
Singapore 440087
Opening Hours: 10am - 7pm
Tel: (65) 6345 4947
Email: info@funatgiggles.com.sg
Website: www.funatgiggles.com.sg/

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tanmcjanette said...

Hey, thanks for the giveaway..my little one would be overjoyed to have a play day there :)

Tan Janette

Unknown said...

Little Chuck will love this indoor playground :)

Jennifer Kwok said...

Hope to be able to have my 3 little ones enjoy this new play gym :)

Min said...

Thanks for showcasing this. It looks very inviting and fun from young to old. :)

YP Woods said...

Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

Liked and hope to bring my kids there.

Carol Mei Mei said...

Hope to win this and I will bring my middle child for a special one-to-one date with him. =)

Robert Sim said...

My kids will love this new playground. Could be combined with a beach outing!


Mabel Lim said...

My little gal will definitely enjoy herself in the ball pit.

Mabel Lim

ClearTear said...

woo hoo, like already, seems fun for my girl :D

Must put email??

Jingxian said...

hope to win this for my preschooler and toddler!


FairyDust said...

Oh well good to know that there is another fun place for my precious boy!! Have purchased numerous packages of different indoor playgrounds.... shall bring him to this jiggling giggles one of these days to see if he likes it :) blossom5200@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

hope to try this whimsical place with my boy! :D


Vincent said...

Liked. XL boys thank you in advance.

Yenny Lyne said...

Thanks for sharing. My girl has been hunting for a new experience Indoor Playground in SG.
She'll really overjoyed when I bring her to this playground as her birthday 'surprise' during school holiday. Hope she is the lucky one. Cheers :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thanks all for your 'LIKES'! Keep them coming! :)

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