Jun 7, 2019

First Look at Kiztopia, Singapore's largest Indoor Playground in a mall + A chance to enter FREE before it opens!

Media Invite

Just in time for the June school holidays, Singapore’s biggest indoor edutainment playground in a shopping mall, Kiztopia, is set to open its doors to kids on 15 June 2019!

Located at Marina Square, the massive 18,000 square feet facility boasts 18 (yes, eighteen!) play areas which are designed with specific learning objectives in mind for the little ones to cultivate their social, emotional, and motor skills. And because kids learn best through play, parents are also encouraged to join the playing fun at Kiztopia!

And my word, there are loads of activities waiting for kids - from a sprawling play structure and ninja warrior obstacle course to role play rooms and an indoor driving school, Augmented Reality (AR) studios with arts and sports activities.

Here is a first look and quick guide to how much fun the kids will have at Kiztopia:

Helming the park are 11 original characters that are developed by Kiztopia – Dr. Chen, Mark the monkey, Chichi the chick, Tiger, Raby the rabbit, Bell the bear, Pepe the pig, Tina the turtle, Pio the penguin, Honey the bee, and Eli the elephant. Each Kiztopia character comes with its own distinctive personality, profession, and story, that accompanies specific play areas within the park.

Right at the entrance, kids will first come fact to face with the characters in the form of adorable plushies at the Gift Shop. It is also here where open shelves are located for visitors to deposit their shoes and other non-valuables like water bottles.

Once inside the indoor playground, this is when the fun truly begins!


The most eye-catching play structure within Kiztopia, Mojo Zone consists of two tall swirly slides and a huge ball pit!

I have to say this must be the largest ball pit I have ever seen after so many years to bringing the monkies to indoor playgrounds in Singapore!

Oh, riding the banana boats on top of the balls was crazy fun too! 😁


Head to the back of the Mojo Zone where you will see a white wall. Here, kids can get interactive with the AR Wall through the projection of AR games on the wall. While we were there, Ale got to throw balls in order to pop bubbles, freeing the trapped fishes in the process.


Probably no introduction needed here. Kids can jump to their hearts' content at one of the three trampolines!


Ninja warrior wannabes can put their agility and speed skills to the test by leaping over mini steps, avoiding spiky obstacles, crossing a low-levelled swinging bridge, or swinging across the monkey bars!


Directly opposite Mojo Zone is Cosmic Space, and this is a must-play zone for kids who simply cannot get enough of slides!

Made up of FIVE sets of slides that stands at 5 to 7 meters and other climbing concepts, this is where the little ones can relish the rush of adrenaline over and over and over and over again. Just ask Ale.

Hidden right at the back of the play structure is a swing in the form of a battering ram... which is pretty unique compared to the standard swing at playgrounds.


Younger kids and toddlers need not feel left out at Kiztopia because there are two dedicated play zones here. The first is Sprite, which consists of a small play structure and ball pit. There is even a mini (and less challenging) obstacle for them!

whether it is jumping into the pool of balls or sliding in for delightful fun, I love that the depth of the ball pit is just right for toddlers.


The second play area for toddlers is Raby's Pit, which provides a sensorial experience for the younglings to emulate sand play using small wood cubes. As opposed to the usual sand play, this offers a cleaner play experience and kids can dig, play, build or even roll around!


Kids who love trains will not want to miss hopping on to this super cute Chug Eli train!


You know an indoor playground is HUGE when apart from having two large play structures, it manages to fit in a massive bouncy castle too!


For kids who love zipping around in vehicles, this is the place they will probably zoom to first.

Kids will be able to hop onto mini cars at Pio Drift and enjoy a drive on the "roads"!

And when they run out of gas, the petrol station is just be right around the corner! 🀣


It is not all jump, slide, run and repeat at Kiztopia. There are role-playing rooms where kids can improve their social and imagination skills.


Got a Gordon Ramsay-wannabe on hand? Then Bell's Cuisine's fully equipped mini kitchen is where these little ones should head to.

From stoves to bread makers, the rooms has everything little chefs need to cook up a storm!


Kids who love shopping at supermarkets will adore this miniature version!

Just like a real supermarket, little shoppers can grab a shopping cart and leisurely stroll through aisles of well-stocked shelves filled with groceries such as fruits, vegetables, and more.

Once done, they can head over to the check-out counter to finish their shopping spree.

Children can choose to be shoppers, cashiers, or even help in re-stocking the shelves!


Tina’s Snip is a play salon for children who loves to play dress up and show off their creative flair! There is a mini changing room and rack of costumes ranging from princess to superhero outfits for them to change into.

I would have joined in the cosplay fun... if I could fit into the costume. πŸ˜‚


Alley Oop Mark is an AR Basketball Studio specially designed for the little ones! Projected onto a wall, children can just pick up a mini ball, take aim and throw the ball at the hoop... through a one-on-one battle. All in the name of good fun, of course!


Kids can get all interactive and creative at these two AR projection walls. At Chichi's Art, they can draw and colour on the interactive screens and see them appear on the AR screen display on the wall.

At Honey Notes, kids can tap on the instrument projected on the screen to make it play - and it will all be music to the ears!


This is the place to catch a show or score a photo opportunity with Kiztopia mascots. Throughout the day, there will be a variety of exciting activities lined up at Hero Square's Central Stage so do pop by in between play times!

Other activities within Kiztopia include this row of claw machines (at extra cost)...

... as well as taking goofy photos with a gigantic bear named Bell. 🀣🀣🀣

FAMISHED after all the play? Good news, there is an in-house cafe at Kiztopia!

Offering an all-day dining menu, Bell’s Pantry features food items that are freshly and organically prepared from scratch in the in-house kitchen. Children can tuck into delectable menu items such as Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, Mac n’ Cheese and decadent Stacked Pancakes.

The great thing about the seating area at the cafe is it overlooks the Pio's Drift driving circuit, which allows parents to keep an eye of their kids while taking a breather.

There are also the Starbrite and Starlite function rooms, which can host birthday parties. These room can also be tailored to suit the needs of families planning a special occasion for their young ones.

We spent close to two hours at Kiztopia but I suspect that Ale still wanted to play some more. The sheer amount of play zones within the indoor playground definitely warrants more playing time and I love how Kiztopia manages to combine both physical play and role-playing under one roof.

Truly a muilt-sensory play space for kids!

Planning to head down? Here are a few things to note:

- Kiztopia officially opens on 15 June 2019.
- Kiztopia is suitable for kids aged 12 and below.
- Admission start from $28 for one hour.
- Each ticket accounts for the entry of one child and one adult. The admission price for an additional adult will be $8.
- An adult (aged 18 and above) must be present for the admission of any child regardless of age into Kiztopia. Children less than 12 months old can enter for free when accompanied
by a paying kid and an adult.
- There will be a 10 minutes grace period - an additional charge will be imposed once the
stipulated timing is exceeded by more than 10 minutes.
- For group entry of more than ten kids, there will be a 10% off the total bill.
- Socks must be worn at all times, and will need to be purchased at $2.50/pair before entry.
- There is no toilet or diaper changing facilities within the indoor playground. Nearest toilet/diaper room is located just outside the playground.

- If you are walking from the Central Atrium at Marina Square, head towards McDonald's and you will be able to see a huge banner for directions. Walk past the Rolex show, towards RedPan restaurant, and take the escalator down to the first level.

- If you are driving, park at the Red Zone. Take the lift to the second level, and then take the escalator down to Level 1. If you exit the lift at Level 1, you will reach Kiztopia's back door and you won't be able to enter as the main entrance is loacted on the other side.


The 30 lucky winners have been picked!


1. Lilian Tan
2. Kellyn Chng
3. Jia Hui
4. Joreen Toh
5. Jean Lupangco Loi
6. Aileen Tay
7. Joanne Soh
8. Jaime Liao
9. Tszyan Kam
10. Venicia Tay
11. Erica Ang
12. Teo Pei Tze
13. Elyn Koh
14. Joey Joey
15. Jennifer Ho


1. @littlefootdemummy
2. @mamasinfinitylove
3. @reen_goh
4. @lyuexuan
5. @nat_kismetian
6. @shazyjerae
7. @ariessaxalyssa
8. @serraine
9. @happy_ants
10. @nnylynn
11. @threelittlebao
12. @nettyliee
13. @am_blissfully_loved
14.. @summerscenz
15. @churra_k

You have each won a speical play session at Kiztopia on 12 JUNE 2019, 4.30pm to 6.30pm which has been exclusively set aside for my readers!

Please email me ASAP at kelvin@cheekiemonkie.net for prize redemption details. Thanks!

Thanks to Kiztopia, I have a very SPECIAL treat for my readers!

30 families will be able to access the indoor playground before it opens to the public on 15 June 2019!

That's right - Kiztopia will be opening its premise EXCLUSIVELY for cheekiemonkies' readers on 12 JUNE 2019 (WED) from 4.30pm to 6.30pm!

And I will be able to bring 30 families with me! No restriction of number of pax - as long as your spouse and kids belong to you. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Also, if it's a bonus, I will be there with my monkies too! 🀣🀣🀣

To participate, all you have to do is the following:

1. LIKE Kiztopia's Facebook page HERE
2. Tell me which play zone your kid will love the most! Leave your comment either in the corresponding Facebook post HERE or in this blog post.


1. SHARE this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook for a BONUS chance! Remember to set your profile to public so that I can see the shared post.

2. Head to my post on Instagram to score more bonus chances!

- 15 winners will be picked from Facebook, and 15 winners will be picked from Instagram
- Do participate only if you can attend the playdate on 12 June 2019 (Wed) from 4.30pm to 6.30pm
- Giveaway ends on 10 June 2019, 1800 hours


Useful Information

Address: Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Level 1, #01-09, Singapore 039594
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 9pm | Friday & Saturday: 10am to 10pm


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Sandra Chua said...

Bell's Cuisine
Raby's Mart
Guess this will be my gal fav. We passed by last weekend my gal was telling me wow Mummy you see this. Hope to win this Giveaway as my gal scare of crowd hope to win this to avoid the crowd n build her confident to revisit.

Little Wei said...

Liked all facebook and instagram page

My kids loved indoor playground and they can run around non stop without break. My kids will loved the Mojo Zone as it is the largest ball pit we have seen and the dry land banana boat is so cool too. Great for kids who cant swim. With large area adult can have some fun too.

circusbugs said...

My kids will love the Bell’s Cuisine! Hope to win the play date!

Agnes said...

This sound like a cool fun place for kids or even myself. My gal is adventurous so I think she will love Ninja warrior and my boy will likes to show his skill @ Bell’s Cuisine πŸ˜‰

Delfin_ni said...

My 4yo boy who loves train, will definitely enjoy himself at the Chug Eli train!! And now he is also in the 'Social Play' stage, he likes to socialize with other children. Role play rooms like Raby's Mart, will be a great place for his pretend play too!
Mojo Zone's swirly slides and the ball pit, will be my 10yo boy's favourite. Guess he won't mind keep climbing up and slide down.

Poh Liang Seng said...

My son love to see his drawing come alive on the wall!

ms_goldy said...

My son might be puny but he’s a big thrill seeker so he definitely will like Cosmic Space. I can already imagine how wild he will get on those five slides! My daughter on the other hand loves a good challenge so I think Ninja Warrior is where she will spend most of her energy on!

Unknown said...

Me n my kids will love the ALLEY OOP MARK!! Virtual games ... adults r able to play with the kids right? ... keke...

Joanie said...

Wow kidZtopia combined so many elements of the usual indoor playground in one space! And yet inject new ideas like ninja warrior.
My kids will love ninja warrior and raby’s pit. As they are of different age groups (7 and 3+year), I don’t have to fret about whether this playground is too kiddy for my 7 yr old or too difficult for my 3 yr old.

Crystal said...

Bouncy tiger

Sephanie Chan said...

My twins will love Bell’s Kitchen! Since young they love pretend play cooking! Hope to win the giveaway for my kids!

Kailejoseph said...

We will love the fun mojo fun area! Hope we get a chance to join you at the event! I’ve liked and commented on your IG @kailejoseph

aloijing said...

Ninja warrior.. Awesome, kids will sure like it, hope to win and see you at kidZtopia..

Eru said...

My girl will love Mojo Zone ! Her birthday is coming soon in early July. She and her elder Brother will be thrilled to attend this surprise advance birthday outing!

Unknown said...

My sons will love the cosmic space and ninja warrior.

Michelle Tang said...

My daughters are sooo gonna love tina snips ! they love role playing very much and they would be happy if i could bring them there !

IreneC said...

Wish to win this as a birthday treat for my boy upcoming birthday.
He will loves to played with so many kids in the fun mojo area !

Anonymous said...

My 7 year old son will love the Ninja Warrior zone most. He is glued to watching the game show on the television and wishes he can be like one of those warriors jumping and flying from one obstacle to another. We can wait to try it out at Kiztopia! I have liked and commented on your IG @bellischew

Unknown said...

My 4 girls will go crazy in this largest indoor playground. Lovelyn will like Trampio, Lovelle will like Ninja Warriors, Loverin will like Role Play rooms and Lovelia will like Cosmic Space. Oh man, I can't imagine I would be running around to take pictures of them.

Shino Wen said...

Liked and shared!

My girls will love Tina's Snip! Hope to win!!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Easter said...

My boy will definitely love the cosmic space, he likes slides. My girl will the mojo zone because of its large ball pit.
Hope can win to bring them to have wonderful adventures and experiences.

Unknown said...

My son’s favorite play zone will be Pio’s drift because he loves car!!! πŸš™πŸš— hope to win this for my family! πŸ‘ͺ

Joey said...

My girl will love “Chichi's Art“ as it is so fun can draw on an interactive screen! She definitely loves the indoor playground.

Joyce lee said...

My bf niece will definitely love the trampoline and sprite area! She are always so bubbly and jumping all around! Hope to win this for her because we have been away for 6 months and now we just want to do something small for this little girl ! ☺️☺️

Jeanette Lee said...

Finally an indoor playground that will cater for ALL my 4 kids !!! It’s been a Long time since we last visited an indoor playground ! Eons ago, when my gals were really young, indoor playgrounds were a novelty and there weren’t very much around. (they are now almost 12 and 14) Hence, we took every opportunity there is to visit any newly opened ones. It also proves to be a rather costly adventure especially when my 2 boys came along. πŸ€ͺπŸ˜…Also, with the gals growing older, the indoor playgrounds became too kiddy for them. Thus, we stopped going to one. The youngest is always asking to go to one but we kinda deprive him of it coz of the older siblings. Hence, when I read your post of Kidztopia, I was really excited coz with that many different activities, it finally cater to ALL my kids ! Yup, even the 14 year old!! I would like to say there will be many segments which we would all love BUT if I have to choose, then the one that ALL will LOVE playing is Trampio ! I’m sure we will have so much fun there especially this June Holiday. ;)

Ms Nur Aini said...

Ninja Warrior..! My son would definitely love the indoor playground especially with challenges. 1 great way to lose the excessive energy in a productive way before school commence and stress mode on.

Skywalker said...

I will have a good time running and diving away from my 2 girls in the awesome ball pit

sxbsxbu said...

My kid will like the AR wall with balls around to entertain.

Wei Leng said...

My girl loves slides so cosmic space is the one.

Jess Lee said...

Chichi's art & honey notes looks awesome that both my 7yo & 1yo would enjoy

Jacelyn said...

My boy will definitely love the Cosmic Space and spend his time & energy there having lots of fun! He loves slides of different heights and can go on and on after sliding down. 😬

Iris said...

My 6 grandchildren will go crazy with all the zones. Hope to bring all of them there on 12 June.

Crabbyling said...

My kids would love Bell’s Cuisine and definitely be spending most of the playtime in such a fully-equipped kitchen! And Gosh those loaves of bread looked so real k. Im so “well-fed” lately cos we have been playing “cooking cooking” so often this holiday! The kids have been bugging me to get them the IKEA’s play kitchen... but ahem $159 not cheap neh. As usual, this mama will be happy to be their customer at Bell’a cuisine. :)

*Thank you Cheekiemonkies & Kiztopia for hosting this giveaway!*

Ig a/c: crabbyling

azysmoozy said...

Definitely ninja warrior for my 4 year old girl!

Unknown said...

I am sure my 3 boys will enjoy the Role Play Rooms!
And I believe it is great way to improve their social and cognitive skills.
It is their holidays so it will be great if they will have a chance to play in this well facilitated indoor pplayground :)

Unknown said...

I know my niece n nephews will love mojo zone. All kids love balls

Kaegansmartboy said...

My boy as my only son. He's energitic kid. And he likes most of the indoor playground activities
Esp claw machines, slide, sands play and ninja warriors is the most new experience ever!
Hope to give a a Big rewards and surprise for his daily routine without complaining and his performance. Most importantly to make his day more fun and happy with other children's there!

Netty Lie said...

Liked & shared ❤️

My kids will love Ninja Warrior so much. They have been jumping, hopping and running around the house this school holiday because they are so bored! Hope to win this & bring them to enjoy! ❤️

Unknown said...

My boys love Cars πŸš— so the Pio Drift zone will be their favourite.❤
There are so many different zones for my kids to try out one by one.
Both will be definately be so excited & crazy over it. πŸ˜ƒ

Thank you Cheekiemonkies & Kiztopia for the awesome
Giveaway! πŸ’•

Karen said...

Mojo zone !

Lazypicky said...

It’s so difficult to choose one zone as most favourite as all of them are so attractive! But for my two monkey boys, I know they will be supper excited when they see Pio Drift! They sure will try out every single car! And what’s the most perfect? I can just relaxingly sit at cafe and watch the monkies having fun ;)
Our family will be very eager to go sg biggest indoor playground with the other 29 families together!

Chin Kin Lim said...

My son like train, basketball and space very much. I think he will love
CHUG ELI and basketball, as well as the area with space theme.

Winnie said...

Thank you for this giveaway. My children will be so thrilled to be able to attend this play date.
My boy eats and sleeps with cars so he will definitely love the Pio drift station. And my girl loves imaginary play and will be facilitated with Bell kitchen!

Evette Looi said...

I think my boys will love them all but I guess after trying all, they will mostly be at Cosmic Space and Mojo Zone as they love slides! 12th June would be the best day for their June School holiday if we can come along with you and yr family for this special play date! Hope to be one of the lucky family 😊

Unknown said...

Would love to join in the fun together with your monkies!

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