Aug 18, 2015

Delightful Buffet Choices at Kuishin Bo Suntec City + GIVEAWAY!

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It seems like we parents always love a good kid-friendly eatery... especially when it involves a sumptuous buffet selection AND a dedicated buffet section solely for KIDS!  

Yes, I shared the a photo of Kuishin Bo's Kids Haven corner on our Facebook page a few weekends ago and the response probably said it all.

Dedicated kids buffet area (with child-friendly height) at Kuishin Bo, Suntec City - with a popcorn machine and mini ice kachang machine no less! Which probably explains the stuffed monkies after that.
Posted by Cheekiemonkies on Saturday, July 25, 2015

Re-opening again after Suntec City underwent a bout of renovation works, Kuishin Bo - the stalwart Japanese buffet brand - has made the third level of the new North Wing its home. In fact, it is located just opposite from its previous location.

More than just a normal Japanese buffet restaurant, and most definitely more than just its catchy trademark jingle, “Dong Dong Dong, 1, 2, 3", Kuishin Bo boasts a staggering line-up running the gamut from sashimi and sushi to yakitori and agemono (grilled and fried food)... enough to make the monkies go wild with excitement the moment they stepped inside the revamped restaurant.

Interior-wise, the restaurant looks brighter and more colourful, with a larger seating capacity. Thanks to the heavily usage of wooden furnishings, the mood is casual and vibrant, yet still retaining that cosy ambience.

And just in case you did not know, the monkies are huge fans of Japanese cuisine. So it was no surprise that they were (okay, me too actually) left in awe when they first caught sight of the Kuishin Bo buffet line which spanned across seven sections – Salads & Appetizers, Sushi, Sashimi & Seafood, Teppanyaki, Paper Hot Pot, Fried Food, Soups and Desserts.

Kuishin Bo sources for fresh imports such as Salmon Sashimi which is easily one of the most sought-after items in the entire buffet line-up. The salmon is imported from Norway weekly and descaled, filleted and despatched to the restaurant daily from its own central kitchen.

The sashimi is pretty decent, not the the best I have had but it was still fresh. The hot food counters fared better though, with the grilled Teppan Beef; Australian Angus Sirloin Beef, and barbecued Lamb Garlic Miso from the Teppanyaki counter being my many faves.

There was also a wide range of made-to-order items, including the paper hot pot which came with 4 different choice of ingredients of chicken, beef, seafood and vegetables. I also enjoyed the Oden, a dish consisting of several ingredients such as daikon, and processed fishcakes stewed in a light, soy-flavoured broth - a bit like our yong tau foo.

Oh, and don't forget to have a bowl of the Ginseng Scallop Porridge as well. With a mild herbal fragrance and generous servings of scallops, the porridge was good enough for Ale to ask for second helpings!

Over 100 items to choose from and still want more? Say hello to Kuishin Bo's latest thematic food fairs showcasing gastronomic highlights from various regions in Japan. Changed quarterly, diners will now find over 20 seasonal items to indulge in; on top of the already extensive range of food!

This time, from now to 27 September 2015, the highlight is Kyushu region, the third largest island of Japan that encompasses seven prefectures including Okinawa, Miyazaki, and Kumamoto.

The slew of mouth-watering delicacies from Kyushu and Okinawa include Mentai Takana Chahan; a dish of fried rice with pickled mustard leaf, sesame seeds and cod fish roe that hails from the coastal prefecture of Kumamoto in Kyushu, Chicken Nanban; free-range chicken from Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu that is deep-fried then garnished with a special tartar sauce, and Rafute; meltingly tender Okinawan comfort food of pork belly stewed in soy sauce and brown sugar.

But nothing, absolutely nothing, can prevent kids from gravitating towards this section in the restaurant.

Exclusive to Kuishin Bo Suntec City, the Kids Haven corner is filled with kids-friendly dishes such as Chicken Ragout Spaghetti, Chicken Karaage and Curry Cream Baked Rice against a backdrop of vivid-hued masks depicting well-known Japanese cartoon characters like Doraemon and Pikachu, while coloured lanterns and “sakura” flowers dangle overhead.

Best of all, the serving counters in this area are all designed at a child-friendly height so that kids will be able to help themselves to the wide array of food. Yes, even to the DIY ice kacang and popcorn too!

No wonder the monkies could not stop beaming.

And as if those were not enough to induce a sugar rush, the dessert selection will most certainly do the job!

Quite frankly, you should definitely save some of that stomach space if you are dining at Kushin Bo... because the range of assorted tarts, cakes, biscuits and sweets is just insane.

And don't even get me started on the Chocolate Fondue.

So it turned out I could not decide on which dessert to try. And I had no choice but to settle on the next best option in the end.


Stand-outs for me were the fragrant swiss rolls (earl grey, lavender and rose flavours!), konnyaku jelly and Peanut and Red Bean Mochi. Ayd, on the other hand, loved just about every sweet little treat I reckon.

As part of the thematic fairs, special events like mochi tsuki (rice cake pounding ceremony) and doughnut- making demonstrations will also be held every Saturday and Sunday, where customers are invited to try their hand at the activities and sample the delicious, freshly-made treats. Yes, even more sweet treats!

With so many items on offer, there were hits and misses when it came to the spread. But the sheer amount of choices definitely made up for it - in fact, I think I did not even manage to try every single item! The final say (or sound) though, belonged to the monkies who let out of burps of contentment at the end of it all.

So if you are looking for an eclectic variety of food when it comes to buffets, you got it at Kuishin Bo Suntec City.


CONGRATULATIONS to JiahÜi Lim for winning the Dinner Buffet for 2 adults and 2 children at Kuishin Bo, Suntec City! Please email me at for details on your prize redemption by 4 Sep 2015. Thanks!

Exclusive for my readers, Kuishin Bo will treating one family (2 Adults and 2 Children) to its Dinner Buffet* at Suntec City (worth up to $180)!

To participate, simply complete the following steps:

1. LIKE Kuishin Bo's Facebook Page HERE.
2. Leave a comment either in the comment section of this blog post OR on our Cheekiemonkies' Facebook corresponding post HERE, to say why you are excited to dine at Kuishin Bo Suntec City with your family.

*Important: You have to complete all two steps in order to be eligible for the giveaway.

SHARE this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook for a bonus chance! Remember to set your profile to public so that I can see the shared post.

*NOTE: Buffet dinner is valid for redemption on Sundays to Thursdays only.

Giveaway ends on 26 August 2015, 2359 hours.

Useful Information

Kuishin Bo Suntec City
#03-334 Suntec City (North Wing, Tower 2), Singapore 038983
Tel: 6341 9200
Operating hours:
Lunch: Daily, 11.30am-3pm (last round 2.30pm)
Dinner: Daily, 5.30-10pm (last round 9.30pm)
Family Affair: Sat & Sun, 11.30am-3pm
Afternoon Delight: Sat, Sun & PH: 3.30-5pm
Lunch: Mon - Fri $36.90++ per adult; $18.90++ per child | Sat, Sun, & PH $38.90++ per adult; $18.90++ per child
Dinner: Mon - Thu $54.90++ per adult; $18.90++ per child | Fri, Sat, Sun, PH Eve & PH $58.90++ per adult; $18.90++ per child
Family Affair - $84++ for 2 Adults & 1 Child | 2nd Child @ $12.00++
Afternoon Delight: $18.90++ per adult; $9.90++ per child

*Child pricing applies to children below 1.4m in height or 12 years and below only.
*Senior citizens 55 years and above receive 10% off adult pricing.
*60 Minutes Lunch: Check in and out of the restaurant within one hour to enjoy the lunch buffet at just $24.90++ per adult, on weekdays only.

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Gina Tan said...

We love the buffet spead at Kuishin Bo and my 2 boys will definitely like the kids haven corner. Liked and Shared on FB.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, Kuishin Bo!! We used to go there for buffet with my family until they closed for renovation. We loved the wide spread and huge array of food, dessert and drink available, everyone in my family had something to look forward to while in the queue.

I'm so glad that they re-open in Suntec City again, I really want to dine there with my family again, I'm sure my gal will go crazy with the DIY ice-kacang and popcorn!! Both hubby and myself will surely be fighting over the Japanese fare!!

“Dong Dong Dong, 1, 2, 3", Kuishin Bo! Here we come again!!

Unknown said...

We used to go there very often before it close down for renovation. We love buffet. We love kuishin Bo.

girls and me said...

I have never bring my kids to buffet before. Mostly buffet food are more for adults. I think Kuishin Bo is a very nice place for family bonding and having dinner together. Really hope to win, so I can bring my kids for their first time to a buffet dinner.

FB name: KaRen Ong

Jingxian said...

Have heard so much about it. Would be great if we can go and try it for free!
Pick me!

Karen said...

The buffet spread is attractive!

Carol Mei Mei said...

I recall dining at Kuishin-Bo when I just started out in my working life. I have not been there for ages. Would be great to revisit and re-patronise it with my family in tow this time, esp since they have that awesome mini ice-kachang machine!

Poh Liang Seng said...

Liked and shared! My wife have been wanting to try Kushin Bo as she has never been there before! Thanks for the giveaway!

Carolyn Lim said...

Our family loves Japanese food, whether raw or cooked. The Kids Haven corner looks terrific as it caters to the needs of the little ones. It will be great if the kids can help themselves to the food while hubby and me can enjoy our food. The huge variety of food is making me crave for them now!

blessedone said...

I love the dong dong dong 1, 2, 3 and will rush to see what's offered!!! My boys would love the wide spread of desserts available for them!!! CAant wait to be there to enjoy the yummy food!!!

Anonymous said...

my kids love sushi and sweet treats. Even the 4year old could finish 5 plates of sushi on her own. would be great if we could widen their taste buds to even more varieties of japanese food to them!

Women's Closet said...

I always a fan of Kuishinbo~ their food is really authentic and tasty~ can't wait to bring my kids to the new additional kids section! They will be very excited to see that!!

preciouz said...

Sushi buffet and kids friendly venue are top priority of my dining choice .. Great there is one that marries both !

Chereen Liu ( said...

The highlight is the KIDS buffet section!!
Guess I will be there happily "playing food games" with my boys.
Not forgetting my husband who is a Jap cuisine lover!
Please let us win :)

Christina said...

My 4 Khoolets love Japanese buffet and it would be great if I win then we can all celebrate my youngest son's birthday (4 years old) in Sep at Kuishin Bo.
Have been visiting them with friends for many years but the boys have not been there yet.

Joanna said...

We used to go there before the renovation. Now it will be good to go back for a sumptuous spread for my birthday in September. Thanks!!

MM Chia said...

I've always wanted to go Kuishinbo at Suntec previously.
Now that it is re-open, would be nice I can go with my

Owner said...

I have never been to or seen a kids buffet section before. My kids would be excited to see a buffet for their size! The food selection and desserts could keep us there for hours. Would definitely love to try this out. It could just be our next favourite dining haunt.

grace angel said...

missed out on celebrating my birthday on national day as it was full everywhere.
would be great to take the whole family out for a belated celebration and try out this place!
it ticks all the boxes for everyone so it should a sure winner! yay!
with such a great variety, we'll be sure to get more family and friends to tag along and share the joy!
love the concept!
and hope to get to celebrate a belated birthday soon...

Anonymous said...

I have heard of the restaurant before but have not bring them before. Hopefully I can bring my both kids there since they would be able to pick the food themselves. I hope that I can spend my wedding anniversary there as a family event.

Robert Sim said...

I enjoyed Kuishin=Bo's quality buffet spread and its wide variety previously. Excited to dining there again!

Unknown said...

It would be great to enjoy all the tasty looking foods but I think the food demonstration and sampling events will be a good highlight as it is not often that you can have one sure event at the end of a buffet session. It would definitely bring the buffet meal to a new high.

KarMie's blog said...

My husband n i hardly ever go for buffets after having kids...coz we can't fully enjoy the buffet spread as the kids won't be able to sit still that long! So the kids corner definitely will entertain them... hope to win this to celebrate our belated wedding anniversary!!! Perfect for our 2A n 2C family :)

Ang's Family said...

This will be the best gift for Sis Karen and Bro Steven to repay them for their kindness! Their 2 princesses will love the kids' corner!

Anonymous said...

Our family loves Japanese food very much.. With the wide spread of tasty food to enjoy, the kids and hubby will be very excited.
Lyn Teo

Shirley said...

Love to have a buffet spread with my family. Definitely my boy n gal will love the kids corner to take their own food.

Anonymous said...

It bond time again wz the voucher we can go there to have a wonderful meal wz the ding ding my kids will be full of excitement..
Fb julie tan

Evelyn Hu said...

Whenever we think of buffet, its usually unsitable for kids and we have to worry about their food choices. With kuishinbo's kids corner we could enjoy buffet fares without worrying about the kids. They can help themselves to the food they chose too. Splendid idea!

Unknown said...

We have been avoiding buffet when we are out with kids as most of the food are not suitable for them and we tends to be more busy serving them as the food were placed too high for them to reach. This will be a great bonding makan time with the kids and we adults together with kids can enjoy the foods and sugar overload!

Anonymous said...

Our family loves Japanese Food. But its always so costly for to bring the whole family along! Hope to win to enjoy some bonding time with my family! A day which I dun need to cook!

Liked and shared!
FB name: Chengling

valyuki said...

I am excited about the kids corner as my kids will surely love it.
Hope to win this so that we all... (adults and children) can really enjoy it!

Unknown said...

I m excited as the theme of the children section is what my both son like. I really hope to enjoy the buffet with my 9 year son birthday which fall on 31st august .

The place is good for gathering with fren and family.

K Wee Woon said...

I am excited because I have a pair of super energetic kids.. I love the Kuishinbo's Kids Corner, its awesome to see them have their own fun as while me & wifey gets our ""together" time. I can imagine them wondering off to get their own goodies and "showing off". They are 7 & 8 now, its time we let them "roam"" and get their own food... this is a good start, safe and easy for them to handle without disturbing others! Great practice to allow my wife "to let it go"!

Cher Chen said...

Commented, liked and shared on FB too! Thank you for this great entry! =)

Vincent said...

fb : Vincent Lee Wee Ping

i want to dine there with Shonna Seow, we can bring baby there to dine, it is kids friendly and got all my fav anime character from japan :)

Unknown said...

OMG...I am speechless to see all this yummy,beautiful,lots of cute cartoon caracters <3 <3
I am so excited to dine here at Kuishinbo's Buffet..especially when I can be the lucky one to win this giveaway & at the end of this August, the same date as Michael Jackson's BD is my Cousin's Birthday and she is a HUGE fan of Japanese Food...if I would bring her here...she will definitely love me forever unforgettable! Thank you :) and I wish myself good luck

Janelle said...

Oh, all the food look awesome! My gal is a big fan of Japanese cuisines. Hoping to bring her there to celebrate our coming birthday which happen to fall on the same day. She will be overjoyed to know that.

Priscilla Tan said...

My kids love Japanese food n always wanted to try kushinbo when it reopened at suntec.
Would be great if we can win this giveaway...

Anonymous said...

We love Japanese food very much. This restaurant is a family friendly that suitable for my 2 impatient boy. I hardly bring them out to have a dinner because they are restless and picky eater (only love sushi, salmon and all kind Japanese food). That's costly and unable to afford every time. We sometimes just grab some from department store.

My birthday just around the corner, I wish to surprise them and due to my new job scope, I hardly have bonding time for them. Sometime when I'm back, they have sleep and when I go out to work very early in the morning, they still asleep. Hope my birthday star shine on me to make them enjoy happy moment together with me. I'm sure they will love it.

Thank you.

Keith (tan.keith@hotmail)

yanwen said...

Endless Jap food and dessert! YUMS

spes said...

Liked and shared~!
Never heard of this place would really love to bring my family for a decent child friendly buffet.
Furthermore we love Japanese cuisine.
Would really love to try it out hope I can get the free dinner buffet from you.

sherlyn said...

Various reasons why I would love to have this chance to go ..
1) food - we all loved Japanese food. Mummy and girl especially love desserts.
2) training - with kids friendly buffet area, it is a good time and chance to train the kids' independence and build up their confidence.
3) celebration - this is the last year my boy qualifies as a kid. A celebration to him upgrading to next phase of his life, that he is growing up to a young adult.


Mummy Kwa said...

hope to win this contest.. so i can bring my little family for a feast.. to celebrate kiddos and my birthday..

Debra said...

We love Jap food and my kids will go crazy at the kiddy corner and chocolate fountain!

Unknown said...

Kuishin Bo serve authentic and tasty Japanese fare, can't wait to check this out with my family!

Yenny Lyne said...

My kids love Japanese Food. Kuishin Bo has a great place for family bonding. Hope to win to treat for my son birthday in September. Great energy boaster for him to prepare for his coming PSLE exam too.

Mei Fang said...

I would love to go with my family because there are a whole lot of variety of food to choose from that we will be really spoilt for choice. It would also be a great time for us to have family bonding time with food Singaporean style! SHIOK!

Claudia said...

Because both Ayra and Zara's birthdays are round the corner (2 weeks apart!) and winning this will bring us all to check out their new kids offering and make the two girls very happy! And we love Jap food too!

chin oi lin said...

Hope to win . still learning how to Japanese food.

Juliet said...

We used to go kuishin Bo when my husband and I are still dating. I would love to go again as we had a great experience there before, and I know my two kids will be so excited about the kids buffet table. I love that they will be able to see and choose the food that they want to eat.

Unknown said...

We simply love Japanese foods and from your blog, it seems Kuishin Bo offers a good spread that we will be spoilt from choices!
Ang Chris

Happy Little Leo said...

We will like to win :)
It has been a long time since we were in Kuishin and we are all very excited about how family friendly this newly re-opened place is !


Anonymous said...

Will love to visit Kuishin Bo as my 3 kids love japanese food. Lookinv at the food spread, we can't wait to dine at Kushin Bo.

FB Name: Ace Serene

Unknown said...

Woo hoo! Such mouthwatering food, set up so nicely... Excitement is an understatement! Domo arigato, Kushin Bo?

Anonymous said...

Liked and shared this. I'd love to try every single item in that amazing spread. Looks like it'll be a really fun time for the kids too.

Joyce Choo said...

Would love to bring kids there for a meal. They always like to eat Japanese food, they would definitely love the decoration at the Kids Haven corner in addition to the sumptious food available at Kushin Bo!

FB: poh heok joyce choo


yvette lee said...

liked and shared Cheekiemonkies Kuishin Bo !! hope to win the treat with my love and my little cousins because we are a favourite fan of Kuishin bo especially their fresh sashimi ! i love Kuishin bo because they are awesome place for chill out over great buffet.. Kuishin bo can give me an abundance of joy by ending my day with a good meal as it will somehow brighten my spirit on the following working day because eating nice and awesome food makes a glutton like me happy. Moreover i love the dinning ambiance at Kuishin bo and chilling and they have a wide variety of selection to choose from and Kuishin bo has nice awesome cakes and dessert that i would want to die for to try them out ! Food is my motivation for everything which cheers me up. Hope to win it for my family because both of us love eating and our dates are always ended up on food hunt ! Benson Lee ;) ;) ;) :) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3   ! ;) ;) ;) :) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 !

Anonymous said...

A fun and enjoyable place to dine in with a great spread of children and adult food...thinking of going there makes us happy:)

Andy Neo said...

We have been there before long time ago but looking at your review on its revamped premises, definitely worth a visit again......maybe more visits!!!! With great food and even a corner for the kiddies....ingenious move!!!

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