May 1, 2015

French-Japanese Cuisine @Far East Square + Vouchers Giveaway!

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Our first makan adventure at Far East Square started 2 months ago and since then, we have found ourselves going back numerous times whenever the weekend rolls along. 

Why? Besides being home to almost 30 food and dining outlets - authentic Min cuisine from Fuzhou, Cantonese delights as well as specialities from Thailand, Japan, Korea, India, local Singapore flavours to coffee and tea cafes, as well as sandwich, cake and pastry shops - Far East Square is so much less crowded compared to other parts of town come weekends. Plus, parking is only $3 (before GST) per entry!

So after gorging on Japanese cuisine, we decided to try something totally different during our next visit to Far East Square and things do not get as novel as what Cocotto dishes up!

Cocotto serves Japanese cuisine adapted from the French... in pot style.

Sounds a tad gimmicky? A little, but it works. Or at least the monkies thought that dining from a pot is quite cool. Each dish is served in its own individual pot, and we could take our pick from a variety of cocottos - ranging from beef to chicken, and gratin to spaghetti.

The wifey went for the Basil Beef Cocotto ($15.90), which was beef baked in oven with garlic oil and mushroom herb.

And it was yummy! The gravy was flavourful and complemented the beef very well. As for Ayd the pasta lover, there was only always going to be one choice.

The Meat Sauce Spaghetti Cocotto ($11) came with generous servings of ground beef and in the end, both Ayd and Ale were practically fighting over it!

Somewhat disappointing was the Pork Cocotto ($15) that I ordered, which was baked together with broccoli and onions.

The meat was rather dry, and the overall flavour of the dish was bland and uninspiring. Luckily, Ash's choice fared much better.

His Souffle Meat Omelette Cocotto ($9.90) is essentially egg, ground meat and cheese baked together in a pot. And it was delicious, with the egg tasting ever so fluffy! Or at least that was what I savoured from the miserable one mouthful that Ash bestowed upon me... as he promptly polished off the rest of it.

Cocotto is perhaps the only place in town to grab some no-frills French-Japanese food, so I have to say this causal eatery does a great job in blending the two cuisines and serving up affordable fusion food at the same time.


Now, here is your FINAL chance to win a $50 Far East Square Dining Voucher! Once again, there are TWO up for grabs and all you have to do is to complete the following steps:

1. Answer the following question: Mother's Day is coming! So which Far East Square's restaurant would you like to celebrate Mother's Day at? *HINT: Visit for answers!
2. Leave your answer in the comments of this blog post OR on our Cheekiemonkies' Facebook corresponding post HERE.

*Giveaway will end on 6 May 2015, 2359 hours.

Congratulations to the 2 winners, who have each won a $50 Dining voucher from Far East Square! 

Zhen Hui Koh
Rosalind Leong

Please email me at ASAP for prize redemption details. Thanks!

Useful Information

38 Pekin Street, #01-01, Far East Square
Tel: 9800 4954
Opening Hours: 11am to 11.30pm daily

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Lim Eng Keat said...

I would like to bring my mother on mother's day at BOTAN JAPANESE RESTAURANT.

Anonymous said...

I would like to dine at JU CHUN YUAN because my mother love tim sum. Hope to be the lucky one soon.


Zhen Hui Koh

Joycee said...

Vietnamese spring roll is our family's favourite. It may be a good idea to celebrate mother's day here.

Pearlyn Toh said...

I would love to bring my mummy to feast at DONG FANG HONG KOREAN CHINESE RESTAURANT, which have both of my mummy's favourite cuisines - Korean and Chinese! :D She would definitely love it there! Hope that I can be one of the lucky winners and give my mummy a well-deserved surprise this Mother's Day at Far East Square! :) Thanks for this opportunity! ^_^ <3

preciouz said...

i will bring my mum to Ju Chun Yuan as she loves chinese food and the settings is nice and classy

Unknown said...

I will bring my mum to Ju Chun Yuan as she likes Tim Sum and Chinese foods!

chewyen said...

BUTA RAMEN.. everyone love ramen!

Bebe Lee said...

Would bring her to her favorite WOO JUNG KOREAN CHARCOAL BBQ

Grace Lee said...

My mom always love Japanese cuisine and the food at Cocotto looks so delicious

Chay Hwai said...

I would like to celebrate Mother's Day at TungLok Teahouse as she loves to eat dim sum alot.

Shenny said...

Would love to bring mum to Ju Chun Yuan. she love Chinese food!

Juan said...

Would love to bring mum to Ju Chun Yuan. she loves Chinese food.

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